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Best Lucky Patcher Alternatives For Android in 2022

Best Lucky Patcher Alternatives For Android

Nowadays, the world is very much involved in a digitalized world. You are always on your smartphone, or your tablet, or any other device with an internet connection posting photos on your various social media accounts hosted by different free applications and letting your friends know about what you have been up to recently, how brilliant, isn’t it? That you can let the world know about something from any location of the world completely for free. Well, many brilliant applications are free to download but once you download them, they will ask you to take premium membership to block indecent advertisements and you would even have to pay to use some simple features.

There are very few people who do not use android apps these days, you all do but, after a certain point in time, you surely get tired of the continuous bombardment of advertisements displaying unnecessary and inappropriate content, preventing us to even navigate through the app, without a premium membership which would cost you a fortune, you can only use the basic features and no semi-advance or advanced or advanced features.

This surely irritates you, but we are here for you, in this article we will give you the names of various tools, popularly known as patchers which will helo you unlock in-app purchases, premium features, premium content, etc. The most famous patcher is the Lucky Patcher but today we will list the best alternatives of Lucky Patcher as some apps have become immune to Lucky Patcher’s exploitation techniques. Before we go on and list the alternatives, let us have a look at what is an android application patcher.

What is an Android Application Lucky Patcher?

An android application patcher enables you to modify various applications and games which are already installed on your device. It helps you to bypass application license restrictions, remove advertisements, add a brand new feature, etc. You can gain access to many in-app bonuses and if you are using an android application patcher on a game you can even have unlimited coins or game currency without spending a penny. There are limitless possibilities of things you can do with an android patcher.

But there are some basic system requirements to run any android application patcher. You will need to have a device with any android version higher than the Android version Ginger Bread, your device should have a minimum RAM(Random Access Memory) of 2 GB and internal storage of 8 GB. Among all the requirements to run an android application patcher, the most important one is that your android smartphone or device must be rooted, yes, you can use a patcher on an unrooted smartphone but the results will definitely not be the same. So, it is highly recommended to use a  rooted smartphone while using an android application patcher.

You are well informed about Android Patchers by now, so let us dive into the list of best alternatives of Lucky Patcher.

App Sara: Best Alternatives Apps for Lucky Patcher

Application developers are day by day putting more emphasis on putting in more and more advertisements while designing and developing an application, this is done to maximize profits but at the cost of non-premium user satisfaction. There are certain points in a game that can only be surpassed by a user who has a high paying capacity, in many android applications also the same kind of restriction is put on such an attractive feature that you would definitely want to use but you can’t due to financial constraints.

Now, comes in App Sara one of the most popular android patchers available to you. It is very widely used to unlock application bonuses, remove advertisements, and also to unlock premium features in many applications. It is a simple install and plays application and it runs in the background of your smartphone.

One of the major advantages of App Sara is that it does not require you to root your device it works completely fine with an unrooted device, by using this you can get free gems, coins, and level-ups in many android games. Although App Sara can give you a premium upgrade to many apps, it is often incompatible with apps that ask you for credit card information. It is surely a great alternative to Lucky Patcher.

FREEDOM: Best Alternative Sites Like Lucky Patcher

Another great alternative to Lucky Patcher is FREEDOM. It is an android patcher which is a real headache for application developers because it can easily break through the money-making restrictions put in place by them. Its goal is to provide free access to premium app content by modifying those applications. It uses a fake credit card with no actual money in it to trick Google Play Services, providing the message that everything is fine, but in reality, you are getting all those features for free without spending a dime. FREEDOM also can crack through games and provide free coins, gems live to the main character. It can also remove irritating advertisements from those apps and make your experience a lot smoother.

Although FREEDOM is very easy to use, you need to have a rooted device to use it. It is a game-changer for offline apps and it packs a lot of things together which is why a lot of users can use this as an alternative to Lucky Patcher. But it is limited to only offline games and can not modify and give you an edge in the case of online games as online games can not be hacked by memory altering or value altering.

Creehack: Best Site Like Lucky Patcher

Creehack is another very widely used and very popular android patcher very famous among Android users throughout the globe. It is a very able application that is quite capable to break into many premium applications and give eager users a free pass to many highly paid in-app purchases, it works on a wide variety of applications, and can provide android gamers with a lot more features than they can use on a free version of the game. It helps to remove inappropriate advertisements and you need not worry about those distractions while editing your pictures or while playing a difficult level in your favorite game.

One thing you must keep in mind is that your android device must be rooted before you use Creehack. This amazing tool works in the background of your system so you don’t have to do anything, just open your favorite apps and games and it will do the work on its own. Creehack only works on offline games as hacking into online games will mean you will have to hack through the game’s server which can be tricky. There is one thing you must know before you use Creehack, there might be random survey pop-ups, if you are fine with those, you can easily use Crrehack as an alternative to Lucky Patcher.

Leo PlayCard: Best Website Like Lucky Patcher

Leo PlayCard is another widely used android patcher, it can easily crack a game for you and give you full access to premium in-app purchases which would otherwise take a huge chunk of money to buy. It can also crack photo editing applications, video editing applications, android music studio, etc, giving you free access to advanced premium features. After using LeoPlayCard you will not have to worry about any indecent advertisements popping up on your screen. You will not have any disturbances during your gameplay or the use of your favorite application. You will not need a rooted device to use LeoPlayCard just download it and “play”.

As mentioned before, you will not be required to root your device to use this application., but it works just as fine on rooted devices. This is a huge advantage of Leo PlayCard as users need not have to worry about rooting or unrooting their device. It works on most of the popular apps and this will help you to make unlimited in-app purchases. LeoPlayCard is a very viable alternative to the famous android patching application Lucky Patcher. You need to keep in mind that Leo PlayCard does not work on online games and on games containing high-security measures that block users to make fake in-app purchases.

XModGames: Lucky Patcher Alternatives for Android Systems

XModGames is according to its loyal user base, one of the best android patchers available. It is really a suitable alternative to Lucky Patcher. It enables users to use many premia, paid in-app features completely for free, you will get to access features that you were deterred to use due to the huge cost of buying those features. XModGames allows you access to features such as in-app advertisement blockers, premium features, etc. Moreover, XmodGames is a very good patcher for Android gamers, as it is very famous for cracking games and enables users to have unlimited game coins, gems, and character lives. It can also bypass levels in a game with all the achievements that come with passing a level in a game. It is unbelievable that XModGames offer so much at one go.

The best thing about XModGames is that it is actually a launcher. You can launch any game within the XModGames launcher and apply the suitable mod version you want to run with the app. Whether it Is unlimited gems, or unlimited coins, or unlimited lives for the main character you can install different moded versions of an application. One thing that you should keep in mind is that XModGames require root access on your device, in other words, your device must be rooted. XMod Games is probably one of the best android patchers available and is a very solid alternative to Lucky Patcher and its launcher feature adds a new dimension to it.

Gamecih: Best Alternative to Lucky Patcher for Downlaod MOD Games etc

Gamecih is a very reliable android app patcher and can be an alternative to Lucky Patcher, it will definitely be of great use to anyone who wants to access premium and paid app features without spending a single penny on in-app purchases. Gamecih can easily crack through many famous apps to enable free premium content usage to its users. It is also capable of cracking games and provides android gamers with unlimited coins, unlimited gems, even unlimited character lives, etc. It has a very satisfied user base who often use Gamecih to crack applications and games. Just imagine you are playing a game with unlimited resources and to top that you can also fool the game’s system and skip levels but the game would not recognize that thanks to Gamecih.

It has an interesting feature that is it has a chatbox for various users to chat among themselves, they can discuss various applications and newer modifications to existing applications. But it requires your device to have root access or in common words, your device must be rooted. Another point that you must keep in mind, is that Gamecih might be a bit complex to use, and anyone new to modifying applications is not recommended to use it.

Lulubox: Best Alternative to Lucky Patcher for Android

Lulubox is one of the best alternatives to Lucky Patcher. It is a widely used patcher, used globally by many users. It can give a user access to various premium locked content, free in-application purchases. It also works on many Android games giving its user full access to locked game features. It can provide a user with unlimited resources such as coins, gems, and lives. It is also capable of getting rid of the unnecessary advertisements that come in your way while you are using your favorite application. It is a very capable patcher, to say the least.

One of the advantages of using Lulubox is that it does not require root access to your phone’s system or you can say it does not need any rooted device to function. It also can clone certain apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram, etc, which makes it even special. It can even modify the interface of some games and is often regarded by its users as one of the most intuitive patchers available around. So, there is no speck of doubt about how great an alternative Lulubox is to Lucky Patcher.

Cheat Droid: Lucky Patcher Alternative for Android Devices

Cheat Droid is also a very good alternative to Lucky Patcher. Cheat Droid can easily gain access to many premium features of well-known apps and it can even grant unlimited free in-app purchases to its user. It can also stir its magic wand on games and grant unlimited resources to gamers who would surely love to have them. Gamers can enjoy the game even more with the unlimited coin, gems, and lives that they will get through the modified version. Cheat Droid can also get rid of unwanted advertisements that pop up and disturb the whole user experience of an app.

You have to keep in mind that it requires advanced root access to your device to be fully efficient, using which it can edit the software installed on your smartphone, exploiting various faults in the applications, and giving you free access to your desired content. It works on a variety of games so there are a lot of options to choose from while using this patcher. It also comes with an APK extractor which helps to store the modified apps in a secured place.


Throughout this article, we have looked at many outstanding android patchers, which can be the best alternative to Lucky Patcher. We have listed the best patchers available that can be used by almost everyone without much difficulty. Although we do not support any kind of cheating whatsoever, many can not afford premium content and in-app purchases, and this article can be of great help to them.

They can enjoy their favorite content for free, but for people who can afford the in-app purchases to remove advertisements and get access to premium content, it is recommended they do so through the proper channel only. We have to remember many of these patchers are listed as a security threat in Google Play Service so we have to be careful and should always keep our awareness on high alert while using these patchers. We really hope that through this article we have helped you in your endeavor to enjoy your desired content.

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