Best 18 iOS Apps for Geeks in 2019

Best iOS apps for Geeks

Today mobile Apps became discomfiture for rich peoples. It’s a very tough task to select the useful app out of these 100000 androids and 200000 iPhone apps. That why I will discuss some useful apps to help people. These apps will help you in several streamline activities, For more productivity. These iOS apps will also help you to decrease the number of gadgets in your life. It can also provide you some other advantages.

  • DropBox:

We can say that Dropbox is an excellent cloud service. It can automatically sync a folder of files between multiple computers like Mac, Windows, and Linux. This app can make a ” built-in reader within certain apps named as Microsoft office, PDFs and image files.

  • Triplt:

The people who have iPhones will love an app named ” Triplt“. It is the best tracking app I have ever found. It keeps the track of me all travel itineraries. This App can organize you all trips with full details. You just forward the email confirmation of your rental cars, flights, and hotels.

  • 2DO:

In iPhone a lot of to-do apps are present but the best app out of these all is the 2DO app. The reason is that it has a great interface. It can sync with the online service named as “Toodledo”.

  • Evernote:

Evernote is a great note-taking app. It is beneficial when you have to remember a lot of things you need a note-taking device. At that time this Evernote app is very helpful. Evernote is working the same as the dropbox means it saves the data locally. It can also sync the data across all the devices and machines.

  • Ego Now:

Ego Now is a quick Glance dashboard.  It is much better than an analytic app. It provides you all types of data related to Google analytics. It also provides you data about Twitter, square space and feed burner. 

  • Analytic Apps:

Google lacks an app of analytics due to some official issues. But iPhone facilitates you by providing an amazing app for analytics named” Analytic App“. This app is very useful to the students of mathematics and statics. It is also helpful for general use. Most of the people use this app for deep analytics. All the deep data is present in the analytic app.

  • MobileRSS:

MobileRSS is amazing for finding and filtering the latest news. MobileRSS is also an IOS Apps for Geeks. Today it has replaced Twitter due to its latest news and findings. I use a lot of these RSS tools but found that this MobileRSS tool is best for this purpose.  It can also clean UI and can connect with Google Reader. That’s why I prefer the MobileRSS Pro app.

  • Twitter:

Twitter got much popularity on social media. So, most of us use this amazing app for getting attached to others. They also use this app for the collection of information all over the world. iPhone provides you this great app that is working efficiently. In other words, we can say that Twitter is an amazing instant intelligence engine.

  • Amazon Kindle:

Amazon Kindle is also provided by IOS Apps for Geeks. I am a big fan of this app. It can store a huge collection of a variety of books. I am using this unique app since it was released.  I can easily read the books at any time and any place due to this splendid app. During spare time I just pull it out and can read the pages of the book.

  • ProPublica:

ProPublica is a non- profit investigative journalism site. Firstly, I did not use a specific app for news. Then I start using Twitter, Google, and Facebook for getting news. But now I have realized that ProPublica is an amazing app for getting all types of news. Simply we can say that it is an Excellent reporting and very good app. This is Also provided by IOS for Geeks.

  • Photoshop Mobile:

Photoshop Mobile is an amazing iOS Apps for Geeks. iPhone provides you the best photoshop editor in the world. It consists of a “Zillion” feature that is very helpful for editing the photographs.  It contains a lot of features like brightness adjustment, simple crops, and sharpness. You can make excellent pictures with the help of this unique app.

  • Audible:

This is the most beautiful app. You can convert the books on the audio format with the help of this Audible app.  You download the books and sync them on iTunes. Audible gives you the opportunity to select the audio according to your type and convert the book of your choice into audio format.  It is a useful app for those who cannot read the book and rely on listening. iPhone takes the solution for such people; they can easily listen to the book any time any place and get information.

  • Red Laser:

Red Laser is a great app provided by iPhone for shoppers. This app can turn the mobile camera into a barcode scanner. It is pretty and accurate in working. UPC products are scanned and then app ill find then on Google product search.  It will provide you information on allergen foods. For books, it will scan the local library to find the books. “Snap tell” is also a product which not only scans the product but it can also take a picture of the book cover or DVD cover.

  • Navigation Mobile Navigator:

I used a German GPS navigator initially and find out the directions. But now I am using the iPhone navigation mobile navigator app. It is an excellent app.  You just have to go to the play store, then you download “NAVIGON”.  This app built in the navigation system for cars. You just plug in your iPhone with a car and can get the directions of your route. Now it is more updated. Voice navigation is used today.

  • Pandora:

Pandora is an IOS Apps for Geeks. It is a very useful app. In this internet age, Pandora is a streaming “Radio Station”.  You can search the song by artist name or song name. Pandora can run in the background just like iPhone music on iOS4.

  • AppAdvice:

Today companies launch a lot of mobile apps. To find out these apps and their information you just need to download the AppAdvice.  You can find the positive and negative views on AppDevice. It consists of two lists named as app guide and app list. These contain multiple information about the apps.

  • Boxee Remote:

Boxee Remote is an IOS Apps for Geeks. It can convert the simple PC into a Multimedia PC. With the help of this great app, you can watch what your friends are watching now.  It can run in Linux, Window and Apple TV. You have no remote if you are using the previous model of PC. You can turn your iPhone into a remote with the help of Boxee Remote app. It contains two remote modes named as gesture mode and straight-arrow mode”.

  • Xtreme Lab speed Test:

To check the Wi-Fi quality and 3G speed I use this Xtreme Lab speed test app. This App of iPhones is my favorite app.  Today it is also present on Androids.  This app is very efficient and reliable to use. Sometimes its speed seems to be lower in quality. That why we have to check the quality with the help of and FCC speed test.

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