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10 Best Car Technician Apps on iOS and Android

Best Car Technician Apps on iOS and Android

New vehicles are manufactured every day with touches of new and improved technology integrated into them to increase their performance. With the technological advancements, there is a need for all of the people associated with the automobile and car industry to keep up the pace with the ever-evolving industry. There are a lot of needs in the car market on the producer side currently, which includes the marketing of services, repairing tutorials, and much more. Some of the best apps for car technicians on the market right now are:

Best Apps Available For Car Repairing on iOS and Android App Stores

Auto Codes

Every auto mechanic has to deal with tones of codes every day to repair and assemble a car to perfection. This app contains more than 50000 codes and even has tutorial videos to help out further. The mechanic just needs to type in an OBD2 code into the system, the app will provide the full definition, description, possible causes, and repair information all at one go. The Pro version of the app, Auto Codes Pro, costs $1.99. The free version currently has a few annoying ad intrusions. The auto mechanics need to have an On-Board Diagnostic scanner of their own to retrieve the actual codes from a vehicle. this app is one of the best apps for Car Repairing Services on iOS and Android.

Simply Auto

If one needs to track all the data of their vehicle, amount of gas consumed, the mileage provided, Simply Auto is the answer to their problems. Fleet owners consider this as an important part of their operations because this solves most of their pain points. A fleet owner can simply share the data with several drivers who drive the same vehicle. You have the option to import data from other apps as well. Your data is also accessible from the website. It has the feature of instant back-ups to the cloud.


Rev is an app that shows real-time auto codes which are present on the car’s onboard diagnostic system. It also can fetch and reset the recently displayed “Check Engine” Light Codes. This app is not only an advantage for the mechanics, but it can also be really helpful when working with customers who have problems. You just need to download the app, which has also won the 2009 popular mechanics Editor’s Choice Award, and then you can easily use the information on the app to troubleshoot your problems.

Auto Parts Warehouse

As a car technician, one often needs to get a lot of parts that are not available at every place, and also, they might not be available at the correct price. This app is a collection of a number of automobile parts and they come in really handy while you are repairing a car. The app provides free shipping for all orders pricing over $50. There is also a feature that lets you check whether a particular part will fit into a car. You just need to put in the model and all the relevant information will show up

Repair Buddy

This app provides a lot of information about the cars which includes visual specs which allow the technicians and mechanics to gain a better understanding of a particular kind of repair. This app comes with great technical service bulletins, illustrations, writing diagrams, and instructions. The biggest advantage of this app over others in this spectrum is that it is very visual and goes a lot beyond the usual listing of pertinent information or the specifics related to the OBD codes.

Shop Boss

There are is quite a chance that you are reading this article after getting a lot of experience in the field of car technicians and are now yourself managing an auto repairing business. Shop Boss is an app that will help you a lot. It brings a lot of resources to the very same place. It assists in ordering parts, customer invoicing, conducting inspections, and much more. There are also features like the speech to text conversion, complete labor guides, and VIN barcode scanning.

Engine Link

This app is basically an On-board Diagnostic tool that connects to an iPhone. This makes it a wireless tool and gives it a huge advantage. This usually operates on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. There is still a need for an addition of an adapter to run the actual diagnostic tests. This app is available on the App Store for a modest fee of $5.99. Among its other features, it includes PID values which are used to read batteries and other readings in hybrid vehicles.


This app is surely one of the most sophisticated and useful apps for automobile repairs and is used to read and fix faults in a vehicle. It can provide every bit of information about the defaults of the system so that the technician can easily repair it. It maintains a feed about the history of all the cars that have been scanned. This app is available in the Google Play Store and the App Store free of cost. It has compatibility with all cars which comply with the OBD2 standard.


Every mechanic or technician needs a refreshment of old concepts on how to change parts and other different components in a car. This app provides DIY videos on even the most basic of mechanical topics which include changing all the belts, changing the oil, and even jump-starting a vehicle. The videos can be paused, stopped, and restarted anytime. The beginners in the field will find these videos very interesting and useful.

VIN Decoder

This app is used to read the VINs on the vehicles. Reading the VIN gives a lot of information about the car, which includes the updated details on the recalls, safety, and maintenance. The app reads the 16-digit long VINs through the phone’s camera. The app is free so it is actually filled with a few advertisements. This app also permits the user to cross-check the vehicle with reports from Carfax.

Conclusion –

The advancement in the car industry has been huge for the last couple of decades and the advent of the best smartphone technologies really calls for the best of both worlds to get together and give out the best to the customer. to know more about the latest tech innovations and updates get in touch with us. Here you can get the solutions for Car Repairing or if you need Car technician then you must download these apps on your mobile app store iOS and Android.

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