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What is Blog Marketing and why Blogging is important?

Blog Marketing

The Marketing Strategy blog has become the centerpiece in the most successful businesses that start today in the monde. Since people are asking: What is blog marketing? in this article we will particularly deal with this subject which is elsewhere considered to be a real leverage effect for many online businesses.

A blog is a contraction of two words: “Web” and ” Log”. The Log meaning logbook and the Web meanwhile is this part of the Internet access using your browser. In a simple way, a blog is a journal that allows a blogger or any person to publish his experiences, his life, his passions, and many other things on the web. Understand that it is possible to be popular with a simple blog but that is the choice of a very particular niche.

Blogging is then a profession allowing a blogger to share his knowledge, his experiences with an audience of readers interested in the subject of the blog in question on the Internet.

What you have just read is only a definition that only commits me but also a little research on other sites which treat the subject like this one. However, note that this paragraph can already be part of the benefits of a blog.

What does mean by Blog Marketing

It can be said that the concept of Blog Marketing is not strictly defined i.e. to use blogging as a form of a network application to achieve network marketing. To explain what blog marketing is, start with what blogging is.

A blog is a new kind of personal internet publishing tool, a new means of website application, it is a website, it provides a platform for everyone to disseminate information, knowledge exchange, blog users You can easily create your own personalized online world with text, links, videos, and images. The content of the blog is published on the blog hosting sites, such as the blog network, the Blogger website under Google, etc.

These sites often have a large number of groups of users, and content valuable blog will attract a large number of potential users to go to achieve the goal of delivering messages marketing to potential users.

The Different Characteristics of Blog Marketing

  • A blog is a tool for disseminating and transmitting information. In terms of publishing information, blogs have some similarities with other tools, i.e. blogs also play the role of conveying marketing information online, which is the basis of understanding blog marketing. The transmission of Internet marketing information is in fact the basis of all Internet marketing activities.
  • The content and methods of posting blog posts are more flexible. The content and form of blog posts are varied, which makes them more popular with users. In addition, professional blogging sites have a large number of users, and valuable articles are often easier to catch the attention of a large number of users quickly, so the effectiveness of the promotion is higher. to that of general business websites.
  • Blog communication has greater autonomy and there is no direct cost. There is no direct cost for transmitting blog information, and it is the most economical method of promotion.
  • Blogs contain a greater amount of information and flexible forms of expression. Posting information from a blog post is completely different from posting information about supply and demand. The amount of information in a blog post can be large or small, depending on the need to describe an issue.
  • Advertising information posted on a blog site has no advertising effect, so writing a blog post is different from posting general product information. In a sense, you can say that it is a PR method, but this PR method is completely a business Operate by yourself, without resorting to PR companies and other media.
  • Blog posts appear more formal and more believable.

The biggest advantage of blog posts over posting general information to the forum is that each blog post is a separate web page, and the blog post is easy to include and retrieve by search engines. research, which makes the long-term blog post discovered and read by users Opportunities, the number of readers of articles in general forums is usually relatively small, it is difficult to last, it may have been forgotten in a few days. Therefore, the benefits of marketing blog compared to forum marketing are very obvious, we can say they are not at a level.

Importance and Advantage of Blogging or Blog Marketing

Freedom Is One Of The Benefits Of A Blog

To say that freedom is one of the reasons you should start blogging is not enough. It has to be the main reason and remains one of the best benefits of a blog. Why then?

Just because :

  • You work when you want ;
  • You have enough time to take care of your family members
  • Blogging can  be done anywhere that gives you the ability to connect to the Internet;
  • You are  your own boss and you are accountable only to yourself;
  • You express yourself  freely on an opinion ;
  • Express your  creativity  according to your own writing style;

You Gain More Knowledge In Your Field

You can’t talk about the benefits of blogging without talking about mastery. Because the more interested you are in any field, the more you will always learn something new.

By blogging, you will have several benefits such as:

  • Acquire good experience in your field
  • Become a reference in your field if you do quality work
  • Help several people effectively

A word of advice: I’m not saying you have to start blogging because you are going to be learning yourself and making others learn. But I ask you instead to choose a niche that you know because if you do not master the field in which you are launching, you risk running into an expert in the field who will find your content (all your work) null and/or if you mess up something too basic your credibility will go up in smoke. in 2021 you know about there are many Blogging Platforms and everyone is like to blogging there for their own benefits.

Selling Services And Popularity Of A Product

Blogging is too important for a business website that provides products and services because it will allow the business to promote them and the more known a product is, the more it can be requested by a multitude of potential customers available online. Among the advantages of a blog, you will have the possibility of doing good marketing.

The Benefits Of A Blog Is The Economy

The advantages of a blog, there are its accessibility and ease of creation. You can easily start blogging with less than $ 100. You will also need to have a tool that will allow you to write your articles (a smartphone, a computer, a tablet) and of course an internet connection. As a creation tool, I recommend that you use an Open Source CMS like WordPress which is popular and easy to learn.

Search Engine Optimization

If you have a  website for your business or business, know that a blog regularly posted is a good tool for SEO. This will allow Google, Bing, Yahoo to rank your website as an asset and you will appear in the top results when an internet user searches for an article or service in your domain. Understand that it is too important, I advise you to even hire someone right now. I can be pretty sure that you will get back to me afterward to say a little thank you.

Think About Blogging For Your Pleasure

Yes,  many bloggers blog out of passion, which is too often one of the causes of blogging. The pleasure that blogging brings is immense especially when you manage to solve a problem to which you have sought solutions without a suitable answer. This joy of sharing will always do you good. Let’s take a little example about you when you have a difficulty and find the answer on your own or help another person.

You Become A Better Copywriter/Writer

With training, humans have the ability to learn. And inevitably, it gets better. Content Writing is no exception to the rule. Even though I am far from being good, it is clear that I have improved over time. Article Writing every day is a good thing and it improves your personal skills.

Your Visibility Increases

If you are looking to make a name for yourself on the Internet, then blogging is a formidable weapon. As soon as you open your blog, don’t hide behind a phony nickname. You would regret it bitterly. Instead, introduce yourself on an About page with your background, your name, and, why not, your photo. You will certainly be able to stand out from the crowd and attract tempting proposals!

You Become An Expert In The Eyes Of Your Readers

Want to become the Cyril Lignac of butterfly breeding? Or the Harry Roselmack of Hot Dog preparation? Or the Valérie Damidot of ant breeding? So start a blog! Talk about your passion and over time you will become a mentor.

Social Networks Hold No Secrets For You

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and many others hold no secrets for you! These social networks are bloggers’ best allies. Watch, share, highlight your content, these little pearls are to be stroked in the right direction!

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