Why you should Shift to Functional Automation Testing

functional automation testing

For our tech-savvy generation, who cannot survive a day without their smartphones, being dynamic with the services and availing them on time, is the ultimate survival goal for mobile-centric organizations. Manually testing the functionalities requires a huge investment in time, money, and labor. Moreover, changes in the existing application cannot be fixed by manually testing an application at the required time. Functional testing is performed to confirm that the application works as per the requirement. Functional test cases are very tedious to perform manually, but automating functional testing can give accurate results on time. Hence most of the QA and developer teams opt for functional automation testing instead of manual testing. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of functional testing automation testing and analyze why it should be preferred over manual testing.

What is functional Automation testing?

Functional testing is done to confirm that every function of your code works in accordance with the requirement specification. In functional testing, we give appropriate inputs to the application whether it is performing as expected or not.

Many times it is required to perform these functional test cases repeatedly. In such cases, automation testing will serve the purpose and will perform the specific work to full accuracy. Functional testing helps in executing the test cases in an easy and faster way. While in manual testing, you need to execute the test cases step by step, consuming huge time and labor and inaccurate results.

Hence automation functional testing acts as a savior for testing codes in a faster and easier way. It helps in executing the functional test cases automatically without any human intervention.

 Drawbacks of manual testing

Let’s discuss the shortcomings that compel the testers to switch from manual to automation testing:

  • Manual testing is both time and cost-consuming.
  • Functional testing like regression testing becomes very tedious for the testers and tends to lose their interest.
  • Manual testing requires many resources
  • Manual testing is not recommended for testing applications that require changes, as we have to test the entire application for introducing small changes.

The need for Functional Automation Testing

Considering the current scenario for developing apps at a high speed and making enhancements or alterations at a faster rate, even testing must be done at an equally fast rate. Hence this arises the need for functional automation testing.

The introduction of agile and DevOps has defined automation testing in a new way and also has increased its importance. The frequent integrations and enhancements in the code require the test cases to run quickly and accurately. Automation functional testing assures the best accuracy and quick running of test cases avoiding all human errors.

The switch in functional automation testing ensures saving both time and money.

The Other benefits of functional automation testing are:

  • More accurate benchmarking
  • Fewer errors because of no human error
  • Gives wider test coverage
  • Assists reusability
  • Helps in faster release of the software
  • Gives fast feedback to the developers about the bugs in the code
  • Receives the build at earlier stages for testing


In order to meet the dynamic demands of the customers for faster application development, enhancement, or alterations, the testing also needs to be faster to ensure the accuracy and smooth functioning of the application and its various features. This arises the need for functional automation testing. Hence functional automation testing is the need of the hour and must be practiced in many advanced levels like continuous and rapid automation techniques to develop high-performing applications.

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