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5 Banned Android Apps in Google Play Store

Banned Android Apps on Google Play Store

There are so many apps that were previously available on the Google play store but are now banned. You must be shocked by listening to the fact that many banned android apps are better than the one available in the play store. The reason they are banned from the Google play store is because of not obeying the rules and policies of Google.

These apps are banned to keep your device and information safe and secure. There is nothing wrong with saying that today’s banned apps used to be top rated google play store apps in the past. You can still use these apps but they are a threat to your device and data. These apps have no guarantee of the security of users’ personal information. Curious to know about these apps? Let’s have a look

Top Banned Applications on Google Play Store and Why they banned


Showbox is one of the most popular apps that is used by millions of people for watching tv, movies, and serials. It is popular among people due to its variety and quality of content. It enables users to enjoy a vast variety of movies and tv shows in simple clicks without paying anything. Unfortunately, it is not accessible from the play store but still its on top list of people. Many people stream it online. Why would anyone miss a chance to get free quality content? Let’s see the features that make this app most popular among all others:

  • Showbox does not disturb you with free ads.
  • The Showbox does not require any signups. You can have access to the content without any account.
  • The app provides you with high-resolution images.
  • Users can enable subtitles for better user experience.
  • For users ease it provides you the facility to search content through genre, name, and category.
  • The user interface of the app is very user friendly.
  • Users can download the movie for later watch.


Growbox is another creative development of the same developer who developed ClockWorkMod.It is a retrieval app for Android. You can attach it with your Showbox and enjoy unlimited content available on Chrome-cast. Before using a grow box app, it is necessary to download the Allcast app. Without the Allcast app, the Growbox app will not work. It helps users access Showbox data on any screen attached to the Chrome-cast. However, the app is banned on Android but it is still in use of many people because of its unique and useful features. Let’s have a look at these features:

  • It enables the user to sync with the Showbox app and access all it’s content on Chrome-cast.
  • Growbox is very easy that even a beginner can easily use it without much trouble.
  • The app is totally free. All the features are available for the user free of cost.


Another popular app that is no more available on Google play store. It is an entertainment platform that enables a user with a different type of entertainment. It provides content for movies, sports, tv dramas, and much more. It gives the user access to almost 700 channels, movies, and sports. Users can also enjoy live information about sports and top programs. Users can access the story from the top eight countries. The app is too easy to use that even beginners can use it without much effort. Let’s see which feature makes this app useful and popular:

  • It is the best platform for outstanding movies.
  • Users can access live streaming on their screen including mobile, tv, etc.
  • It is accessible with Chrome-cast.
  • It does not charge you anything for any features. All features are free and easily available.
  • Its user interface is very user friendly.
  • For users ease the content is divided into categories and can easily be searched.

Terrarium Tv

Similar to the above, it is an entertaining app that gives the user access to the media. All a user needs to make use of this app is just a good internet connection. Users can use it on their mobile phones. The content accessibility remains the same no matter what is your location. All the features of the app are available to the user for free. The best part is that you don’t need an account for accessing the content. You can easily access all the latest movies, dramas, and serials using this app. The content is available in HD quality. Not only this, but the app is also accessible by different platforms using an emulator. Let’s see its features and decide if you want to use it or not:

  • For later use, the content can be downloaded easily. It can be downloaded on the phone memory or external memory.
  • Users can access a large variety of content in high quality.
  • User can decide between different subtitles in different languages.
  • You can even mark your favorite movies on the go.
  • It is supported by different popular names including Chrome-cast, fire-stick, and much more.

Secret SMS Replicator

The app is one of the most interesting apps mentioned here. It is the most reasonable app for people who love spying. The app work by installing it on the phone of the person you want to spy on. After installation, it runs in the background without disturbing the normal working of the user. You can start the app without the phone owner knowing it. It will give access to the personal message of the person you spying on by forwarding it to the user. It was included in the banned android apps list because of these illegal spying activities. Now, this is no more available. Let’s see what features make it popular yet banned from the Google play store:

  • The app features are accessible on the paid version.
  • The app is only accessible on the Android operating system.
  • The usage of the app is a little difficult for the newbies.
  • The deactivation of the app is very difficult. You have to first send the text that contains 000 and then wait for the control panel for further proceedings.

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