31 Best Web Series on Netflix in 2020

Best Web Series on Netflix

Want to know the best Web Series on Netflix in 2020? Are you a Netflix lover and still want to know which web series the best right? No worries and here I help you to find the top 31 users highly rated Netflix web series list. Everyone loves to find a place where there bring the best in terms of enjoyment or peace, whatever. Netflix always brought us to the world to find enjoyment at its best. Of course, whatever the program on Netflix it is amazingly bringing before us.

In terms of horror, romantic, thriller, and many more we can able to see with a single subscription. Even Netflix is offering a 30-day trial pack for every unique user. If you want to see a romantic web series on Netflix, then there is. Likewise, as per the taste of the users, Netflix is bringing to a magical world of finding the entertainment always. As if you are enjoying the quarantine period, then you will have an enormous option that Netflix bringing before you.

Best 31 Top Web series on Netflix you should know

Top Web Series on Netflix

Obviously, you always want to know which one the best. That’s the attitude of every person to pick the best among the top 100, top 1000 likewise. Here we are giving the opportunity to pick the collection of the top 31 best popular web series on Netflix.

  1. Money Heist
  2. Big Mouth
  3. Tuca & Bertie
  4. Salt Fat Acid Heat
  5. Community
  6. The Fosters
  7. Schitt’s Creek
  8. You
  9. Riverdale
  10. American Horror Story
  11. Supergirl
  12. Queer Eye
  13. Halt and Catch Fire
  14. Grace and Frankie
  15. Mindhunter
  16. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
  17. Glow
  18. Master of None
  19. The Good Place
  20. Marvel’s Jessica Jones
  21. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
  22. Better Call Saul
  23. BoJack Horseman
  24. Orange Is the New Black
  25. Black Mirror
  26. Parks and Recreation
  27. Breaking Bad
  28. Mad Men
  29. The IT Crowd
  30. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power
  31. The Great British Baking Show

Money Heist

Money Heist is the most popular web series ever launched on Netflix. It is appreciated by huge fans during its every season and its episodes. This is a crime drama thriller TV series and most people are love to watch the upcoming episode and seasons without fail. Ursula Corbero, Alvaro Morte, and Itziar Ituno as well as Pedro Alonso in the leading role. Money Heist series will possess you to listen to all the scenes in a day with much interest.

As it already collected many awards and the next season for sure will be a hit for picking more awards for sure. Obviously, it is making the attention of common people all around the world. Even more, upcoming episodes are making a thrilling experience for entire users. The analyses for Money Heist’s appeal are simple, surprisingly impossible, and not short in a certain episode. Even more as the season opener this is making a remarkable memory to each viewer. However, characters turned between sentimental extremes as well as glamorous scenes by equally managed.

  • No. of seasons:  4 Seasons
  • No. of episodes:  31
  • Audio format:  5.1 surround sound
  • Opening them: My Life Is Going On
  • Money Heist Upcoming Season Release date: Season 5 on April 2021
  • Season Currently Running in 2020: 4th part

Big Mouth

Big Mouth TV show telling us about the Realistic story of 2 friends Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg. The production team of Big Mouth has also made on the difficult intimate dramas that happened to introduced in season 2. Surprisingly distinctive, rendering a payoff for previously weak characters. Big Mouth follows many of the conventional beats, its crafted rich conviction as well as a personal chronicle for its casts. However, for the new users, it is recommending to watch from episode 1 to know about how the characters have grown.

  • No. of seasons:  3
  • No. of episodes:  31
  • Music by:  Mark Rivers
  • Big Mouth Season 4 Release date: In 2020, not disclosed
  • Season Currently Running in 2020: 3

Tuca & Bertie

Tuca & Berties is one of the Best Web Series in Netflix still users experiencing the top-rated. This is an animated comedy TV show which can still be getting the best impression on Netflix. It is telling a friendship story between 30-year-old ladybird, Bertie, a cocky, as well as care-free toucan and Tuca. Tuca is robust as well as passionate, living in skimpy shorts and even pleased with bodily odors.

However, on the other hand, Bertie is awkward and seems to frequently anxiety whose emotional origins compose the basic arc of the time. To say nothing of this TV show is very much challenging in the series of animated shows on Netflix. Each part of the showing whether at the side of comedy or even serious is very much thrilling and highly interesting. here you may also know more also about Best Sites to Stream and Watch Live TV.

  • No. of seasons:  1
  • No. of episodes:  10
  • Tuca & Bertie Season 2 Release date: May 2020 [Predicted].
  • Season Currently Running in 2020: 1

Salt Fat Acid Heat

Not only the animated series, but comic TV are also loved by users using Netflix. However, Salt Fat Acid Heat not coming under any and sounds unique. It is a kind of cookery show and it is rating highly by each and every single user. This show is still counting with users and got 100% rated web series ever came in Netflix. This is now above all considering as the Netflix best web series in 2020. Rather being overawed by the professional brilliance that goes into exceptional cooking, the Salt Fat Acid Heat show devised marveling toward its simplicity.

  • No. of seasons: 1
  • No. of episodes: 4
  • Salt Fat Acid Heat Season 2 Release date: Probably Mid of 2020.
  • Theme music: Fall On Your Sword
  • Season  Currently Running in 2020: 1


Community is listed under the category of Best Comedy TV show on Netflix. It is in the top user-rated list in this year 2020 and the audience score sounds pretty loving for this show. Even the kids or rather the old aged users are still watching and giving a thumb for the show. Moreover, what users love to watch community is that – it is not delivering a comedy that already made attention before.

Each part of TV is amazingly executing by its director and even the cast and crew are doing this great job. Community is an outstanding imaginative series and in several ways, it’s a spectacle it executed it this far. Moreover, the show Community holds this emotion well, which adds feeling to its quick-wittedness. That is really amazing and shocking experience in a comic manner, how beautifully the director and the artist are performing in that manner.

  • No. of seasons:  6
  • No. of episodes:   110
  • Opening music theme: At Least It Was Here
  • Community season 7 release date: Beginning of the year 2021
  • Season Currently Running in 2020: 6

The Fosters

Most of the users admire watching the show which felts with a sense of humor. The Fosters are listed under that kind of series in the Netflix shows. Likewise, there were enormous shows which make users paid attention. However, each scene is adapting the common sense and bringing the emotion of users to get involved in The Fosters. But, I don’t let the users who are a kid is not recommending to watch this one.

Basically, the TV shows bringing many children to figure out his/her life likewise happening in the shows. It’s unquestionably a show that strives to exert their judgments down your throat. Furthermore, the main proposition is the family stuff except the unique plots are not simply about that.

  • No. of seasons:  5
  • No. of episodes:  104
  • Opening theme:  Where You Belong
  • The Fosters season 6 release date: Jan 2022 [Post production]
  • Season Currently Running in 2020: 5

Schitt’s Creek

Schitt’s creek telling the story of a rich family and happened to move to a small town by the situation. Well, it is listed in the top-rated Best Netflix Series category by its fans. No need the user to watch from the beginning what’s happening and what happened before. I can’t state that there are enormous witty jokes in Schitt’s Creek, although the show is never less than a watchable one. Moreover, you will be fully appreciated the new comedy scenes in each episode and is a well-suited so unique concept they were delivering. here you may also know about best Live TV apps for iPhone and Apple Tv online.

  • No. of seasons:  6
  • No. of episodes:  80
  • Music Theme: Main and End Title Medley – Main Theme
  • Schitt’s Creek season 7 release date: End of the year 2020
  • Season Currently Running in 2020: 6

You S2

Wow, this is one of my favorite Best thriller web series on Netflix ever I watched. Not only me, but my whole family is also really loving each episode of this “You”. Netflix always has a customary place for the TV show “You,”. Furthermore, this is the best seen in one or two sessions by its fans and it is highly rated. The character Joe is a super amazing personality and each scene is executing in the most embarrassing manner.

  • No. of seasons:  2
  • No. of episodes:  20
  • Audio format  5.1 surround sound
  • YOU season 3 release date: April 2021
  • Season Currently Running in 2020: 2


Not only the first part, even though the second part is still appreciating by the Netflix users at the best. It’s kind of variety sequence is adapting by the creators of this show is a much addictive manner to all its fans.  Each cast is truly embarrassing with the story delivering before the public. However, Riverdale illustrates what development in some media should resemble like-experimental. Furthermore, the Latest Web Series on Netflix is bringing more attention than the first part.

  • No. of seasons:  4
  • No. of episodes:  75
  • Theme music: Out Tonight
  • Riverdale season 5 release date: October 2020
  • Season Currently Running in 2020: 4

American Horror Story

Not just the comic, emotional or romantic watchers are available at Netflix. Even though, Best horror Web Series on Netflix enthusiasts are there. The American Horror Story narrative can be a few wandering and confusing one. However, with some scenes influencing in directions just for scares, although that’s kind of the tip with these shows bringing before the audience. Surprisingly, each character is making their brilliance throughout the scene, proffering users getting sticking with this beautiful horror show on Netflix.

  • No. of seasons:  9
  • No. of episodes:  103
  • Theme music: Cesar Davila-Irizarry
  • American Horror Story Season 10 release date: October 2020
  • Season Currently Running in 2020: 9


From childhood, we keep on hearing about superman, the superhero of every kid. Even mine too, I’m really fond of this character. Once after watching Supergirl on Netflix, this really thrilled my hero back again. Supergirl is yet another comic book and still running on Netflix and it is loving by people of any age. The Supergirl show doesn’t diminish its message, however, it slightly remits it with an intense bluntness that really heeds back to its comic hearts. here you may also know about Free Movies and Online TV Shows apps for Android

  • No. of seasons:  5
  • No. of episodes:  103
  • Audio format:  Dolby Digital 5.1
  • Supergirl Season 6 release date: Expecting at the end of the year 2020.
  • Season Currently Running in 2020: 5

Queer Eye

Queer Eye is one of the most exciting thriller movies in the series of Netflix shows. Obviously, you can’t let yourself asleep your feelings while watching this super cool show. Queer Eye can be considered in the show’s category of what beating soul as well as the empathetic humor. As the direction is amazingly doing and the characters of the queer eye are thrilling each fan during each second. The Queer Eye isn’t significantly promoted behind typical existence fare. Furthermore, it is given how exactly it mimics the opening series and even more, each stage of the show is executing so genuinely.

  • No. of seasons:   4
  • No. of episodes:  37
  • Theme music:  Wildlife
  • Queer Eye Season 5 release date: Expecting at the end of the year 2020.
  • Season Currently Running in 2020: 4

Halt and Catch Fire

Halt and catch fire is considering under the category of most thrilling Web Series on Netflix. Well, Lee Pace, Scoot McNairy, and Mackenzie Davis are the most interesting characters. Even though I really appreciate the story and the sequence they were taking day by day. Halt and Catch Fire really followed the transition TV itself remained to experience through the decade. This all scores up to a likely, surprisingly exciting, and fast-paced play that teaches those old computer geeks. For each viewer, it is feeling like tech rage in the ’80s.

  • No. of seasons: 4
  • No. of episodes:  40
  • Theme music:  Trentemoller
  • Halt and catch fire season 5 release date: -To be decided by the crew-
  • Season Currently Running in 2020: 4

Grace and Frankie

Grace and Frankie is a family comedy drama-thriller episode series not yet ended with one or 2. Season 6 of Grace and Frankie is admiring by the heavy audience all over the world. The Grace and Frankie comedy series has always implied about how to deal with development. However, the series hurries within some of the numerous important bits, leaving some casts behind. In the series of Netflix TV shows, this show is truly making great thoughts for the users seriously by connecting their life.

  • No. of seasons:  6
  • No. of episodes:  78
  • Theme music:  Stuck in the Middle with You
  • Grace and Frankie Season 7 release date: January 2021
  • Season Currently Running in 2020: 6


Mindhunter is an American thriller series and highly welcomed show in the history of Netflix users. Of course, Mindhunter is a charming and frightful story as users able to see engaging characters perceive inside the foresight of serial killers. Moreover, each episode’s end respites feel like a scanty glitch somewhat than a plan to stop watching also save it for the next episode. This implies that each episode by episode, the users are motivating to wait for the next episode. here you may also know about Best Video Player for Windows 10.

  • No. of seasons:  2
  • No. of episodes: 19
  • Music:  Jason Hill
  • Mindhunter Season 3 release date: -To be decided-
  • Season Currently Running in 2020: 2

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

If you are a real magic show and mystery shows lover, this Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is the right show available on Netflix. As it voted by plenty of users and still the 3rd series is going very successfully. Likewise, if the rest of the play was as breathtaking as the first and the second, I will call this the best on Netflix TV right now. Kiernan Shipka, Lucy Davis, and Miranda Otto are performing so amazingly in the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Kiernan Shipka is in the main role and she is undoubtedly our Sabrina.

  • No. of seasons:  3
  • No. of episodes:  28
  • Theme Music:  Straight to Hell
  • Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 4 release date: January 2021
  • Season Currently Running in 2020: 3


Do you love to watch lady wrestling shows on your smart TV? We all are the great fans of WWE wrestling shows which are delivering amazing superstars shows. Glow series really a female wrestling comedy returns that every individual loves to watch.

This is making a thrilling inside our home along with our friends, most probably I don’t prefer to watch along with family basically with kids. Alison Brie, Betty Gilpin as well as Sunita Mani is the most notable cast of the play. Besides all comedy parts calibrated for best roaring and each wrestling round accounted for the highest tension. Well, the show is really making a tendency to find fun as well.

  • No. of seasons:  3
  • No. of episodes:  30
  • Opening theme: “The Warrior” by Scandal
  • GLOW Season 4 release date: August 2020
  • Season Currently Running in 2020: 3

Master of None

Master of None is a show which touched with humor and heart. Netflix is really making a thrilling experience for those who were a regular user of Master of None. Eric Wareheim, Kelvin Yu, H. Jon Benjamin as well as Noel Wells in the leading roles. Moreover, it’s exciting and even more, it’s advisory in a way, also worth listening to. However, if just to discover what’s moving on in this beautiful world of the young and gently antagonistic. This Netflix TV show is really giving a thrilling humor experience during each scene and which is heart touching. you may also read about Best Video Player for Android TV Free.

  • No. of seasons:  2
  • No. of episodes:  20
  • Audio format:  Dolby Digital 5.1 – Descriptive Video Service track
  • Master of None Season 3 release date: End of the year 2020
  • Season Currently Running in 2020: 2

The Good Place

The Good Place is a fantasy comedy thriller TV series starring Kristen Bell, William Jackson Harper, D’Arcy Carden as well as Jameela Jamil in the main role. Each sequence of “The Good Place” in the show is amazingly executed by its cast and crew. Season 1, 2, 3, and 4 are highly appreciating by its fans and each episode is love to watch twice or thrice with boring. Got remarkable stupid as well as failed jokes, however, this play keeps me amazingly interested. Jokes are evenly generous and inspiring and the play buzzes along carrying a lot of welcome pleasure, bringing users to watch each episode without any fail.

  • No. of seasons:  4
  • No. of episodes:  53
  • The Good Place season 5 release date: -To be decided-
  • Season Currently Running in 2020: 4

Marvel’s Jessica Jones

Marvel’s Jessica Jones is a drama entertainer Netflix TV show casting Krysten Ritter, Carrie-Anne Moss, Mike Colter as well as Rachael Taylor in the leading role. Jessica is just behind in a case study concerning the trauma, moreover as the story opens beyond the prime season’s presentation of how she felt that trauma. The here, the villain, everyone, the role has been superbly initiating by its director. If this series turns in to a movie, I can really say, it will become one of the Best Movies on Netflix. Jessica Jones Netflix Series also available in Hindi audio.

  • No. of seasons:  3
  • No. of episodes:  39
  • Theme Music: One Emmy win for Outstanding
  • Jessica Jones Season 4 release date: Return in 2021.
  • Season Currently Running in 2020: 3

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

This TV show is a kind of romantic music comedy-drama bringing the high users’ attention. As it includes romantic sequences, comedy genre, thrilling music and evenly providing a great experience. Rachel Bloom, Donna Lynne Champlin, Vincent Rodriguez III as well as Santino Fontana in the leading role. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is an engaging and extremely funny tale that scores with an exceptional cast. Moreover, the play is unlike several out there with its approach of comedy, mental health as well as the relationships all determined to music.

  • No. of seasons:  4
  • No. of episodes:  62
  • Theme Music:  I’m Just a Girl in Love
  • Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 5 release date: Not officially announced.
  • Season Currently Running in 2020: 4

Better Call Saul

Here comes the crime drama thriller Netflix TV show into your family. This is incredibly the most user rated American crime drama of the season 2020. The mysterious character that heads to stand on its own without implying shaded by the series that produced it. The direction is a really amazing experience and the story and the background score really thrilling each episode. The biggest twist of Better Call Saul is that users can watch it without possessing any kind of clue.

  • No. of seasons:   5
  • No. of episodes:  50
  • Little Barrie Season 6 release date: January 2021
  • Season Currently Running in 2020: 5

BoJack Horseman

Bojack Horseman is a kind of Animated Adult comedy-drama TV series which is running successfully on Netflix web series. This highly rated by the US audience and most of the other country people made a quick review after the 1st show episode itself. BoJack Horseman pursued a typical kind of an anthropomorphic horse who regularly worked to dull the discomfort of his prior bad habits with something more serious. Will Arnett, Aaron Paul as well as Amy Sedaris in the leading role of this play. Netflix users are getting more interest in this BoJack Horseman series and you will be the next one going to enjoy this.

  • No. of seasons:  6
  • No. of episodes:  77
  • Ending Theme:  “Back in the ’90s
  • BoJack Horseman Season 7 release date: January 2021 – Prediction
  • Season Currently Running in 2020: 6

Orange Is the New Black

The era of comedy never-ending in the Netflix web series. The Orange Is the New Black is yet another thrilling comedy-drama of the year. Not only with a single piece of comedy is delivery before the users, even though, in the sense of humor is mixing with it. The direction and the production of Orange Is the New Black is really appreciable one. More users are loving it and likewise, Orange Is the New Black mines obscure comedy of circumstances where most middle-class group TV nerds might discover horrifying.

  • No. of seasons:  7
  • No. of episodes:  91
  • Opening theme:  You’ve Got Time
  • Orange Is the New Black Season 8 release date: To be released soon.
  • Season Currently Running in 2020: 7

Black Mirror

Science Fiction TV shows have still got many fans and that proved in Netflix web series. This is yet another creation of Charlie Brooker and the high appreciated user rating is still awarding for it. Inspiring, but more in its hope than in the execution, the series yields to address, spiritual glory in days of correspondence. Black Mirror series is not amusing watching-it’s often horrifying-but indeed if our fearless modern world telling which is in-escapable. A great welcome from day 1 is collected and still collecting the brave idea from the author of the Black mirror in entire episodes.

  • No. of seasons:  5
  • No. of episodes:  22
  • Audio format:  Dolby Digital 2.0
  • Black Mirror Season 6 release date: To be decided.
  • Season Currently Running in 2020: 5

Parks and Recreation

For the political satire sitcom TV series lovers, this Parks and Recreation making a delighted treat always. As every episode is bringing something exceptional ideas before the entire users. Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones and, Paul Schneider as well as Aziz Ansari in the leading role.

This is considering as one of humor hit from the direction and from the story sense. In reality, despite the simple logistical trials of putting this gathering together. However, it’s unique that it makes absolute sense in the Parks and Rec universe as well as the impassioned lives of this entire cast.

  • No. of seasons:  7
  • No. of episodes: 126
  • Audio format  Dolby Digital
  • Parks and Recreation Season 8 release date: Not made official.
  • Season Currently Running in 2020: 7

Breaking Bad

Want to experience a crime drama thriller TV series on Netflix? Breaking Bad is the right choice for Netflix users for the same. Starring Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn as well as Aaron Paul in the main role. It’s a pretty distinct story, concerning a young man who moved down the wrong path. However, the delivered message is accepted. The appearance of Each character for the play is in the form of realistic and deserves real appreciation.  One unique aspect of Breaking Bad is that even though it nevermore lacked well-developed female characters.

  • No. of seasons:  5
  • No. of episodes:  62
  • Breaking Bad Season 6 release date: 11 Aug 2020
  • Season Currently Running in 2020: 5

Mad Men

Mad Men is a highly appreciated serial drama TV series considered top-rated in Netflix. Users are accepting each season and its now 7 seasons and it is getting high appreciation. Each season is comparatively improving and the creator Matthew Weiner is really about the same before us. Each series of Mad Men is appreciating by a huge audience. If you can’t resemble to give consideration in a tale, next maybe “Mad Men” is for the choice in the Netflix web series.

  • No. of seasons:  7
  • No. of episodes:
  • Opening theme:  A Beautiful Mind
  • Mad Men Season 8 release date: -To Be Decided-
  • Season Currently Running in 2020: 7

The IT Crowd

The IT Crowd is yet another comedy-thriller TV series with lots of humor built with its creators. Matt Berry, Chris O’Dowd, Richard Ayoade, as well as Katherine Parkinson in the leading role of the play. As can be seen, by the people of any age and even the kids will love it, each episode appears day by day. As it is covering 5 seasons and till there no complaints about the show and this implies it is simply amazing. British television certainly appreciates how to perform a show time to bloom and even never remains its welcome.

  • No. of seasons:   4
  • No. of episodes:  24
  • The IT Crowd Season 5 release date:-To Be Decided-
  • Season Currently Running in 2020: 4

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

Netflix web series are not only made for those who able to know how to use the internet and watch movies. Even for the kids for the entertainment Netflix shows are appreciating at its best.  She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is an American thriller animated series. As each character appearing before the show with some sort of intentions and that will be an appreciable one. It furthermore doesn’t lose anything delivers it show unique, which is rarely heartwarming friendships, striking animation as well as goofy humor.

  • No. of seasons:  4
  • No. of episodes: 39
  • Opening theme:  Warriors by Aaliyah Rose
  • She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Season 5 release date: 15 May 2020
  • Season Currently Running in 2020: 4

The Great British Baking Show

Be a part of the amazing Baking competition show at the Netflix TV series. In 100 – 97% of the users are evenly highly rated ones. We all do watch cookery shows available and on the TV as well. I’ve seen that this season has given the participants further than a few tests that don’t honestly seem to be about. As per the season gone, the team of creators and making it more interesting again and again.

  • No. of seasons:  10
  • No. of episodes:  94
  • The Great British Baking Show Season 11 release date: Late 2020
  • Season Currently Running in 2020: 10


Still, there were plenty of Web Series on Netflix, here the top 30 list of best series is what everyone loves to watch. As our team collected the information as per the user rating and the review collection on this concern. For more updates and entertainment information, stay tuned with us.

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