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Do You Need A Step Linear Motor?

Step Linear Motor

Step-linear actuators and motors are just one variation of a rotary motor. They are often used as an open-loop system and as such are capable of providing top resolution whilst operating at high speeds and accelerations. The linear motor itself is made up of two main parts. The base is a passive part and the slider with slotted teeth and a magnet. These help it to create a magnetic flux that can be applied to the nearby coils. All of this creates energy and power that can be used by several different appliances. Here are the pros and cons of a step linear motor

How Does Step Linear Motor Work?

The teeth that are part of the slider concentrate the flux that can be applied to the coils. As well as this, the teeth that are staggered ensure that there is a constant magnetization of the motor whilst the teeth behind come into alignment. This creates a strong attraction. As long as the correct air gap is maintained between the teeth and the base then there will be power created which can be utilized for the purpose of which it is intended. 

Pros of Step Linear Motor

1. High Speed

Due to the fact that the stepped linear motor always has the next set of teeth waiting to step into its space, the motor can work faster without putting too much pressure on its system. It is only limited by the voltage and the speed of the control. The typical speed for a motor of this kind is around 3 meters per second.  

2. High Precision

Linear motors offer a much wider range of feedback devices which can allow for a greater resolution and accuracy on your appliances. This also makes it a cheaper option for those on a budget. It is controlled by the feedback device and as such depending on your feedback device, the motor does not need to be top-of-the-line to achieve results. 

3. Response Times

The stepped linear motor has been praised recently for its speed. It is over 100 times faster than a mechanical transmission. This all means that the system can accelerate quicker and operate at a higher output. 

Cons Step Linear Motor

1. Cost

As with most things in the technological world, these devices are expensive. These motors are not mass-produced and the magnets inside need to be of a quality and as such, the cost mounts. This will hopefully change in the future as motors become more popular. 

2. Heating

In most of the stepped linear motor setups, the teeth are attached to the load. This means that the motor is more susceptible to heat that comes from the load. In order to combat this, you may need to purchase better air- or water-cooling solutions. 

3. Linear Stepper Motors

Are they necessary? No. However, this does not mean that they cannot help you or your business. They can vastly improve your output and make your operating systems less likely to fail. They are a good investment in the long run but do not need to be on top of your priority list for your computer. 

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