Wagner Technology Solutions

Wagner Technology Solutions (WTS) is rapidly becoming a leading IT start-up for remote monitoring and system management. The company also offers licensing services, ongoing maintenance of updates and patches, antivirus support, and data backup. Due to the current pandemic, WTS remote IT services became a necessity for every business. In less than a year, Mihael Wagner, the founder, and CEO managed to expand his business across the ocean.

WTS team deals with some of the most complicated IT setbacks of both individuals and big companies across the globe. At the same time, Mihael is establishing partnerships with the leading vendors in IT security, backup, and recovery solutions. The goal of expanding the software offer is to provide the client the best possible solution for their business. Therefore, Wagner has also recently become an indirect reseller of Microsoft software in Croatia.

Wagner’s primary clients are based in the USA, halfway across the planet from his office in Jastrebarsko, a small town near the capital of Croatia, Zagreb. Recently, Mihael expanded his business in Europe by signing a contract with a company based in London. By the end of 2021, he plans to open a branch in the United States and hire some of his first employees.

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