iPhone 13: Apple Is Working on Batteries

iPhone 13 Apple Is Working on Batteries

The latest rumor about the iPhone 13 from the recurring rumor mill is raising the hopes of millions of iPhone users. Apple wants to finally fix the biggest weak point of the smartphone. However, it remains questionable how much of it will ultimately reach the user.

The Apple mobile phone shares the biggest weak point of the iPhone with many smartphones in the world – a small battery and the associated lack of stamina. In the age of modern smartphones, users are used to charging their devices on a daily basis. This is particularly clear at the moment with the iPhone 12 mini, and the power dispenser doesn’t really show off its size either, so the small iPhone runs out of breath quickly.

Apple wants to install larger batteries in the iPhone 13: What does the user get out of it?

But now there is hope for improvement, a new rumor from the environment of the well-known Chinese microblogging service “Weibo” is making the rounds. Since the well-known insiders take this up positively and share it with the world, there should be a good piece of truth in it. According to the rumor, Apple wants to massively increase the capacities of the upcoming iPhone 13 – all models are affected. In detail:

  • iPhone 13 Pro Max: 4352 mAh (iPhone 12 Pro Max: 3687mAh) = 665 mAh additional
  • iPhone 13 Pro / iPhone 13: 3095 mAh (iPhone 12 Pro / iPhone 12: 2815 mAh) = 280 mAh in addition
  • iPhone 13 mini: 2406mAh (iPhone 12 mini: 2227 mAh) = 179 mAh in addition

The improved energy efficiency of the Apple A15, the chip that we will find in the iPhone 13, is also expected. Basically, the hope of longer running times for the future Apple cell phone would be justified, right? Yes and no, would be the correct answer.

Since Apple is supposed to install a rather power-hungry 120 Hz display in the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max at the same time, the supposed energy advantage could be “eaten up” again. So Apple may only be able to keep the current term promises here, but not expand them. On the other hand, there is more hope for the normal iPhone 13 and especially the iPhone 13 mini. They will continue to use “normal” OLED screens, so the chances of improved battery performance are actually very good.

Faster 5G for many markets

There is also reason to be happy elsewhere for the majority of future users of the iPhone 13. The industry insiders at Digi Times are picking up on an older rumor and confirming further support for the so-called millimeter wave technology. In short, it means the better, because faster, 5G. This is currently only available for the iPhone 12 in the USA. With the iPhone 13, however, corresponding models are to receive support in Canada, Japan, Australia, and in some European markets – so we hope for The United States of America as well.

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