Elon Musk Is Opening A ‘TESLA’ Restaurant

Elon Musk Is Opening TESLA Restaurant

Elon Musk wants to go among the restaurateurs with Tesla: The e-car brand has already been applied for rights to use it in various types of restaurants. So are we all going to be eating at Tesla soon, or what plans might be behind it?

Tesla applies for trademark approval for restaurants

While the first restaurants are just starting to go open-air in the USA, a possible competitor is looming from an unfamiliar direction: E-car pioneer Tesla wants to approve its brand for catering establishments in the USA. This emerges from a corresponding official application; a decision is expected in August.

According to the documents, Tesla wants to use the brand name and the stylized “T” – what is behind the logo, and you will learn in our article – in connection with several gastronomic concepts: restaurants with self-service, take-away restaurants, pop-up restaurants, and classic gastronomy.

A couple of months after the fact, Tesla did demand a cafe and supercharger station without a doubt but has since been moderately close-lipped regarding the likely business adventure. The organization, which as of late disbanded its correspondences group, didn’t react to demands for more data about Tesla’s arrangements to open a charging station for cafes or whether different eateries could utilize the logo to make a comparative plan of action.

The notable Tesla “T” logo shows up on the USTPO application as a brand name for café use. The organization likewise petitioned for brand names for “Tesla” itself, just as an adapted variant of the word.

Tesla’s supercharger eatery isn’t precisely that progressive. However, it welcomes inventiveness into the electric vehicle game by giving individuals another impetus to purchase another vehicle, regardless of whether that motivation is simply to look current while appreciating the good times. The nostalgic sparkle of the past. Furthermore, who knows, perhaps the servers serve burgers on electric skates as well.

What exactly Tesla restaurants might look like is still unclear, and the application is not more precise. Tesla boss Elon Musk had already made such an idea public on Twitter in 2018, but it has been quiet since then. Nevertheless, the concept of a drive-in combined with a station of Tesla’s super-chargers seems sensible and probable then as now. The loading time can be spent pleasantly while eating. Other manufacturers are also relying more and more on entertainment in electric cars.

Does Tesla want to overtake the VW currywurst?

It seems unlikely that Tesla will enter the restaurant business apart from an expanded charging park. However, you cannot rule it out; after all, Tesla is not the first automaker to earn its bread with food: VW is the clear frontrunner with its currywurst. Hyundai is taking a different approach with the Ioniq 5 by allowing the electric car to order food.

It is not known whether Tesla is hoping for a similar cult factor in its food. It is also currently unclear whether Tesla will actually open restaurants and whether that would then be the case in the United States. In case, Tesla boss Musk cannot blame a lack of ingenuity and zest for action. In this respect, we are excited to see what delicacies from Tesla await us.

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