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Types of Gauges and Meters and How Does It Works

Types of Gauges and Meters

The gauges and meters are the instruments that help to measure the fuel, air, distance, speed, temperature, and pressure of the vehicles. These instruments will have a needle or indicator to show the particular measurement. The measuring devices are available in different shapes, colors, and designs also. The proper working of the automobile depends on the working condition of these meters or gauges.

There are different types of gauges and meters. Each of them has a specific function and working style. There are mainly four types of gauges and meters available: the fuel gauge, speedometer, temperature gauge, and tachometer. In the olden days, these devices work with analog systems. But now, all the measuring systems are working with digital methods and the latest measuring techniques.

Important Meters and Gauges

Automobile industries use various kinds of meters to determine the accurate value or the reading of several things. The essential meters of vehicles are:

  • Speedometer
  • Tachometer or (RPM gauge)
  • Odometer
  • Trip odometer


It is a gauge that helps to measure the speed of the moving vehicle. This device will display the instantaneous speed values and also the increase and decrease in rate. Mechanics initially used this device in automobiles from the year 1910 and till now. But the design of the speedometer has several changes from the initial setup.

These speedometers worked with the analog system connected with the rotating cable connected with the speedometer display and the other end associated with the gearing system. As per the vehicle’s motion, the rotating line will rotate and move the needle in the speedometer. Now all the speedometers are in digital form, and they are working with advanced technologies.


This device is for measuring the RPM of the automobile. The other name for this device is the RPM gauge. This device is also known as Revolution counter and rev-counter. The tachometer’s primary work is to measure the rotation speed of the shaft or disk in the vehicle or a motor. It displays the revolutions per minute (RPM) in the analog dial, which designers calibrate. The word tachometer and speedometer provides the same meaning that is to measure speed.


This device helps to determine the distance traveled by automobile. This measuring device is available in electronic, mechanical, or a combination of both. The working of this device is simple in the automatic odometer in that the rotating wire joins with the wheel and the other end to the analog rotating numbers pad. While the vehicle’s movement starts rotating the front wheel, then by the rotating line, the number begins from zero and goes on.

The digital system works similarly with the digital display. The measuring sensor will link itself with the wheel and count the number of rotations to count the distance covered. Using this odometer in any vehicle like bicycle, bike, car, and others is simple and efficient.

Trip odometer

This trip odometer is also a kind of odometer but with a reset option. This trip odometer helps calculate the traveling distance. The trip odometer will set itself to the initial zero position and start its counting from first by clicking the reset button.

Other Types of Gauges

Automobiles use several kinds of gauges for measuring various systems, and they are

  • Fuel Gauge
  • Pressure Gauge for Tires
  • Temperature Gauge

Fuel Gauge

this fuel gauge consists of two parts: sending unit and the indicator unit. “The sending unit” is in the tank, and the indicator is on the dashboard. The sending units have a float connected to a potentiometer, and if the float goes down when the fuel lows, the hand will also reduce the pointer accordingly. When the float reaches the middle part of the tank in some vehicles, the low fuel indicator will automatically turn on.

Pressure Gauge For Tires

The primary use of this pressure gauge is to measure the pressure in the vehicle’s tires. The air pressure in the tires is also should be maintained to get a smooth and comfortable ride. High air pressure may blast the tire, and low pressure may damage the rim of the wheels, so supporting the tires’ air pressure is essential.

Temperature Gauge

The main work of the temperature gauge is to measure the engine’s temperature, and it also helps in enabling the proper function of the vehicle engine. It prevents overheating by monitoring the temperature. This temperature gauge is an essential part of the automobile.

These are the gauges that help to run an automobile perfectly without any problem. All the meters mentioned above are helpful for all kinds of vehicles, from two-wheelers to significant industrial automobiles like trucks, drillers, etc.

Additional Accessories

Apart from the gauges and meters mentioned above, other meters like voltmeter, ammeter, Hydrometer, Dynamometer, Water temperature meter are also a part of automobile meters and gauges. And there are several additional accessories required to attach all the meters and gauges. Magnetic sensor, boost tubing, light kit, pressure sender, lead wire, probe, fuel level sender, digital scales are the additional components required to protect, mount, and install all gauges and meters.

Usage of These Gauges and Meters

Vehicles use all kinds of gauges and meters to monitor and control all the functions and reactions of the type of vehicle. Without the usage of these measuring devices, none of the automobiles will work properly. If there is no fuel gauge, the driver will not know about the fuel level, leading to many travel problems. Likewise, every indicator has its particular working feature. By using these devices will reduce the accident rate and mechanical faults in the vehicle. These devices will detect the defects and repairs in the automobile in advance, so it is helpful to clear them and avoid machinal mistakes.

Advanced features of Gauges

Like all other technologies, these measuring devices also have an upgrade to their next level. All the analog and wired gauges and meters change into digital sensors, alarms, indication lightings, and more. And other additional features like speed control, autopilot mode, and even auto parking systems are the advancement in the automobile industry. Likewise, these measuring gauges and meters will also get further updates as the technology goes.

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