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Turn that WebiNAR into a WebinYES with these simple tips for engagement

Turn WebiNAR into a WebinYES

How engaging are webinars? Well, according to statistics posted by Bplans, 20-40% of webinar attendees are destined to turn into qualified leads, while 5% of people who view a webinar will, during the 48-hour period thereafter, make a purchase. Still, the webinar host would need to do some legwork first.

In other words, you can’t anticipate being able to sit back and watch the money roll in just because you have delivered a webinar. The webinar itself would have to first tick a fair few boxes – like these…

Find a topic relevant to your target audience

By being choosy about your webinar’s subject, you can garner more registrations and attendees for your presentation – and, potentially as a result, amass more sales.

Admittedly, deciding on a “relevant” topic can be tricky, as it would depend on you knowing who will attend your webinar. Once you do know, though, you could research these people’s pain points, such as by Googling them or just asking your audience directly via an email list, if you have one that would be useful in this instance.

Phrase the webinar’s title carefully

That title could, after all, be the first thing any member of your target audience learns about the webinar. Therefore, you want a title that will grab attention quickly, such as by getting straight to the point in an eye-catching way.

In the title, you could refer to something very topical, like the pandemic, or include the word “new” to make clear that the webinar isn’t likely to focus on something the person has already seen over and over again.

Write a script for your webinar

This tip comes from marketing expert Jeff Bullas, who even outlines a possible template for that script. He suggests you devote the webinar’s first 10-15 minutes to an intro section, the next 45-60 minutes to the main content and the last 15-30 minutes of the webinar to a closing section. That last part should include a call to action, such as to buy from your company.

Choose webinar software designed to foster engagement

Before you can deliver a webinar, you need to choose the right platform for it. As for what that “right” platform will be – well, since encouraging engagement would be a big priority for you, it would be useful if you found webinar software that could help you to track it.

One good example of such software would be ON24’s Webcast Elite, which is built with interactive engagement tools aimed at tempting webinar attendees to stay with the webinar for longer.

Let people know how the webinar could benefit them

Once you have scheduled your webinar for a specific date and time, you can advertise that webinar – and, in the process, tell potential attendees what would be in it for them.

Of course, you might want to use the webinar to promote a particular product or service you offer. Still, you should think carefully about how that offering could help any member of your target audience to resolve problems they may have.

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