‘Listen’ a new technology to save the Right whales

Right whales

The Human Activities has put severe impacts on the Sea Giant ‘Whales’. As, ‘Right Whales’ are the most endangered species, so the university of East Anglia has developed a technology to protect these species from threats arise by human actions.  The UEA Researches, Scottish association for Marine Services (SAMS) and the Marine Survey Company Gardline Geosurvey Limited have developed Machine Learning techniques which can be used to detect the presence of right whales in the North Atlantic Ocean by listening the sounds that they produced make underwater.  By detecting the animal’s presence before they reach close to the large vessels can protect both animals and avoid shutdown of operations during Voyage.

In general words it will act as early warning system to avoid any damage. This technology is not new in the industry but it is able to resolve the early constraints i.e. the other unwanted noise arising from sailing of the vessels, fishing etc. while detecting the voice. The New technology developed by UEA Researches removes the unwanted noise from the recorded voice. This new technology increases the reliability to detect the sound produced by the Right Whales even in the adverse conditions.

In the conventional or the earlier methods, the detection depends on the observer onboarding ships, but this option was expensive due to hiring of experts and is not feasible at the nigh due to constraint of low visibility.  This automated method of analysing will reduce the risk of damage to the vessel and also helps to save marine life and increase their population

North Atlantic right whales are one of the most endangered marine species. Only 350 right whales had remained in the ocean out of which 100 females’ whales are in the breeding age. This low no. of whales is responsible for increase their population in future. With the new technology the ‘right whales’ will detect in the North Atlantic Ocean and the Ship operators can be asked to change their route and in extreme conditions the ship must stopped.

Right whales emit a range of Vocalizations sound i.e. Common Sounds called upcall tones and gunshot sounds. The Upcall tones can be act as a social contact call between Individuals and are produced by both males and females. These tones are easy to detect and used for find the species by using Passive acoustic monitoring devices but the Gunshots sound are characterised by the Impulse and not easy to detect.  These Both Upper tones and Gunshots can not hear easily in the noisy conditions of passing ships, drilling activities, seismic exploration or interface from other marine creatures.

Under the new technology the non-whale sounds can be blocked and only classified noise will be captured and helps to detect the species. The Atlantic Ocean is considered the bussies ocean for passing the sailing ships across America and Europe. Thus, with the new technology it will easy for the Marine operators to avoid any damage to the vessels and avoid injuries to the Marine creatures.

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