Best Tech Websites and Magazine and How you contact them to Advertising and Guest Postings?

Best Tech Websites and Magazine for guest postings

At this digital and modern era of Technology where New Artificial Intelligence gadgets and Machines and digital Applications you meet each day. Here we read about the Best tech magazine and Best technology websites which are analysis and home of original news of tech innovations, Latest news about Tech Industry and Technology trends. I am sharing here about some brief summary about all tech websites which are providing Advertising services and Native content marketing as we will get a sponsored post submission on these all Website.

Best Tech Magazine and Websites are below for Advertising and Guest Postings 

Techcrunch– TechCrunch is the website for the original latest technology news and stuff. Techcrunch provides the whole world with the latest technology updates about Technical industries. Here I am providing the contact of an Advertising staff member there you can direct contact to the Techcrunch team member and you will get definitely reply from the team member. I am sharing the email of TechCrunch staff where you can contact the staff or editorial and marketing and you will get the price of Techcrunch here.

The verge– The Verge is the best blog for Tech lover and geek of technology persons. The verge is the best media website for the latest technology trends and news and reviews. here you can contact directly from this email of the verge staff and media members. 

TechradarTechradar is the best technology platform to get the latest updates about Gadgets and reviews of Tech products. Also, they provide helpful information about products which are to buy or not to buy. Here you can advertise your product via Sponsored Article and guest post and product advertising here

The Next is another Website that is the best for the latest technology innovations and Popular for Business, Culture and Technology Trends. TNW provides us the information about the Upcoming programs and upcoming gadgets. here you can contact the team of advertising staff of TNW.

Engadget – Engadget is another best tech magazine and Blog for Computers and gadgets geeks. You can get more information about to visit their website. Engadget is a specialist for Reviews of Gadgets of daily innovative and discovered gears and tech products. here you can contact Engadget team members for Advertising and sponsored post Submission.

Wired – This is a very popular Technology Magazine and this one has a huge traffic of Tech geeks and tech lovers. Wired featured the News about Business, Gadgets, Security and Tech Ideas of Technology huge industry. You need to visit this one website if you want to touch in technology in proper way.

How Can you Contact Tech Websites and magazines for Guest Post and Advertising queries?

Here we are publishing all information from over resources and experiences. Please make sure contact on these all emails and you will get definitely revert back on staff and members of the responsible person.

We will update daily this post when will I get more information about more blogs and tech Magazines than I will update regularly this post on a daily basis. you can bookmark this page and you will get daily information about how you can contact Tech Magazines and Websites for Guest Posting and Advertising.

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