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How to become a successful Android Developer and 10 High Salary Jobs in Android Development

How to become a successful Android developer

In today’s world, mobile phones are becoming very common devices among people. We know that everyone is depending on apps for daily tasks like shopping, commuting, filing, paying bills, being connected, and gathering information, and so on. Android is the common operating system used in mobile phones. More than 1000 apps are releasing in the Google play store daily. Then think about how it is possible to develop apps for mobile phones without an android developer. Android developer is a demanding job in IT companies. It has a better future too.

To start with, why don’t we know what is android? Android is an open-source mobile operating system designed mainly for smart phones and tablets.

Android software development is the process by which applications are created for android devices. An android developer is a software developer who is designing applications for Android devices.  They need to fix bugs and improve performance in the process of app development.

Essential Skills Required for Become an Android Developer

For a successful android developer, you must have some basic skills and also need to develop additional skills to work on different android app development projects. Sometimes a developer has to acquire skills based on the requirement of the projects. Few basic skills are programming, designing, testing, publishing, etc. skills that are required to become a complete android developer.

Programming skills

Thorough knowledge of designing and programming is required to develop any applications. To tell specifically, java and kotlin are two major programming languages are used in android development. Being expertise in these languages you can develop your career as an android developer.

In addition to these languages knowing XML is also needed. XML is a markup language that is used to develop design layouts in android development. It has features very similar to HTML such as angular brackets, opening, closing tag types, and deep nesting elements.

Then we come to tools that creating a development environment.  An integrated development environment plays a major part in providing all necessary elements and facilities for software development. For Android development, the android studio is the choice of IDE for android developers. Android studio is built on JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA and supports many android SDKs.

Android studio helps the developer in writing code and assembling their apps from various packages and libraries.  It comes with many features such as code completion; code debugging, and other advanced tools like memory and CPU monitors to help developers in writing high-performance code.

Sometimes you may need to access data from external services, many companies are offering APIs. So developers must have skills to work on different APIs.

Another important skill that android developers must have is working knowledge of database management software and databases. Knowledge of SQL databases and SQL queries is required.

Designing skills

The front-end of the android is designed by designers. Designers should have knowledge in UI designing and should be expertise in various designing tools. In big companies, there will be designers hired separately but in small companies or projects, developers are needed to take the role.

The Designer should be familiar with design tools such as Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, prototyping and wireframe development tools, mobile animation development tools, and more that are required for android app development.

Google has launched a set of advanced interface guidelines and standards called Material design. By using templates and libraries in Material design, the designers can create an optimized user experience and stylish look in app development. The detailed guidelines and documentations are available online.

Testing skills

As a part of quality assurance, testing is carried out in android app development. The various testing strategies that are implementing in the development process are

  1. Os testing
  2. Device testing
  3. Network connectivity testing
  4. Battery testing
  5. Security testing
  6. Automated testing
  7. Testing tools

Android developers are required to learn testing tools and methods to carry out effective QA processes when required.

Documentation skills

Whether you are experienced or newcomer should have some writing skills such as writing project proposals, guidelines, report, tutorials, and analysis.

Project Management skills

  1. The developer should have research and analysis skills to understand the business and its customers well.
  2. Should have good communication skills to communicate efficiently either to internal teams or external customers
  3. Developers must have excellent reporting skills to explain the state of the project.
  4. Developers should have requirement gathering skills through conducting surveys and feedback sessions. It helps in identifying the glitches in the application.

Collaboration skills

It is the most important skill required for a developer. He needs to collaborate with all the teams involving in the development of the app such as designers, marketers, or the management team. The collaboration skills include communicating clearly and openly, actively listening to others, shoulder the mistakes, and respecting the differences of your colleagues.  These skills are very helpful in achieving the team goal. If you are having the above-mentioned skills then there are many jobs are available to work. Here we list out 10 jobs.

10 Best Handsome Salary Jobs in Android Development

  1. Android developer
  2. Senior Android Developer
  3. Mobile engineer
  4. QA Automation engineer
  5. Android SDK developer
  6. Android Architect
  7. Senior android TV tester
  8. Mobile application developer
  9. Product manager
  10. Solutions Architect
  11. Application support generalist

Above listed jobs are few that actual job openings for android development are more than this. The skills and experience needed for every job will be varied based on the company’s requirements and projects. But always having the necessary skills and knowledge is essential in pitching a career as an Android developer.  Develop the above-mentioned skills and update with the latest technologies and tools.

Only we can see the increase in the number of mobile phone users, so there will not be a decline in jobs requirement in android development. So it is a good time to start your career in android development. Becoming an Android developer is easy if you are ready to learn the skills.

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