Full Stack vs Android Developer: What Should You Choose in 2021?

Full Stack vs Android Development

Considering these two options for your further studies? Not able to make your mind about which one is better for your future life? Then look no further, in this article we will discuss anything and everything about an android developer and a full stack developer. You visit more information and we will provide you with all the details that are required for you to make an informed decision. Even though these two are under the program development area, they demarcate into different regions of study.

A to Z of Full Stack Development

Full stack developers learn and work on coding and web page servers. Their basic job is to enhance and curate functional web designs. They are the people who work relentlessly towards beautifying web development experiences.

 Their learning includes a myriad of programming languages and a full stack developer toolkit. Web development is their major area of learning. Learning web development services like HTML, Javascript is all part of the learning curriculum.

Since web development is a vast area. There is definite segregation of work under which we have front-end developers, back-end developers, and full stack developers. In this, the full-stack developer can and understands both IU and the design of the website along with the database and server systems.

It is this sole reason why full-stack development is on a huge rise. Everything about the full stack android development will be discussed here for your better understanding. Go with our website for top full stack android development services.

 Major examples for full-stack developments are our usual blogging websites, e-commerce websites, and other applications like canva.

Android Development

It is a part of the mobile industry that deals with the curation of applications for mobile phones and other cellular devices. Hence the development of the android platform is a vast area, there are different developers for different arenas and Click on this website for dedicated android developer hires for various roles.

There is native app development, HTML app development, hybrid app development.

Native apps are robust and are limited to the operating system and this is one of the main areas of focus for android developers.

The HTML app development is basically for those applications that are limited to the web.

Major examples for android development are messengers like WhatsApp, delivery partners like Zomato.

So two major crux areas that differentiate between an android developer and a full stack developer are based on difficulty and versatility.

Major Difference between Full Stack vs Android Developer

Difficulty in learning

The difficulty is high on a full stack developer even though from an external environment, one might feel that web development is easier. What is to be understood is that a full-stack developer has to learn the programming languages of both a front-end and back-end developer. This adds on the level of difficulty a notch higher.

Complex languages like React, PHP, Javascript, CSS, and Python are to be learned and used.

Another interesting point to be grasped here is that even though a full stack developer has to learn various languages, he is given the exemption of just knowing them and not a requirement of mastering them.

This is so not the case of an android developer. He has to learn fewer languages when compared but it’s highly important to learn them deeply and master them rather than just learn them.

Flexibility and versatility

As a full-stack developer, one will be not restricted by device-specific application requirements and hence there is a great deal of versatility and flexibility to choose what one enjoys creating.

When it comes to android developers, android developers hire for unit-specific works which aren’t very high on versatility and are limited.

Career Opportunities

Even though full-stack developers are more in demand because of their versatility, there is grave competition in that area. On the other hand, the android developers are less in number so they are wanted by the industry. SO when it comes to career opportunities and job satisfaction there is an equal pace for both android and full-stack developers.


This is often seen here as a prerequisite for deciding about a career. For web developers in our country, it varies from 5LPA to about 25LPA depending on the experience in the area.

When it comes to android development, the salary is approximately the same with some variation here and there as in any field very niche and specialized workers are paid more for as they are in need.

As technological advancements happen each day, the opportunities are just in the corner for both android and full-stack developers. There will never be a time when either of the industries would just stoop down, so think of what gives you more joy and start your fruitful career.

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