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5 Best Spy Apps for Parents in 2021

Best Spy Apps for Parents

Parenting was never as tough as it is in the digital era. Many kinds of digital hazards and risks are surrounding our kids. This is where a spy app comes for the rescue. Using the spy app, a parent can easily keep tabs on every minute activity of a kid, using the phone. 

The market is flooded as spy apps have become common and vital. But, we have made the job easier for you with our comprehensive list of top spy apps that a parent can easily use in 2021. All these apps are tried and tested. 

So, read the article and know about these spy apps in detail.  

1 – Minspy 

Minspy is our and a million others’ first choice when it comes to doing reliable and risk-free online phone monitoring. It is packed with every single feature that a parent needs for sound sleep.

It is available in 190 countries and has been praised by many leading media houses for its flawless performance. 

There are many reviews in the online world about this spy app. All of this praise is possible because it does a commendable job when phone monitoring is concerned. 


In our research, we find some amazing details about Minspy. We would like to share with you so that you also know why the whole world is going ga-ga over it. 

  • With Minspy, there is no way that parenting and phone monitoring would be tough. As it works without rooting/jailbreak, tons of risks would be at bay.
  • It doesn’t save data online while working. This means your crucial data won’t be on the radar of online vulnerabilities. 
  • No parent wants to get exposed while spying on their kids’ phones. Minspy does a commendable job on this front as well. Its stealth mode hides the app’s icon completely on the targeted Android phone while no app is needed for iOS spying.
  • Its web-based dashboard for iOS works without the targeted phone’s involvement. 
  • For all those parents who haven’t tried phone monitoring before, Minspy is no less than a blessing. For both the iOS and Android platforms, its process is very much simplified.   
  • There are live demos present on the website that explains the modus-operandi of the Minspy in a very clear manner. 
  • Minspy is known to capture real-time data and never miss out on any single detail. N each entry is delivered with timestamps and guides you accurately when phone monitoring is considered. 
  • With Minspy, a parent can have mental peace as it can keep tabs on around 35 phone activities in one go.
  • Parents can find out which calls kids are making, which text they are sharing, which online platforms they are accessing, what website they are visiting, which places they are visiting, which app they are using, and so on. 
  • Minspy has no match when compatibility is concerned. It offers separate tools for Android and iOS platforms. All the leading versions are supported by it. 
  • You will love Minspy even more once you will check out its price tag. With its most common package, your monthly expenses would be only $10. It has the ability to keep tabs on more than one device in one go. Savings would be more you go for it. 

2 – Spyier

The next parent control app that is ranked on our list is Spyier.  Its 100% rooting/jailbreak-free assistance and advanced AI-based technology have helped it to get listed. Along with us, many leading media houses have praised it in full swing. 

  • Spyier makes parenting easier than ever with its comprehensive phone monitoring abilities. At a stretch, it can keep tabs on around 30 phone activities. 
  • It comes with a highly advanced keylogger that will help you find out the keystrokes made on the targeted device effortlessly. 
spyier banner

3 – Spyine 

Spyine has known to keep an eye on kids’ activities remotely and effortlessly. It works in such a discreet manner that no one can find out what you’re doing.

With features like compact size, stealth mode, and remote data fetching, it is making online phone monitoring easier than ever.  

  • No, you don’t need any special skills to use it and this is what makes it special. In fact, no extra tools are also required. Any regular device and browser are useful for this job. 
  • Spyine comes with iOS and Android compatibility and works amazingly on the leading versions. 
Spyine Banner

4 – Spyic 

Spyic is what we are suggesting in fourth place. Packed with some amazing features and facilities, this remote phone monitoring app will make parenting a lot easier for every parent. The app is available for use in 190 nations across the globe. 

  • Parents would be glad to know that Spyic has managed to make phone monitoring risk-free by developing a technology that works without rooting. Also, no data is saved on the server and exposed in the malicious world. 
  • By all means, it ensures the ultimate peace of mind. Details like location, the app used, web-browsing history, online social media platforms, and many others can be easily captured and delivered. 
spyic banner

5 – Neatspy 

Neatspy is what we prefer to close the article. It is equipped to help a hacking veteran and a novice with the same perfection. Parents can use it to keep an eye on activities like call logs, contacts, SMS, social media monitoring, and various other activities diligently.

With its help, parenting is easier than ever. This is how –

  • Its job as parental control is commendable and allows you to keep an eye on kids’ activities with the least possible hassle and hurdle. 
  • It can be used to spy on 35 phone activities in one go and allows a parent to remain tension-free while kids can enjoy secure online activities. 
  • It is known to deliver data without any third-person’s delivery 
  • You can use Neatspy for parental control, spouse monitoring, and employer spying. In each motive, it keeps your intentions a secret affair with the help of its stealth mode. 
  • Data delivery is without any third person’s involvement. This ensures data credibility of the highest kind. 
neatspy banner

Concluding words

Having a spy app by your side means easy parenting and continual monitoring. If you have the right tool then a parent can keep kids away from various kinds of hassles and hurdles.

All the spy apps that we have discussed here are best-of-breed and help you do risk-free phone monitoring. So, if you’re a parent and want to ensure the safety of your kids then go for these five spy apps.

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