Most Popular Coronavirus Conspiracies Nowadays

Most Popular Coronavirus Conspiracies Nowadays

The Coronavirus disease continues to upset billions of people all over the world. But this is not the only challenge at the moment, as numerous people are also struggling with misleading information. Through the spread of Coronavirus conspiracy theories, more people are getting wrong notions about the virus. It’s quite unfortunate that negative information can spread during a pandemic. This is when the world really needs the truth.

The sad reality is that Coronavirus conspiracy theory spread online just as fast as the virus itself in real life. So, what are some of these Coronavirus conspiracy theories? And what do they mean to the ordinary public?

Coronavirus Doesn’t Exist

This is a common Coronavirus conspiracy theory. And many people, unfortunately, have fallen into the trap of believing it. Even with the rising cases of Coronavirus patients and deaths, some people still think COVID-19 is a bluff.

Most of them believe this Coronavirus conspiracy theory because the bad news came so suddenly. Several people feel that the information they’re receiving isn’t accurate. Apparently, they are being taken for a ride in order for a few to benefit. Some have even gone further to point accusing fingers at the drug companies. They claim that the virus in itself was a plot to rip innocent people of their hard-earned money.

The unfortunate bit is that believers of this notion tend to thwart the plans made by health bodies and governments. They don’t observe the strict COVID-19 safety protocols, such as social distancing and wearing masks. This makes them vulnerable to infection and even become active spreaders of the virus.

COVID-19 Death Rates are inflated

Another Coronavirus conspiracy theory is that the number of COVID-19 deaths isn’t accurate. That health officials, in liaison with the government, doctor figures to give to the public.

The people who subscribe to this line of thought argue that there’s no serious need for the government’s strict measures. Such include lockdowns and social distancing. They argue that these measures are just holding down the economy without actually helping the fight against the pandemic.

But most of these claims have no basis in fact. If anything, doctors and health workers are even stating that the current numbers are lower than the real ones. The centers for disease control have even gone ahead to publish information about excess deaths by Coronavirus.

5G as a Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory

Believe it or not, even technology is not a stranger when it comes to Coronavirus conspiracy theories. But this is much easier to debunk anyway, thanks to the clarity of information and some basic knowledge. For one, it’s not biologically possible for viruses to spread using information technology. Unless we’re talking of computer-based viruses instead, obviously, those can’t infect human beings.

Interestingly, all Coronavirus conspiracy theories sound plausible at first, until you take a closer look. Moreover, they’re similar to what we know as optical illusions. You might easily fall for some of these theories if you don’t take your time and clear your mind for proper analysis. They often start by linking two things, which at first may seem to be very much irrelevant.

And the reason this particular Coronavirus conspiracy theory spread so fast is because of sheer coincidence. Why do we say so? The 5G rollout took place almost at the same time as the Coronavirus pandemic took off.

In case you still haven’t gotten this, viruses can’t spread through mobile networks. At least not the ones we see in human beings. What’s unfortunate is that this Coronavirus conspiracy theory went viral through notable celebrities online. And the fact that they enjoy huge followings makes them spread almost as fast as the speed of light. Some of these false claims even led people to burn cellphone towers in aggression.

The Virus Came out From a Lab in China

You’ve probably heard of this Coronavirus conspiracy theory more often than once. It has mainly spread from political leaders all over the world. Leaders such as President Donald Trump have insisted over and over that this virus is manmade. He, Donald Trump, has specifically pointed fingers at China, terming it a ‘Chinese virus’ even in front of the media. However, this Coronavirus conspiracy theory is quite challenging to debunk mainly because it does not have enough facts for a claim. According to researchers and scientists, the Coronavirus disease took off from Wuhan city in China. Coincidently, there’s also a virus lab within the same area.

In addition, some believed that researchers in this institute have been studying Coronavirus for a long time now. Even though those researchers have disputed the claims, it’s still hard to convince some people to think otherwise.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot more Coronavirus conspiracy theories around. However, we’ve covered the most popular ones currently out there. In short, it’s important to spot a Coronavirus conspiracy theory from facts, which is not very difficult in most cases.

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