10 Best Mail Servers for Linux

Best Mail Servers for Linux

For several little businesses, that mail server is best in Linux? The solution to it depends on the email you receive and the size of your organization. Whether or not you utilize email for promoting functions or internal communication, you ought to ensure you decide the mail server that’s right for you. The open supply and closed source versions are different execs and cons. It’s prepared for private cloud deployments and incorporates a closed-source enterprise edition for businesses.

What Does Mean Mail Servers

Mail or email servers could be a computerized system that might} send and receive emails. This method is sometimes a mix of the many interconnected servers, and they facilitate one another in causation the message to the proper recipient. The process of sending an email may take only 1 second. However, it involves a series of transfers from one mail server to an entirely different one. Suppose you are taking away the remainder of the mail servers that don’t seem to be at intervals within your domain reach. In that case, you’re restricted to sending emails to solely those folks whose email address matches your domain.

What Does Mean By Email Clients

Email purchasers are reasonably different from mail servers: they assist emails in passing from one Server to another till they reach the supposed recipient. In contrast to the servers, email clients don’t handle storage facilities. They ought to have an affiliation to the shared network.

Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla disembodied spirit are 2 of the most popular email purchasers. They (and others) supply an interface through that you’ll keep your messages organized and straightforward to search out with categorization. You’ll add or read attachments to exploitation email clients too.

What Are the Major Advantages of Mail Servers

You’ll raise why it’s thus helpful to put in mail servers. And that’s truthful enough after considering that the required hardware and energy expense may be on the steep side. That’s undoubtedly the case for smaller businesses managing many mail accounts. However, mail servers deliver outstanding worth for cash in the long run. Let’s cross-check a number of the key benefits:

  • You’ll receive emails instantly with no delay. All external emails will return to you once you put them in a mail server with your name with NO waiting time. While not a mail server, the causation machine will cause messages to leap from Server to Server. This can worsen if you have a weak web connection.
  • Internal emails are delivered to the destination like a shot after the sender faucets the send button. Everybody will probably have an equivalent name within a business. Thus, utilizing a mail server can cause quicker message processing. Plus, investing in mail servers for internal communications doesn’t depend upon the scale of attachments and web access.
  • Mail servers give you complete management over the users, permitting you to feature or delete names whenever you like. This isn’t the case with web Service Providers: they limit the number of users you’ll discover at your end.
  • Mail servers can implement virus scanning and spam filtering on a grade that ISPs merely can’t contend with. The issue with an ISP is that they need total control over scanning and authentication processes. However, you’ll head after you install a mail server.
  • You’ll execute special emails for faxes and printers with a mail server. You’ll print copies or send faxes of documents automatically for added communication options.

Top-Rated 10 Best Linux Mail Servers

Currently, you are clear with all the essential ideas encompassing mail servers. We tend to be able to dive into a number of the most straightforward mail servers the marketplace must offer.

  • Exim
  • Open–Xchange
  • Sendmail
  • Axigen
  • Modoboa
  • Kolab
  • Mail modify
  • Fastness
  • Zarafa
  • iRedMail


Exim could be a feature-rich mail server used on several Unix-like operation systems adore the UNIX system and BSD. It conjointly provides cross-platform economic support, creating it an ideal selection for mail servers that require to be numerous and handle an outsized range of requests.

Written entirely in C, Exim offers terrific performance and works nicely even in heritage systems. Moreover, the event team rolls out frequent updates and handles bug fixes well.


Open–Xchange could be a feature-rich email server that’s out there in 2 completely different variants. The first is the subscription-based paid version, and the second is the free community version. This mail server has options like Open – Xchange app suite, Information Center, OX data, integral privacy, a security options. In addition, it’s a customizable dashboard that provides users with an interactive UI. OX ASCII text file email server is obtainable for each robot and iOS.


Sendmail is another high choice in our most incredible mail servers list because it’s the central, reliable mail server. Because it would not like high network bandwidth, Sendmail will batch completely different addresses to one host machine.

Once it involves customization, it uses the configuration files to run the instructions. Sendmail is additionally typical for its delivery methods, which follow standard protocols.


Axigen could be a powerful email server package with a robust set of innovative options to create hassle-free email management. It provides a colossal assortment of pre-built features adore associate degree integrated list server, malware and spam protection mechanisms, and numerous mobile capabilities. Most UNIX system distributions support Axigen. However, the Server isn’t freed from charge. However, Axigen also offers a free version with support for up to five domains, five groups, and five users.


Within the lineup of the ASCII text file email servers, Modoboa could be a well-known name. However, it’s returning to a UNIX system platform with extra options adore constitutional monitoring, an administrator panel, and a built-in calendar, in conjunction with standard protocols like DKIM or DMARC.

Modoboa is meant and developed in Python with Django, jQuery, and Bootstrap framework assistance. It conjointly offers SSL and TLS certificates for safe and secure email service.


It’s a free & open-source software package suite. It includes the Server and consumer components. The Kolab Client includes KDE PIM-Suite Kontact, Roundcube internet frontend, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Mozilla Lightning with SyncKolab extension and Microsoft Outlook with proprietary Kolab-Connector Plugins. It uses IMAP protocol for email messages, contact, and calendar entries.

Mail modify

Mail modify is another free mail server for Windows in the operating system. With this choice, you’ve got no limits for domains and users, which conjointly brings within the powerful body package. Mail modification is straightforward to install. Users may use the standard edition of the software for private and business purposes. However, it’s counseled to opt for enterprise premium to avail of additional options that provide higher flexibility.

Mail modify is a superb mail server with a complicated Ajax webmail client. However, we propose you add an honest spam filtering feature, an email archiver appliance, or VM.


Fastness is undoubtedly one of the most straightforward open supply mail server packages out there. It’s an old server software and stood the check of your time thanks to its versatile features and superior performance. Fastness could be a software package software, and collaborations crop up frequently.

It was designed to run on a UNIX system and BSD OS distributions; however, it supports most systems. This Linux server tool is understood for its accessible, helpful instrument panel aboard its economic runtime.


An ASCII package application. It provided email storage on the Server’s side and expedited the Ajax-based mail consumer WebAccess and an HTML5-based WebApp. The SOAP technology is employed to speak between the email server and the client. Kopano has replaced Zarafa.


If you’re trying to find a full-fledged open-source mail server for Linux and BSD distributions, iRedMail is an excellent selection. It’s a robust tool with security, privacy, and secure management options. The package consists of all ASCII text file components, a full-life development community makes positive bug fixes, and frequent updates crop up currently and then. Their skilled school ensures your communication isn’t interrupted just in case of system failure.


Mail servers significantly contribute to mail management, making it more versatile and straightforward. The protocols accustomed to the causation and receiving messages are crucial to landing an appropriate mail server for your organization.

The primary step to achieving vital success with your mail server would be to include all the suitable options. Suppose you have a hassle with viruses and spam emails. In that case, you wish to think about higher authentication features with high-level filtering capabilities. We’ve listed some basic features in this article. However, you need to list all the areas you need enhancements in and fulfill them with several functionalities.

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