Features of Android 10 and When will you get this on your phone

Android 10

Android 10 is the mobile operating system. It is one of the leading releases of Google. Android 10 is the 17th version of the Android mobile operating system. Android 10 released on 3rd September, but it is for “Google pixel phones” initially. Later it will be available for all android phones.

Google has named this operating system as Android Quiche, but there was a lot of differences in pronunciation in different languages, it was causing complication among the users, so as a substitute for “Android Quiche” it is named Android 10.

Android Q or Android 10 has extraordinary features, which are easily seen on the website of Google.

Here are some highlights of the new Android 10:

  • New night theme
  • New accessibility feature
  • Improved privacy
  • Security initiatives
  • Enhanced parental control

What is the release date of Android 10?

The official date of launching Android is 3rd September 2019 on the official site of Google, so on the 4th of September if you are a “Pixel” user you can update your phone to enjoy the new features of android 10.

However, if you are using another phone so you should wait for a couple of weeks or months.

Which Devices does support Android 10?

Essential Phone and Sony Xperia XZ3 are the supported devices for” Pixel”.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro and  Techno spark 3 pros are the supported devices for “Pixel XL”

LGE G8 and Vivo X27 are the supported devices for “Pixel 2”

Nokia 8.1 and  Vivo NEX S are the supported devices for “Pixel 2 XL”

One plus 6T and Vivo Nex A are the supported devices for “Pixel 3”

Oppo Reno and Xiaomi Mi 9 are the supported devices for “Pixel 3 XL”

5ZRealme 3Pro and Xiaomi Mi MIX 35G are the supported devices for “ASUS Zen Fone”

Features of Android 10:

There are many new features Google has introduced in its newly Launched Operating system, these features are quite helpful for both the users and developers. Here we mention some features which google has talked about on its official website, maybe google adds some more features to its system. Here is the description of the features.


Privacy is the main tool for any operating system, “Android 10” has worked well to improve the privacy feature. In “Android 10” you can limit the apps to take your personal data, you can limit the access to your location. The access storage permission was using the complete data available in your phones, it is also limited and divide into the individual folder. There will be a search function that will let you filter the permission item, and you can see which app you have given permission to take access to your photos, location, and so on.

In a previous operating system, the apps were running in the background too but with new features, the app will no longer bound in the background. 

Foldable Screen Support: 

Foldable phones are going to launch soon, big names Like Samsung Foldable phones are on the way. With foldable and innovative new screens “Android 10” has launched its new feature off foldable screen, which gives support to detect That an app is paused or not when the display of the phone is folded and resumed after the opening of the device.  With the help of “Android 10”, you can easily adjust and resize the applications.

Beta 6-Final

Beta 6 final does not have much to add to the android6. Mainly, it fixes the bug and optimizes the performance of the android but not that much. Moreover, the swipe to go to the back gesture is also not supported by the beta 6 final app. 

Consequently, the app can block the gesture from working on certain parts of the screen. For the back gesture, there is a 200dp vertical.

It does not mean that it completely blocks the working, rather it will affect and reduce the working of the android as a whole. But through usage one will have to see the working while gaming.

No Android Beam

One of the features of the android 10 is that there is no android beam that allows the devices to get connected and share stuff.  Google IO confirms that bringing phones back-to-back will do nothing due to beta final software. 

On the other hand, you might have to wait for the launch of android 10 to confirm the myths and realities.

Dark Mode

Finally, Google has experimented with the dark mode of their android in the market. Honestly, it looks great and might have a good impact on the users as well. The dark mode of the android 10 will now be available officially. 

Dark mode will be activated,

-Via Quick tile setting.

-When the battery saver is activated.

If you look at the screenshot shared by Google, you will come to know that Google has shown that dark mode will affect,




Without any doubt, the Android 10 will gather the attention of all in the market.

Suggested Response

Through android 10, you will now have the suggested options for WhatsApp and Facebook to follow. Nevertheless, it is fun to have new features, and it will work as eye candy for the users. Through this feature, you will be able to have a suggestion for what you are thinking to say. Google has put the relevant information in the device, and you will have the data according to that input.

Sharing Menu in Improved

So, you are tired of slow sharing? You wait for minutes and minutes for a single file sharing. No more with android 10, Google has launched the product with the improved sharing speed of the device. Now, you will share the files in seconds without any delay. The menu is much faster than the older legacy menu and will perform in a better way. 

Moreover, the menu will also suggest the contacts for sharing the stuff or files. The recommendation is also a new feature in Android 10.

Introduction of Focus Mode

The so-called focus mode is one of the prominent features of android 10. It is the digital well-being suite of android 10. This feature will grey out your apps that would restrict you from using the mobile while having notifications. The integrated parental controls have improved the digital well-being suite in android. It will work out of the box and will gather the attention of the users as well.

Easy Setting Mode

Though the android mobile has the feature of setting shortcuts the google has introduced a new window for easy access to the settings. While working on any other app, you can easily drop the window and go into the settings faster than before.

Those who love the speed will love the android 10. There will be a new pop window for the settings to easily access.

A New Depth Format

To make the concept easier for you, let’s tell you what the depth format does. Through depth format, you will be able to request a dynamic depth image just like a jpeg image. Even, you can edit the third party image. Third-party developers have designed the android to edit the images with specialized blurs. Google has introduced a wonderful feature to attract and serve users in a better way.

The previous version of google android did not have any feature for the shortcut. But the new android is supportive and improved as compared to the previous one.

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