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Top 10 Best Fax Apps for Windows 10

Best Fax Apps for Windows 10

Some things never die and fax is one of them. Some big companies and government agencies still make use of fax to deliver important documents. They have been using it ever since and don’t seem to let go of it.

Times have changed and technology has evolved. Now there are many more advanced ways of sending and receiving documents from other places, nationally or internationally. Many of these ways are even easier than faxing a document.

But in spite of all this, fax lovers don’t seem to let fax go. They want to use the method of faxing to deliver their important archives. But the hassle of bulky fax machines gets in the way. That is why we are here to help.

If you are also a fax lover but don’t want to use the bulky fax machinery, we will here present some awesome ways through which you will never have to use the old fax machines any longer. You can use your Windows 10 computer or laptop instead of the huge fax machines.

Windows 10 Faxing

This new technique of Windows 10 faxing helps you to get rid of the old problematic faxing methods. This makes it very easy and simple.

To find out all about Windows 10 faxing, visit GoogleFaxFree and check Windows 10 fax guide available there. GoogleFaxFree is the perfect place to find out all about the advanced faxing ways and their guides.

As you might as well know that faxing works on analog signals, hence it requires telephone lines. If we wish to fax through a computer or laptop that works on Windows 10, we will have to connect the telephone lines to the specific device. This is a hassle too.

In order to avoid this hassle, there is another way through which you can fax on Windows 10. That is by using an online fax service that acts as an intermediary between your computer and fax. Here we have the top 10 best fax services for you to fax through Windows 10.

CocoFax – The Ultimate Best Fax Service

In the event that you need the best online fax administration for your PC, at that point think about CocoFax. To utilize CocoFax, you have to make an account at CocoFax official site by signing up with it.

On the GoogleFaxFree website, you will find all the information regarding the best fax service CocoFax and the benefits it provides. Go to the GoogleFaxFree website and discover all the faxing guides available there.

CocoFax is a quick and solid online fax arrangement that allows you to fax and deal with your daily communication needs. No wonder it is the best fax service all over the world.

With CocoFax, you get a free custom fax number, which will be helpful for sending and getting faxes. Additionally, you get a 30-day free time for testing when you start with CocoFax’s services. This way you can actually deliver your faxes before paying anything.

Additionally, its highlights and capacities have pulled in media companies like New York Times, PCMag and Forbes, to name just a few. CocoFax offers a solid method of faxing. For example, for each sent and got fax, you will get a conveyance notice. Along these lines, you at this point don’t need to stress if your fax has been conveyed or not.

Most importantly, CocoFax utilizes the most recent security conventions to protect your faxes during transmission on the web. CocoFax will permit you to fax on Windows 10, 8 and 7.

Additionally, CocoFax is adaptable enough to let you fax from your email, CocoFax dashboard and cell phone applications. It permits you to utilize an internet browser while offering the assistance of a top of the line fax machine. CocoFax has numerous striking internet faxing highlights that make it a definitive online fax tool.

Dissimilar to most other online fax benefits that have restricted capacity, CocoFax gives you limitless capacity. Additionally, CocoFax documents your faxes online as well as gives a perfect method of putting them away.


RingCentral is also one of the best fax programs as of now accessible with heaps of astonishing highlights. RingCentral fax sends a wide range of archives to any fax machine around the world.

It also allows you to send faxes to more than one place at the same time. This is a great benefit when a bulky amount of faxes need to be sent.

Venta Fax

Venta fax can be utilized through a fax modem or an Internet telephone utility supplier. This service accompanies pleasant highlights. A portion of these are overseeing limitless voice accounts, mass fax conveyance, changing over faxes to PDFs, and naturally forward them to email.

So Venta fax is a decent fax program alternative for the individuals who need to dispose of their fax machines for something less complex.


MyFax is a component rich fax programming that empowers clients to send faxes both nationally and universally. One of the novel highlights of MyFax is the particular number of fax pages offered to clients for sent and received faxes.

MyFax fills in as a cross-stage fax application, accessible through telephone, email, and an online webpage. Approaching faxes are changed over into PDF which gives clients simple admittance to the archives, paying little mind to their underlying arrangement.

MyFax has fantastic client support which can be reached through email or phone.


MetroFax is one of the most complete fax programs accessible right now with a bunch of highlights. But it accompanies a month to month membership charge and a constraint of 500 faxes pages.

The main disadvantage is the powerlessness to plan faxes for a later date which is a minor burden against the wide scope of highlights given by this product.                        


Sfax is for any individual who esteems fax security over different highlights as it guarantees greatest protection when sending and getting faxes. Sfax is more costly compared to other comparable programs, however it gives extra highlights.

Sfax likewise permits clients to handily port their fax number to their firm without extra expenses. The versatile application is ideal for sending, or accepting faxes, also. is an essential faxing program on the web, less expensive than many others but not better than CocoFax, yet its variety of highlights is additionally restricted. empowers clients to send faxes by means of email or the online entry. The user interface is natural and simple to utilize.

Hello Fax

Hello fax is one more fax program that offers the majority of the highlights that are normal in quality fax programming. One intriguing viewpoint is that clients can pursue a complementary number that can be coordinated with Microsoft Outlook.

Hello fax gives clients limitless capacity for fax messages and voice accounts.

Windows Fax and Scan

It is something to realize that Windows PCs are accessible with scanning and fax programs. In the event that you need to utilize this product to convey free faxes, you need to organize a modem and a telephone line which is basic to set up your PC.

In the event that you would prefer not to utilize a telephone line and a modem, you can utilize our top pick CocoFax. It is a reliable arrangement. To utilize Windows scan and fax programming, you won’t require the web.


iFax is another decent fax service that lets you fax documents from your Windows 10 PC or laptop. Although not better than our top picks like CocoFax, iFax can do a good job while faxing your documents for you.


So these were the top 10 best ways to fax from Windows 10. We suggest CocoFax because it’s the ultimate best and affordable fax service on the planet.

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