Android 12: Google Is Making Things Easier

Android 12

With Android 12, Google will bring a new operating system version onto the market in the coming months, which has many innovations. One detail has only now leaked. It clears up the chaos in the apps and improves the operation for users.

Android 12 standardizes the sharing of content

Any individual who utilizes an Android cell phone and needs to share something from an application knows the game. Contingent upon which application you are utilizing, the menu used to share content appears to be unique. Google has a view for its applications, numerous Android applications have an alternate look. Eventually, you never truly realize which surface is at present showing up and how to share something. Now and then regions spring up thereafter when you imagine that the outside of the part is now stacked. At that point, it happens more regularly than you make a determination that you really didn’t have any desire to have. Happened to me consistently.

This is actually what Google will change with Android 12. We presently don’t need applications to utilize other offer menus. Google goes so far that even exceptional sharing applications that permit customization of the sharing interface become unusable. With Android 12, the Google share interface consistently stacks first, and afterward, you can possibly open the individual offer menu if vital. Really at that time would you be able to share something. Obviously, no one will do that. Albeit this is awful for designers of these applications, it is vastly improved for clients of Android 12, as you are not, at this point astounded when you share content on WhatsApp, for instance, however, realize what’s in store.

The last form of Android 12 in the fall

Up until now, Google has just delivered preliminary variants of Android 12. In harvest time, the last form will be delivered for download, which can be introduced on chosen cell phones. This incorporates, obviously, the Pixel phones, yet additionally numerous different gadgets from Chinese makers. Samsung, as the biggest cell phone producer, in every case needs a couple of months to distribute the progressions with another form of One UI.

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