Why All Forex Investors Should Be Using MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader 4

While the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) may have been launched a little under 16 years ago in 2005 by the software company MetaQuotes, it remains the standard-bearer for forex trading throughout the fx market.

Primarily designed for the purpose of forex trading, the MT4 enables users to analyse currency price movements in detail, while utilising various technical indicators and so-called “Expert Advisors” (EAs) to underpin lucrative automated trades.

But what are the benefits of trading using the MetaTrader 4, and why are these so important from the perspective of investors?

It’s a Flexible and Customizable Platform

The MT4 is compatible with most forex brokers in the modern age, making it one of the most convenient options for traders across the board.

This also lends itself to flexible and real-time trading, which is great for agile traders or those who want to execute a large volume of orders within a relatively short period of time (particularly scalpers and day traders).

On a similar note, the MT4 is also flexible from the perspective that you can diversify into additional asset classes over time, while you switch between your various investments seamlessly through a single, easy-to-use interface.

The MT4 is customisable too, especially in terms of the charting used and how information is presented to individual traders. Make no mistake; you can track various currency pairs in depth through MT4’s charts, while analysing a host of technical market assets.

It’s a Secure Platform

When trading large amounts of money, it’s absolutely crucial that you’re able to secure your capital and trade it freely through a licensed and reputable site.

To achieve this, the MT4 benefits from industry standard, 128-bit SSL encryption, which encrypts all the data between trader and server, while also concealing the investor’s IP address and creating an additional layer of security when depositing funds.

Of course, this also safeguards the integrity of each individual order and transaction, so you can trade freely and with genuine peace of mind no matter how active you may be on a daily basis.

This also applies to automated trades completed using EAs, so the MT4 is a tremendous option for investors in the digital age.

It Benefits from Incredibly Powerful Performance

Despite being a relatively old platform, a number of subsequent tweaks and upgrades enable the MT4 to deliver an incrementally powerful performance.

This is particularly relevant to speed with which orders are regulated, while it also ensures that users can switch seamlessly between different charting tools and asset classes.

What’s more, it manages to run incredibly smoothly and without interruption regardless of how much you demand of it, while it also achieves this objective with minimal technological resources.

Of course, you’ll feel the full benefit of this when trading on a similarly powerful device such as a laptop or PC, and in this instance, you probably won’t have to compromise on any alternative areas of use during a typical day.

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