10 Great Benefits of Video Conferencing for Business

Benefits of Video Conferencing for Business

Thanks to video conferencing, businesses get almost unlimited opportunities to develop. Lately, remote working has become more popular all over the world, and it’s easy to organize the work properly using a Zoom video conference, for example. With video conferences, you can easily contact all the departments and locations, interview candidates, create business meetings, presentations, etc. In this article, we are going to provide you with ten wonderful benefits of video conferencing software and show how it can help develop your business.

1- Video conferencing engages people more effectively. Compared to audio conferences where people feel disconnected from others, the video maintains “eye contact,” where participants can see each other. It is almost like talking to your colleagues in the office when you use communication skills for a face-to-face conversation. It’s easier for anyone to explain something to the opponent when they see the person, so with a live streaming conference, for example, using Google Hangouts, you can create the atmosphere of real work in the office.

2- It saves a lot of time. This is an obvious but efficient benefit of video conferencing. When your employees have to meet with suppliers, it requires time to get to the place of destination. Even an hour-long meeting somewhere can require a lot of time for traveling, taking up valuable hours of your time. If your goal is to save time, then video conferences are a must-have when it’s going about organizing business meetings.

3- It saves money for your company. Imagine if some people from your business company would have to travel somewhere to have a business meeting. With video conferencing, you can save a lot of money for travel expenses and make the same meeting using high-quality software.

4. Communication gets better. People can process visual data more effectively and fast compared to audio information and text. It means that if you organize a video conference, all people will retain more data and process it effectively than if it was an audio conference without video support.

5. It connects your employees. Of course, when the team has remote work, it can be separated geographically. But the distances don’t matter at all when your team works using video conferences, for both regular meetings and everyday check-ups. It helps to keep people connected without a feeling they are far away from each other.

6. It improves your productivity. Of course, without a video conference, you can send an email to the colleague with the hope of getting a reply at least tomorrow. But it’s much easier to connect for a short video conversation and ask all the needed questions face-to-face. Needless to say, it is helpful to move faster on the project. 

7. It improves attendance. Sometimes, it’s not easy to gather all the staff for a real meeting due to busy schedules. With video conferencing, you get the flexibility that can increase attendance. As a plus, you can record the meeting using video recording software for those people who couldn’t attend the meeting for some reason.

8. It brings more productivity. When you use a video conference for the online meeting, usually the start and the end of the conversation are well-defined. It means more productivity because there will be no idle conversations or delays. When you know when the online meeting should end, you keep sticking to the questions you have to discuss.

9. It increases employee retention. When people communicate using video conferencing, it helps them to get more control over their working hours, and this improves retention. Video conferences also keep people more connected to feel like a team even if they are far away from each other. It is easy and fast to connect face-to-face with colleagues regularly.

10. It provides a strong competitive edge for a whole company. When all the advantages we have listed before are combined, the whole business gets stronger. You get lower costs, better unity inside the company, and productive online meetings. Of course, it’s simpler to complete current tasks and increase collaboration in the team.

Top 5 Webcam Recorders to Capture the Video

Of course, if, for some reason, your colleagues cannot attend the meeting, they can record the video and watch it later to understand all the moments that were discussed. Needless to say, you need reliable webcam software to record the meeting. We have gathered several programs that will help you to fulfill this task without problems. Discover the list of the software below and select the most suitable webcam recorder for your needs!

1. Active Webcam– It can record videos from many devices like web cameras, camcorders, IP cameras, etc. You can even record videos from multiple cameras, and only authorized persons can view the footage. This app for Windows may need some basic technical knowledge for setting.

2. QuickTime Player– This is an application for Mac OS used to play media files, but you can also record the screen of your computer with this player. It doesn’t require any installation because it’s already installed on the Mac. This is quite a simple program without any advanced editing tools.

3. Bandicam – This app can be used to record video from your computer or any other device. The recorded files can be shared via the YouTube channel directly. The clips are saved in various formats, including MP4, AVI, etc., and they can be compressed if needed. You have to make a payment to use this recorder because it doesn’t come for free.

4. Debut Video Recorder– It is a paid app that can be used to record videos from webcams as well as capture footage from external devices or record the computer’s screen. It supports almost all video formats, and you can easily record video conferences on the Mac computer easily. 


As you can see, video conferencing can bring amazing benefits and improve your business even if your employees work from different towns, countries, or even continents. It gives you advantages compared to regular meetings in the office when people can waste a lot of time on unimportant discussions. Video conferencing is the future of any successful business that helps save money and time, increasing productivity and making people stay connected.

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