How to Choose A Server Optimized for Game Hosting?

Choose A Server Optimized for Game Hosting

Playing video games is a hobby enjoyed by billions of people all over the world, and shows no signs of slowing down. There are all different kinds of games played on a variety of platforms, consoles and devices.

But likely the most popular of all games are multiplayer games played on PC. Unfortunately, many of the publicly available servers aren’t very secure, don’t run very well and don’t offer a lot in terms of customizability.

If you want the best of the best, you need to utilize a dedicated server by AccuWeb or another high quality provider. Using a dedicated server can let you play games in a more stable environment, with more freedom and a much better connection and experience.

But how do you choose the right server? Not all will be up to the task of hosting your online games. With that in mind, this article is going to go over what to think about and consider when choosing a server to host a game.

Look at the Game Requirements and Service Specifications

The very first thing to do is learn the requirements of the game you are looking to host. Some games will require a lot more RAM and computing power than others, and you need to ensure you have that amount. If not, the game being hosted can be full of issues and will not run as smoothly as you would have liked.

Once you know the requirements of the game you want to host, find a server that has specifications that match or exceed the requirements. You should look at the memory, the processor, the bandwidth and even things like the security. They should have adequate DDOS and protection and a firewall to prevent hackers from running rampant.

Also, in a similar vein, think about the location of the server, not only its specs. The closer a gamer is to the server that the hosted game is on, the lower the latency will be. Lower latency means less lag and generally a more smooth and enjoyable experience.

Consider the Price

Of course, as with any purchase, you need to also consider cost in your choice. Some can be very affordable at around $100 a month or less, while others can cost hundreds of dollars a month or more. In most cases, the better and more premium the specs of a server, the more expensive it will be.

Before shopping around, be aware of your needs. Knowing how many people you expect to be playing on your server, and how much computing power you need are crucial to choosing an optimized server. Also, have a budget in mind as you don’t want to go into debt to host a game server.

Don’t Forget About Server Reliability

While performance and price are important when choosing a server, do not forget about reliability. When people are playing a game on your hosted server, you want them to experience a reliable performance no matter when they play, or how long they play.

In general, you want your uptime to be at least 99%, but preferably higher. Anything less and the server will be unreliable, and nobody wants to play a game on an unreliable server, especially when they are putting in the effort (or money) to play on a dedicated server.

Few things can be as frustrating to gamers as game crashes, so you want to do your best to keep them to a minimum.

In conclusion, by considering the aforementioned points, you will be able to choose the right server for your game hosting needs.

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