Everything you need to know about some Interesting facts of Facebook

Interesting Facts about Facebook

Facebook is a giant social media that has bound all peoples around himself. It is Facebook that has open the door for people to connect with their relatives at any place. The fastest growing social media that is used today is Facebook.

It is a fast-growing social network. Its name is so common that there is no one that is not familiar with the name of Facebook. We can measure its popularity from the fact that it is popular in educated and uneducated peoples. Multiple people from us are familiar with the use of Facebook. It is very easy to use. It is a reliable social media for the user. It updates us with a good deal of news, fashion, and dramas, and Facebook prevents us from getting bored and always entertaining us. It is the reason that Facebook is very important for our lives.

Here are some Astonishing facts about Facebook:

Mark Zuckerberg is the co-founder of Facebook. Initially, he developed a facemash. Facemash compiles two pictures online. It places them next to each other at a time. Then the user has a choice to choose the “hotter” person. Then he improves facemash into Facebook for better work.

  • Mark Zukerberg choose the blue color for Facebook. There is a reason behind the color choice of Facebook. The reason for the blue color is that Mark Zuckerberg was a color-blind person.  In an interview, he told me, he can identify all shades of a blue color. It is a great fact about Facebook.
  • We estimate it that Facebook has almost 350 million active users. Out of which almost 35 million users update their status on Facebook every day. We also estimate that people uploaded almost 2.5 billion pictures in each month.
  • They launched it in the year with its real name as “facebook”.  Mark Zuckerberg became a billionaire with the fame of facebook. When he launched facebook his age was 23 years.  No one knows that one day this college project will be so successful that Zuckerberg will earn a lot of money from it. On 4 February a “friend day” is celebrated on Facebook. It connects millions of peoples on time on that day.
  • Al Pacino was an American actor. He was the first face of facebook. The identity of the man is not clear because of the binary code hidden on facebook.
  • It is also a great fact about facebook that  4 February is a friend’s day on facebook. This day connects many peoples.
  • Brian Acton is a co-founder of whats App decline. He became turned down by twitter and facebook companies. He twitted that facebook turned me down. He said that it is a great opportunity for people to connect with each other.
  • Andrew Bosworth is a facebook engineer. He said that it surprises the team of facebook with the “Awesome” button. Zuckerberg gave this idea in 2007.
  • They stated about facebook that if it was a country it would be the 5th largest country after India, China, Indonesia, and the U.S. It is due to its users that are present in huge numbers.
  • Some countries banned facebook like China, Syria, North Korea, and Iran.
  • Most of the companies want to buy facebook like Micro-soft, Google, Yahoo. All these companies provide different offers to facebook but facebook Honor rejected all these offers. Recently in 2004 Google made different attempts to buy facebook but all these attempts have gone fail. Similarly, the CEO of  Microsoft office wants to buy this facebook with 15 billion dollars. Microsoft enhances its deal every year with an increment of 10%.  In the year of 2006 yahoo also made different attempts to buy facebook. Yahoo gives 1 billion dollars but Zuckerberg refused the offer. He knew the worth of facebook.
  • Facebook and MySpace are warned by the head of the catholic church. According to the head, these applications lead teenagers toward weak and temporary relationships. After breakup children attempt suicides. This rate of attempt suicide increases day by day.
  • The latest research tells us that if you want to spend a stress-less life you have to avoid facebook. It is stated that A survey was conducted in 2013, according to this survey the people that spent their lot of time social media like facebook. They got depression through weak relationships. They also get depressed by the fake news on facebook.
  • An American Businessman named Peter Thiel. He invests his money on facebook for the first time. He joined the facebook board by investing 500000 dollars on facebook.
  • Most of the people think that Facebook is just time pass. But be aware of it that it is not just a time pass. You have to be sensible during the use of Facebook.

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