Intel Made A Pun On MacBook And It Backfired!

Intel Made A Pun On MacBook

This relationship has no future and yet it is amazing how much Intel never misses an opportunity to take on Apple over and over again. In the current episode of the War of the Roses, however, the chip manufacturer makes an embarrassing faux pas. The broadside against the MacBook Pro turns out to be an own goal in the end.

Apple and Intel are going their separate ways. But the chip manufacturer from Santa Clara does not seem to have really overcome the separation yet. There is hardly any other way of explaining the constant teasing against the ex-partner from Cupertino. Also in the course of the presentation of the latest and thus 11th generation of processors for notebooks (H series), Intel is giving out a lot and is really cleaning up Apple.

Intel cleans the MacBook down, but in the end, only hits its own goal

Such trades are reported by PC Gamer’s Alan Dexter, who recently attended an online presentation by Intel’s chief performance strategist Ryan Shrout. The focus was on the superiority of Intel technology in the area of ​​gaming. Specifically, Intel made fun of Apple’s M1 chip and bragged that most popular video games just don’t run on macOS. But that’s not all, the company also highlighted a poor gaming experience on the Mac when using an emulator or virtual machine. As an example, a video of the game “Valheim” was shown, which runs poorly in Parallels on a Mac as “promised”.

So far not surprising and perhaps even understandable. But Intel has to go one better and present a very “special” diagram: This reveals, oh wonder: Apple’s MacBook Pro is actually subject to a PC with a Core i5 11400H processor and a GeForce RTX 3060 – who would have thought that? If you look closely, Intel only scores one goal. You have chosen the MacBook Pro with a 16-inch display as your opponent. Too bad, this still has an Intel chip, exactly one older Core i9 9980 HK, complete with an AMD Radeon Pro 5600m.

In short: In the end, Intel only proves that a computer with an older Intel CPU is slower than a computer with new Intel chips. Who could count on it? We don’t even consider the unspeakable and meaningless comparison of two completely different graphics (AMD vs. Nvidia). But Intel doesn’t care, based on this comparison they claim in all seriousness: The Intel-based PC offers a more than 100 percent better gaming experience than the Mac laptop – really?

Personally thinking

My Opinion: What the latest episode actually shows is more of Intel’s desperate attempts to fight the new “hate opponent” Apple by all means. The logic sometimes falls by the wayside. I’m not alone with my statement, even Alan Dexter from PC Gamer has to sum up at the end:

“To be honest, gaming on a Mac is absolutely crap, and it’s not something I want to do. But I’m still surprised that Intel is so angry about all of this. I even asked if Intel broke its bridges with Apple? The answer was that Apple spoke very publicly about the move to its own processors and that they are now competitors. In love and in war everything is allowed, I think. “

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