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An electric bike provides the rider with a boost to make it easier to get up inclines. You can also use an electric bike to build up more speed than pedaling will give you. Additionally, you can just coast on a flat surface to get your cycling legs and balance back in shape if it has been a while since you have ridden.

All About the Balance

Bicycle riding actually works your tummy and back muscles as well as your legs. You need a strong core to balance the bike and keep from tipping over. To get started on an electric bike, you may do better to coast and practice balancing.

Electric bikes are not terribly heavy or are they much heavier than a standard bike. However, depending on the mechanism, your electric bike can be between 35 and 75 pounds more than a traditional bike. It should be noted that many people who choose an electric bike have not been on a conventional bike in a while, so taking the time to practice balancing a bike again is well worth the effort.

Keep in mind that electric bikes have maximum weight capacity just list regular bikes. Typically for most electric bikes, the weight limit is 250-350 lbs, but you can find some e-bikes suitable for heavier riders are well.

Go a Little Further

An electric bike can make it easier to go further on a flat surface. It can also give you a boost as you try to climb an incline. Using an electric bike can still raise your heart rate, but you will reduce the amount of pressure you are putting on your knees, ankles, and feet.

If your ride has gotten a little dull because inclines are limiting the direction you can go, an electric bike can make a massive difference in the sights you see and the distance you can go. While any ride can be fun, a ride with new scenery will be even more exciting. Additionally, once you have a great lock, you can use an electric bike for simple errands.

Loosen Up Stiff Joints

If your exercise routine has to be modified to allow for sore or stiff joints, an electric bike is an ideal fix. You can

  • coast and engage your core muscles
  • pedal slowly to loosen up your knees and ankles
  • pedal with pressure when you get more limber
  • cool down before you stretch

Additionally, the ability to stop pedaling for a time will allow you to stay hydrated, keep an eye on any worrying traffic risks, and get home safely. Getting dehydrated on a bike ride can leave you cramping and stranded far from home. Use the battery power and keep your water intake up.

Look Forward to Your Next Ride

Exercise that you dread will quickly become an exercise that you avoid. Electric bikes are a fun and flexible way to get your body moving through space. You can add some push as your joints get used to the full range of motion.

Your time on an electric bike can lift your spirits, make exercise fun again, and get you excited for other forms of activity. If you have been feeling stuck and isolated due to the pandemic, you may not feel good enough to be interested in feeling better. If you can get moving on an electric bike and feel energized, you will need to stretch. This stretching may put you in the mood for a yoga class, which can increase your social connections.

Healthy Habits Build On One Another

When you get moving and start to feel better, you may be inclined to drink more water. As you drink more water, you might get hungry for fresh fruit, which is naturally high in water. More fruit means more fiber, which means your gut will feel and work better.

Further down the line, you may suddenly realize that you are much healthier and happier. If your days are loaded with junk food and time on the couch, making a radical change will be extremely tough and likely to fail. However, one fun bike ride will remind you that being strong and healthy can be pretty enjoyable. Turning around your activities, diet, and hydration choices will be much easier if you are having a good time doing them.

Find a spot to lock up your electric bike. If you have to keep it in your apartment, treat yourself to a new yoga mat and lay the old one upside down right by your front door. You now have a designated parking spot for your new bike! Make sure you have a correctly fitted helmet and do not get on the trail without a water bottle.

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