Google And Samsung Shake Hands For Foldable Pixel?

Google And Samsung Shake Hands For Foldable Pixel

It has long been known that Google is also working on folding cell phones. The US company could also get support from Samsung for its foldable pixel. However, the South Koreans would lose a unique selling point.

It remains to be seen whether foldable smartphones belong in the future, as is so often claimed. However, the fact is that many manufacturers are jumping on the trend and launching folding phones: Huawei, Motorola, and, last but not least, Samsung. In particular, the Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold 2 were a noticeable improvement over the first generation of Samsung’s foldable smartphones, thanks partly to the use of Ultra-Thin Glass (UTG). However, with this “ultra-thin glass” as a cover, the flexible screens could hardly be distinguished from those in conventional cell phones. As a result, Samsung is now relinquishing this unique selling proposition.

Google’s first folding phone with Samsung’s UTG?

Samsung’s display division is said to have decided to make ultra-thin glass available to other manufacturers, as reported by The Elec, citing industry circles. So far, Samsung’s smartphone division has been exclusively supplied with UTG. Important to know: Samsung’s display and smartphone divisions are both parts of the South Korean corporation but operate independently. This is why the display department also supplies Apple with screens for the iPhone, although the smartphone department is in fierce competition with Apple with its own Galaxy devices.

Google’s first folding phone, which is rumored to be developed under the code name “Passport” and could hit the market later this year, is said to be one of the first smartphones from other manufacturers to have UTG on board.

With UTG comes higher prices

Out of pure charity, Samsung’s display division does not provide the future-oriented technology of the competition. However, according to The Elec, the company would like to expand its flexible screen business significantly. Access to UTG is intended to become an additional selling point to sell flexible screens to manufacturers – at a higher price.

The big G would be behind the development of its first folding smartphone that would be called, of course, Google Pixel Fold, although at the moment, we know very little about this new device.

If we go to the rumors about the Google Pixel Fold, it is said that by the end of this year or the beginning of the next, an announcement could be made about this folding of the guys from Mountain View.

Another source maintains that the launch of the Pixel Fold would be in mid-2022, although one might think that with the presentation of the Pixel 6 in autumn, the big G could give some clue about this device.

Be that as it may, the South Korean company Samsung has opened the doors to the use of its technology, so it is a matter of time before more brands bring folding to the market to reduce their price.

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