Must-Read Things About Diesel Tech and Fuel

Diesel Tech and Fuel

Gone are the days of diesel engines being a rare commodity in standard vehicles. Now, today’s diesel engines are practically a thing of beauty with their advances in technology and their widespread use. One of the main reasons we see more and more diesel cars or vehicles with this type of engine is the overall better fuel economy.

As we all can attest to, no one likes paying more at the pump, especially when your car has poor fuel economy. Besides allowing you to hit the gas station less often, diesel cars have excellent gas mileage, more torque, last longer (better durability), and don’t require distributors or spark plugs.

As a result, drivers are truly coming around to these types of cars and engines. Nevertheless, many people still don’t know all the ins and outs of the technology that allows today’s diesel cars to be so advantageous. Therefore, to ensure you’re in the know, let’s go over a few diesel techs and fuel facts.

Diesel is the new standard

Today’s diesel cars are very much in demand, with over 60+ models of diesel engines available right now. Diesel became the standard because these engines are cleaner overall and offer an array of benefits. With that said, if you’re interested in all things diesel or need essential diesel engine parts, then go to Goldfarbinc to find out more.

Go further with less

As briefly mentioned, diesel technology is constantly improving. Consequently, we see more effective emission controls and an overall transformation as the engine, as well as its components, continue to become less bulky. All of this allows for better mileage.

Moreover, since today’s diesel engines have more low-end torque, these particular engines can produce up to 15 percent more energy than conventional gasoline engines, which translates to your vehicle going roughly 20 to 35 percent farther than it normally would per gallon with a standard engine/vehicle.

Most fuel-efficient

Furthermore, as you may know by now, diesel fuel burns more energy, making it the least wasteful option overall. Diesel fuels typically have a higher compression ratio than their counterparts and the most efficient internal combustion. As a result, your vehicle’s engine can extract even more power from the fuel than a traditional non-diesel engine. In fact, due to these engines’ innovative inner workings, there are no pumping losses, i.e., energy being wasted.

Smoother and quieter ride

What’s more, advances in engine technology allow today’s diesel to have incredible performance, plus even greater fuel efficiency and economy, while providing a smoother, quieter, and more enjoyable ride. Obviously, quieter vehicles are more popular with the masses. Thus, it’s no surprise that diesel technology is the new standard and the way of the future.

Instant start-up

Speaking of being popular with the masses, today’s diesel engines allow instant start-up, which just about everyone can get behind. In the past, drivers had to wait for all the cylinders to warm up before getting out on the road, especially on a cold day. You can now start trucks, cars, and anything with a diesel engine immediately and with ease.


In addition to instant start-up, diesel engines now last longer on the roads. In other words, it’s not uncommon to travel over 400 miles on a single tank of gas. Some vehicles can even go up to 800 miles, which is even more enticing when you factor in how affordable diesel fuel is. Overall, diesel engines really last longer. Thanks to their design and technology, the life of your engine is prolonged.

Diesel fuel is less expensive.

Diesel fuel continues to be cheaper than premium gasoline. Thus, there’s absolutely no reason you shouldn’t look at diesel cars and trucks. Not only will they cost you less to run, but they will also last for the long haul. As a result, you don’t have to buy a new vehicle every couple of years, or replace the entire engine because it has unexpectedly quit on you.

Diesel fuel is safer

A commonly unknown fact is that diesel fuel is less flammable than standard gasoline. However, this doesn’t mean you should try to light diesel fuel on fire in the garage or start smoking at the pump. But then, the fact remains that regular gasoline is far more dangerous, especially since the vapors alone can ignite.

Better performance at high altitudes

If you ever find yourself trekking up a mountain or driving through an elevated area, your diesel engine will perform well under pressure, or rather, in higher altitudes.

Thanks to the design and inner workings of diesel engines, at higher elevations, turbochargers actually pump more air into the combustion chambers—making for a better ride all around. That said, these particular types of engines, in general, do perform best under 65 miles per hour.

Diesel tech paving the way for fuel alternatives

As diesel tech continues to evolve, emission control and greener energy are very much at the forefront. Additionally, with the help of Net Zero diesel fuel, diesel cars and trucks are now more environmentally friendly and produce less carbon dioxide.

Note that the common misconception that diesel fuel can do more damage to the environment than standard fuel is unfounded. The U.S. Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has the same set of regulations/requirements for both traditional gas and diesel. Plus, any diesel engine built after 2007 is much cleaner than its predecessors.

Final Thought

Ultimately, these are just a few facts about diesel technology and fuel you should know. Diesel has been steadily impacting the truck and vehicle industry. Thus, it’s time to embrace all things diesel if you haven’t already. If you’re looking for more interesting facts or simply need some assistance with purchasing the right engine parts (new, used, and remanufactured), don’t hesitate to reach out to a knowledgeable, high-quality diesel engine parts supplier online or in-person.

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