Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence and its Influence on Human Beings

Artificial intelligence

What is AI?

The term Artificial intelligence means, the engineering and science of making intelligent machines behave like human beings. In our recent world, AI has managed to accomplish this. They’re being used in a wide range of places and different fields. Like,

1) Health Care

2) Robotics

3) Marketing

4) Business Analysis, etc.

When we hear the word Artificial intelligence, we always tend to think it is robots doing a human’s daily work. But, it’s much more than that. The actual truth is, AI has found its way into our daily lives.

It has become very common for us that we won’t even realize that we use it always. Example – Google, Facebook, etc. It is the science of making machines to mimic human behavior.

Just because Machine learning and Artificial intelligence have the same applications like Siri, Alexa, Google assistant are similar it doesn’t mean all the three work on a similar ideology/concept.

They have their differences and one is a subset of the other. Machine and deep learning aid AI by providing them with the proper resources needed. They are interconnected and linked to each other. AI is a huge compilation of many domains like:

Deep learning

Machine learning

Natural Language processing

Object Detection

Computer vision


Expert systems and so on.

AI can be classified under three stages of evolution.

1) Artificial Narrow Intelligence

2) Artificial General Intelligence

3) Artificial Super Intelligence

Artificial Narrow Intelligence

This also called weak intelligence. They can be used only in limited or specific tasks. They are focused on a narrowly defined specific problem.

Example: Alexa

It operates only in a limited range of functions that are pre-defined. It is not genuinely intelligent.

Other examples include:

1)Google maps

2)Sophia the Robot

3)Face verification

4)Autopilot mode in cars.

They are based on weak AI

Artificial General Intelligence

It is also called Strong AI. They are used in the performance of intellectual tasks just like a human. They have a strong processing unit that performs bigger level computations.

Artificial Super Intelligence

This intelligence is the future view of AI. This is the time when humans are surpassed by AI. They have the potential to redesign themselves and their growth will be unstoppable.

Usage of AI in the real world.

Uses of Artificial intelligence in our day to day lives.

1) When you wake up to your phone with the face recognition feature, your phone detects your face and unlocks the phone. This is possible with the help of AI.

2) When you’re in the middle of using Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., and you see advertisements of things you searched for earlier somewhere on the internet. They use the information they receive from your browsing history you’ve checked before.

3) When you type something, you have a spell checker. Again, here it’s the Artificial Intelligence that we get help from without even us knowing.

4) When you send or receive emails, spam filters are driven by Artificial intelligence. It will identify potential spam and filter them out by themselves for you.

5) When you search for something on Google, it’ll serve you with the information you need from the data that is already present in it. It searches the vast internet in a fraction of a second and gives you the required data. Your results are personalized.

6) The Voices, like Siri, Katana, Alexa, Google Assistant, and Google home all are the derivatives of AI. They use natural language processing and natural language generation

7) All the smart things, like smart TVs, Smart Cars, and Smart Fridges are enabled because of Artificial intelligence. There are more yet to come in the future.

The controversial AI platforms in 2020 are:


Facial recognition

Grading systems (AI-based)


NeurIPS Reviews

Merits Associated with Artificial Intelligence

• The errors that are made by Humans can be reduced. Human beings make mistakes from time to time. Computers with proper programming, do not make these mistakes

• AI takes risks instead of human beings. This is one of the most important merits when it comes to AI. Humans like us can avoid many risks, by making use of AI. It can be used effectively in any kind of hazards that can occur.

• It is available 24/7 they do not need to rest like human beings, instead, they can work continuously with enough charge in them.

• The process of Decision making becomes faster with the help of AI. Decisions can be taken sooner and in a better way.

Demerits implied in AI

•The cost of creation is very high and it takes a huge amount of money to be just invented. Then there are other maintenance costs

•They make human beings very lazy

• Artificial Intelligence has started to replace human beings and is leaving them unemployed. This is a very big problem for the economy as a whole.

•There are no emotions within them. They cannot maintain or develop a bond with humans which is really essential in our lives.

Controversial AI platforms are present in our day-to-day world. We must make sure not to be taken away by them and stick to our values and emotions while also making effective use of these technologies within limits.

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