How to Decorate Living Room with Classic Wall Art

Eclectic Gallery Wall

From stunning oils to light-reflecting mirrors and everything in between, art is often the first thing that catches the eye. It is the element that makes an impression—even in a traditional and more formal living room, thinking outside the box. And you can buy what you’re drawn to is crucial when it comes to art.

People nowadays prefer more customized things to their needs or how similar something looks to their mental image. They also like walls with color, like every other wall in the house. Their favorite quote or image is framed, placed, or painted on it, which looks more customized than the standard ones. 

Let’s take a look at eight unique wall art ideas that can transform your living room into something completely different.

Canvas Art

You can have a canvas board painted with the classic wall art, whether it’s modern art, a famous quote, or a scenic view. The number of canvasses and their sizes are determined by the size of the wall and your preferences. It is entirely up to you because it is personalized. 

Remember that the wall color and the canvas art colors should complement each other. Otherwise, the wall will be distracting rather than attractive.

Wood Signs

An alternative to a canvas board is wood signs on the wall. You can hang a wooden sign or board with information about local attractions or tourist destinations in your city. 

You can also add famous places you’ve visited in other countries. You can also list your future travel destinations. Favorite quotes or symbols is also one of the other alternatives.

Framed Art

Framed art is a very traditional and widely used personalization. People used to simply have their photographs or paintings framed and hung on the wall. You can also hang your photos around the classic wall art. 

Dome tiles, mixed-media shadowboxed and set with ribbon accents and burlap fabric mat board, can break the mold.


It’s a traditional type of textile art woven on a vertical loom that’s primarily found in museums. Unlike cloth weaving, the tapestry is a weft-faced weaving in which the finished work hides the warp threads.

Instead of being framed or mounted on a wooden board, one side of the tapestry is hung from a wooden rod. Because of the excellent work done, their trendy and ancient appearance is very appealing and eye-catching.

Wall Plaques & Sculptures

You can change your style from classic to novelty by using wall plaques and sculptures. It will give your living room a three-dimensional makeover and add characters and depth. They are the most one-of-a-kind items for customizing your space.

Eclectic Gallery Wall

Create a curated gallery wall instead of a large-scale art piece if you can’t find one. Because it works in any size living room, it’s one of the best large wall decor ideas for rooms. 

Begin with an eclectic mix of drawings, paintings, or photos, and arrange them on your floor to create a design. For scale contrast, you can use artwork in various sizes.

Large Simple Print

Smaller rooms may benefit from a single sizable simple print rather than several small ones because it will feel less cluttered. If your couch has a pattern, a plain backdrop will help to balance it out.

You can add quite a giant print, and it will do an excellent job of filling the space. Add some lighter print, which helps to keep the space feeling light.


Wallpaper is one of the few wall decor ideas that has an all-over impact. A wallpapered room, regardless of size, sets a vibrant tone and is sure to be a focal point in your home.

For a clean, layered look, choose a fun pattern or a paper that mimics natural textures like marble or wood graining. Start with a removable wallpaper to swap out as needed if you’re not ready to commit.

The bottom line 

Choosing the right luxury wall décor for the living room can take a long time and cost money. The result, on the other hand, can be pretty impressive. Keep in mind that it’s critical not to overdo it and select adornments that complement one another.

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