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6 Reasons SUVs Are Better Options Than Traditional Cars

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In this modern age, it pays to drive a car. Whether it’s getting to work, getting the kids to school, heading out for a night on the town, or driving a long way for a road trip to get away from it all – having a car is a modern necessity. In days gone past, most people would opt to purchase sedans as their car of choice. Yet, the SUV is quickly becoming a better option, and with good reason.

In this article, we’re going to find out six simple reasons why SUVs might be a better option for you than a traditional vehicle like a sedan or hatchback.

More Storage Room

SUVs are far superior when it comes to their storage room. They generally offer increased cabin space, making driving a luxury. Bigger dashboards mean more convenience and center consoles offer increased storage too. Their boots tend to be larger, allowing for more luggage and objects like prams and pushers – perfect for a growing family.

And if that’s not enough storage space for you, you can always add after-market modifications like a roof rack and pod or a towbar to tow a trailer. Speaking of towing…

They Have Towing Capacity

Most SUVs are capable of towing a decent load. SUV engines are built with power and torque in mind, giving them a great amount of grunt. This means that you can tow a trailer, making transporting goods much easier. It also means that you could tow a caravan, making those family getaways all the more comfortable. 

Reliable Engines

One of the lingering anxieties of car ownership is that something is going to go wrong with the engine, resulting in an expensive mechanics bill. While cars are complex machines made up of many moving parts, you can rest assured that SUV engines are the pinnacle of modern engineering. People choose SUVs because they are rock-solid, reliable vehicles that will stand the test of time. Most manufacturers are now offering multiple-year warranties because they are so confident in their vehicles’ abilities to perform over time. 

Safety and Security

SUVs offer improved safety ratings over smaller, traditional vehicles. This has to do with both their larger size and their design. They come made with your safety in mind, so in the unlikely event of a crash, they will protect the passengers and drivers. With advanced braking systems, airbags and other safety features, an SUV is a safe option. 

They also offer improved security features, like keyless entry and ignition, and other anti-theft innovations, meaning that you can leave your car safe and sound while you go about your day. 

Improved Fuel Economy

In times past, SUVs had a reputation for being thirsty fuel-guzzlers. Carmakers have listened to consumer feedback on this, so modern SUVs are fuel-efficient, meaning that your petrol money goes further. 

Sleek Design

Last, but by no means least, SUVs offer a sleek design, making them a stylish choice of vehicle. This matters to some buyers, as their car is a reflection of their unique personality.


Modern SUVs are superior cars when compared to traditional vehicles. They offer more storage room, and their towing capacity gives them a bonus. With reliable mechanical systems and improved safety and security, they are an excellent choice for the conscious consumer. Finally, they offer improved fuel economy when compared to older SUVs and have a sleek design, perfect for the image-conscious among you. 

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