5 Ways to Earn Money on Instagram

5 Ways to Earn Money

Today, the development of online services is simply amazing. You can buy a plane ticket, book a hotel or rent a car in just a few minutes, without even leaving your home.

Imagine that you have a trip to the USA and you need Payless car rental Baltimore airport. To do this, you simply follow the, select the desired date, and the service will provide you with a list of available options. To receive offers only from Payless car rental Baltimore airport, you can filter the search results by choosing exactly what you need.

This once again indicates the constant development of online applications. Moreover, many of them allow you to make money. Let’s look at Instagram. This service was particularly developed in 2015, and over the years has turned into a powerful platform not only for communication but also for earning money.

In the world, more than a billion active users use this social network. The main audience is people from 18 to 29 years old. According to statistics, about 60% of users check their feed at least once a day. Therefore, a business that uses the capabilities of Instagram is so popular and profitable.

Would you like to try it? Then check out several ways to use Instagram for business purposes…

Instagrammable design

Every year requirements for the external design of Instagram accounts are increasing. Therefore, such a service as optimization of account design for business is actively gaining momentum. At present, the audience is increasingly attracted to Instagrammable places – the interior design of public places is becoming more photogenic.

A completely new category of projects appears that are created specifically for Instagram. This is a great opportunity for designers to prove themselves in a new direction.

Another option is the design of the business account itself. It includes the visual concept, strategy, branding, creative content, colors and styling of photos that reflect the essence of the brand. Instagram for business is a powerful advertising platform. Correct positioning of a business account allows you to advance in the market and attract an audience. Therefore, the service is becoming more popular.

The direction is young but quite promising. The idea is suitable for interior designers, photographers, stylists, PR, and advertising workers. You can deal with orders as a freelancer or open your own creative agency, combining employees with different specializations.

AR masks

Masks blew up Instagram in 2019. The pioneers did a good job of this: bloggers increased their audience, and the creators of the masks earned money: some only on design, while others on training. On the Internet, you can find many courses and training videos offering to teach any user how to work in a specialized program for creating AR masks.

Nowadays, masks are still relevant, but the vector will change. An important function of masks is the promotion of a brand or product. By using the mask, you can announce the release of a new product, attract the attention of subscribers and launch a wave of user-generated content.

The creation of an AR mask implies not only the ability to use the Spark AR Studio program but also the development of an advertising concept, creating and promotion of the mask itself. And this is a package of services for a full-fledged business.

Photoshoots for Instagram

Content quality requirements are growing. This forces bloggers to turn to specialists: photographers, copywriters, stylists, etc. Photoshoot for Instagram allows the customer to solve a large number of issues.

The service involves the creation of a concept and visual style, the selection of images for shooting, professional photographs, and processing, photo support for your account, and more. Not only business accounts apply for the service, but also bloggers who maintain personal accounts.

Video content

Recently, video content is one of the most relevant trends on Instagram – the audience in Stories and IGTV is increasing. Many Instagram users admit that they have stopped reading the feed and only watch stories.

Therefore, here’s an idea for you to make money: creating video content for bloggers. The services of an editor, operator, screenwriter are in demand. This includes not only the generation of content in the account. For example, many bloggers sell their information products: web conferences, courses, video tutorials, etc.

In serious projects, specialists are attracted who will help to organize and conduct high-quality filming, register a script, edit a video. So the opportunities for making money on video content are quite extensive.

Comprehensive services

Instagram advertises products and services, individual products and the accounts themselves. A never-ending stream of advertising develops banner blindness among users. Therefore, the demand for the quality of advertising layouts is increasing.

Today, this service includes more than just picture design or editing a simple video. This includes the development of an advertising concept, prescribing abstracts, selecting bloggers for advertising, writing scripts for commercials, preparing an account for advertising, etc. Integrated services attract customers, and help to stand out in the market.

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