Apple Car: Safest Airbag Till The Date!

Apple Car Safest Airbag

Apple’s electric car should be particularly safe. For the airbags, a special solution has been considered to protect the occupants of the Apple Car from flying parts. The competition from Tesla does not offer that.

Apple Car: Safer with special airbags

Word has got around by now that Apple is working on an electric car. It will be some time before the Apple Car goes on sale. In the meantime, however, more and more details are emerging as to how Apple would like to do better than the competition with its car.

According to a patent now published, Apple has big plans for airbags. They should not only protect the head of the driver and other occupants but also have another function.

In the event of a serious accident in which the windshield breaks, several airbags will become noticeable. In this way, occupants are protected from broken glass and possibly also from other objects. One of the airbags should be on the roof of the car. An even stronger variant could hide in the faucet, as AppleInsider reports.

Another patent was filed in May 2020 for more safety in the Apple Car, in which basically the entire driver’s cab is surrounded by an airbag. As usual with patents, the technology described does not necessarily have to end in a finished product. Apple files new patents almost every week.

Apple Car: will it be released in 2024?

So far, only the company itself knows when Apple will attack with its own electric car. The Apple Car has not yet been officially announced, but that should now only be a matter of time. A publication could be expected in 2024.

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