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Dealing with Customers & Clients Made Easy with Pula App

Pula App a Project Management Software

Every business, whether big or small, juggles several projects, tasks, and individuals. They are supposed to keep themselves well-organized while performing these tasks to obtain accurate, predictable, and fruitful results. In earlier times, three things were a part of the project management software: a pencil, paper, and a strategy. With the evolution in technology, the software has become proficient in dealing with project management, resource allocation, and time management. This software has helped businesses become competent and helps you stay ahead of the competitors.

Pula app is one such example of Project management CRM that has improved productivity and has streamlined the interactions with customers and clients.

Functions Performed by Pula App

  1. Project Planning: Planning the entire project is no longer a hassle keeping the previous track record into account.
  2. Scheduling and Time Management: Every task comes with a deadline and keeps the work schedule of individuals considered.
  3. Resource allocation: Ensure that the team is working on the right thing at the right time.
  4. Workflow Management: Workflow management is the technique that helps entrepreneurs keep the business operations streamlined to improve efficiency and minimize chances of errors.
  5. Track project budget and costs: Handling the cost of every project independently is a hassle. With the Pula app, you can track budgets and costs in real-time via these apps.
  6. Communication and Collaboration: Investors spend or will be spending their hard-earned money on your project. It is their right to know how their money is being utilized. They can view all the information via the app. Also, the app gives an opportunity to discuss business ideas with prospect clients and raise funds for your business idea.

Perks of Using a Project Management Software

Project management software like the Pula app assists the project managers at different stages of the project. It is impossible to find so many features, including project planning, resource allocation, collaboration, finance planning, and billing can be managed using the app. Let us delve deeper into the perks the app brings to the table:

Effortless Project Planning

There is one thing project managers have learned over the years: all the efforts performed on the project since the years turn futile. Software’s like the Pula app give you accurate estimates about things, including the cost and time it takes to accomplish the project.

With the arrival of automation, planning and scheduling tasks has become quite easy. The app eliminates the milestones and clarifies the key deliverables and roles before you start working on them.

Better Team Collaboration

The main purpose of introducing a project management CRM is to promote better team collaboration. Generally, people used to delegate tasks to the team, which is now taken care of by the software. It gives the employees a chance to collaborate, discuss timelines, and outstanding work hence better productivity.

Strong Minute Reporting

The project becomes successful when monitored from time to time. Tracking the project stages is no longer a hassle, and the app gives them an idea of whether the project will be completed on time. Once you have everything in front of you, taking the decision won’t be a daunting task for you. Pula app provides detailed insights into the report to promote better decision-making.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

There is another advantage that the Pula app brings to the table, which is satisfied customers. As the project is accomplished within budget and on time, you can clearly see a smile on the client’s face. With these results, the clients would love to associate with you in the long run. Implement the strategies laid by the project management CRM and achieve your goals, deliverability, and chances of success.

Real-Time Budget Management

Budget is the most critical aspect of the project. You can form cordial and robust relationships with the entrepreneurs if you are able to deliver the project with the client’s budget. The budget from initial to final stages can be effectively controlled by the project management CRM Pula.

Effective Interior and Exterior Communication

Pula app establishes a communication funnel so that the tasks can be effectively managed within the team and externally with the clients. Also, the tasks are streamlined using the workflow management functionality offered by the app. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to share the document within the office or externally with the investors and clients that give comprehensive information to bring collaboration and transparency to work. The clients get an opportunity to log in to the software and can view the information relevant to them. In this way, they can provide feedback, make changes and review the progress of the project from time to time.

Pipeline Forecasting

The project manager is occupied with multiple projects. Companies can turn out to be more productive and profitable only when these projects are managed parallelly. In the middle of all this, it is difficult to measure the progress of the project and how they have been delegated. All these things are taken care of by the project management CRM as it gives an overview of the running and the complete projects. Disasters are a part of project management that arise due to individual mistakes. It also saves the company from any disasters that might pop up all of a sudden.

Balanced Resource Management

Successful project delivery is only possible when they have an effective resource management strategy in hand. It won’t make the teams overburdened with work. The Pula app comes with a heatmap that gives the managers the opportunity to have a look at the workload within the allocated resources. Resource management is a crucial aspect for the companies handling several projects at the same time.

In Conclusion

Finding so many features in a single app seems impossible. The project management CRM app keeps the projects streamlined and makes the entire process less cumbersome for you and your team. The Pula app helps you establish long and strong bonds with the customers and clients. All these features make it the most preferred choice of entrepreneurs and bring enormous profits to them.

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