Amazing things you need to know about the Google Search Engine

Awesome things about Google

Filter out some Riffraffs:

You can find out some unwanted search results by the use of Minus or Dash. When you type the word “Paris Kardashian”, It will start the discussion on Kimye’s wedding plans on-location sites.

Locate the Files t Download:

Before any type of search query, you just type the ” File type pdf”. It will provide you only pdf files. Pptx, Docx, xlsx are other common file types. They will help you to find out the material of your choice.

Google will work for you if you are working on a site with terrible search functions:

If you want to search out the information about your school you just have to type the site of your school like This will provide you the information about Harvard school. It will save your time to waste.

Help to find  the multiple images by just one click:

Google will provide you an option to insert an image URL. It will also help you to upload an image on Google. When you use Google Chrome, you just right-click on a picture. This will provide you an option to search Google for this image.

Google indexes and 60 trillion web pages:

60 trillion is a huge number. It is almost three times red blood cells of the human body. You can’t imagine that number. You just type anti breakout into the search.  Then you use your direction keys to find out the results.

A single click on the search tool menu will narrow the image:

 You can narrow the images present on Google by just click on the search tool menu and can get the desired image size. It is also helpful to find out GIFs. You just click on the animated in type menu.

Some next levels of googling:

To specify the New York times you just enter a site named “”. You just type the word endangered and find out the result related to your article. It will help you to find out specific articles that are found on specific sites.

Reminisce about the year 1998:

When you type in the search bar “google in 1998”. You will find out different versions of the site. We are sorry to say that It does not work properly.

Search from Google cache if the webpage is down:

If you want information about sloths.  You just enter the “” on the google bar. It will provide you a snapshot that is a little bit old. If you want to find out the latest information, it will not help you , because it contains older information.

It will tell you the time of different countries:

If you want to find out the time in Brazil. you just type soa Paulo on the search bar and find out the time of that country. You can find out the time in different formats like speaking time, texting time, etc. If you want to find out the movie time. You just type the movie in theaters “showtime”. Google will bring some options for you.

Find the time of sunset and sunrise:

You can find out the time of sunset and sunrise with the help of google. You just type sunset soa Paulo or sunrise soa Paulo to find the sunset and sunrise in brazil.

Speaking of games:

You can type Zerg rush into the search bar. It will provide you starcraft games. When you get bored someone other can also play online games in place of you.

You can listen to your favorite music:

You just go to the menu bar and search out the different types of music in the URL. You click on youtube and find out the desired results according to your choice. You can find any hippos, classical and old music.

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