iPad Pro 2021 Feature An OLED Screen

iPad Pro 2021 To Feature An OLED Screen

After successfully integrating the new mini-LED technology into the iPad Pro 2021, Apple is aiming for the next step and would like to put an OLED screen into the tablet as soon as possible. But when and with which model should we expect it?

Apple’s tablet plans: iPad Air with OLED screen from 2022

So far, Apple has installed OLED screens on the iPhone and Apple Watch, but the first iPad with display technology should also be available for purchase as early as 2022. This is the conclusion reached by the experts at Korean ET News, who have often been right in the past with their inside information. According to your report, Apple is likely to remain loyal to the two suppliers Samsung and LG.

The article does not provide any information about a specific model, so the question remains unanswered for the time being. However, as early as March, the respected Apple expert Ming-Chi Kuo also reported on Apple’s plans of this kind, but in return also named a possible model for the migration to OLED. According to Kuo, the iPad Air should be upgraded accordingly. From this point onwards, Apple is going in three directions – LCD for the inexpensive variants of the iPad, OLED for the middle class, and mini-LED for the prosector. Regarding the arrangement: One can probably assume that by then the small iPad Pro with an 11-inch display will finally have a mini-LED screen.

OLED vs. mini-LED

But why is Apple still using OLED at all, wasn’t mini-LED generally considered Apple’s favorite technology, because it is probably also cheaper? The explanation: The OLED panels intended for the iPad are ultimately cheaper than the OLED screens in the iPhone. This is a special version that is folded at the bottom. With the iPad, however, these can be made flat. The price that Apple then pays for this corresponds roughly to that of the currently used LC display of the iPad Air. Which in turn is cheaper than mini LED panels.

Another point and the explanation why Apple decided against OLED in the iPad Pro: Although mini-LED panels have advantages similar to OLED, such as deeper black tones, they still have another decisive advantage – they do not burn-in. According to Kuo, Apple has concerns about this “burn-in”, a potential problem for users who work with the same software for hours. Apple does not want to expose the professionals to this and is therefore relying on mini-LEDs for the iPad Pro now and in the future.

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