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Trotons Tech Magazine is a one-stop destination for news and information seekers in different sectors. With all the latest updates, news, reviews, guides, ideas, tips, and detailed information on different technologies, Trotons is a place for people in all industry verticals. It’s a great center for posting updates on businesses along with guest posts on technology and companies. From students, technology freaks, gadget lovers and shoppers, engineers and professionals in different technologies, business people, researchers to all categories of techies and non-techies, this is one place to gather news and articles with updates on all categories.

Why Guest Posts With Trotons?

We strongly believe that content offers great value to information seekers and businesses. We always welcome unique and quality content from bloggers and businesses. We appreciate publishing content by businesses and take great opportunities in promoting the business in return. Trotons Tech Magazine caters to information including updates, news, reviews, and how-to guides on different technologies, gaming, science and technology, medical science, and many more and has a keen audience staying connected for the latest updates. Through us, it is much effective to reach a vast online audience and target audience using informative content on technologies. You can get started with writing blogs, reviews, guides, news on different technology topics.

Trotons Tech Magazine gives chances to any blogger or write for us for any business with the option to add do-follow links that get redirected to the respective websites and blogs. Relevant and exceptional content always stands out and enhances better link building.

Who Can Post At Trotons Tech Magazine?

This is in fact a valid question at the right time.

Our answer to this question is very simple. Anyone and everyone who falls under any of these or all categories can publish guest posts with us.

  1. Anyone who wants to enhance brand awareness and visibility and reach the target audience.
  2. Anyone who wishes to provide useful content for technology lovers.
  3. Anyone who feels to share their experiences and believes that our audiences are the right people for sharing.

Rules and Tips To Publish At Trotons

Trotons offers equal opportunities to all bloggers to publish content. We always look forward to a satisfying the audience with informative content and hence look for great content each time from bloggers. Ensure that

  1. All posts have a proper structure and free from errors and plagiarism.
  2. Content is informative, reliable, unique, and spell-checked.
  3. Content has proper grammar structure and usage along with presenting correct facts.
  4. Content is free from promotional and affiliate links.
  5. Blogs have images with high resolution that are copyright-free.
  6. Articles and blogs contain a minimum of 900 words.
  7. Articles are relevant to the categories and target audience. We do not accept articles and content that is irrelevant.
  8. The blog has a mandatory link to appropriate blogs in the right categories.
  9. Blogs and articles are based on the latest trends.
  10. Content is free from broken or spam links.

Please Note: Please do remember to post content at Trotons Tech Magazine fulfilling all the submission guidelines. Do not send any articles or blog through email.

How To Post Content At Trotons?

Guest posting or writing for Trotons is quite simple. Please make sure you read and understand about us and publish content accordingly. Just get through the process to start writing with us.

  1. Sign up to Trotons Tech Magazine by filling out the form with all required details. Please confirm your identity by clicking the activation link sent to you through the confirmation mail.
  2. Fill up all details including your bio, photo, links, and other details, and complete your profile. Once you have created your profile, you can get started with your guest posts at Trotons Tech Magazine.
  3. Our website has a separate author page for each profile you create with us.
  4. You can start posting content under any category. Always do check that you submit the proofread final version. Follow all guidelines as our editors follow a strict policy for accepting and rejecting content.

Any post you submit at Trotons is taken under moderation. The content editor teams manually check all the content and approve or disapprove the content.

Important Note: Keep posting valuable content and get the privilege of a regular content contributor at Trotons Tech Magazine.

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Once you complete your submission, it takes some time for our team to review the scope and quality of the content you post. So, please do wait for your content to be published after approval. Our team sends a notification of acceptance or rejection of your posts. Any blog or guest post disapproved can be used for submission in other websites in the interest of the writer.  Please keep posting valid content for our audience and grow with us.

You can easily contact us for News Tips, Guest Posts, and Advertising. We will reply to you within 24 hours.


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