How to Improve Warehouse Efficiency and Productivity?

How to improve warehouse efficiency and productivity

The warehouse operations determine the growth and credibility of any company. That’s because, if the warehouse employs strategic plans to improve its efficiency and productivity, it will ultimately enhance its business growth. For instance, big companies deal with more than thousands of orders on a daily basis, which means that they are able to do their work efficiently only because of an excellent warehouse operation.

Many companies fail to understand this basic thing and end up with low-productivity and delayed services. Ultimately the customers or clients lose their trust in such companies and start looking for alternate options. If you don’t want to suffer the loss of customers and their trust, then you have to improve your warehouse functionality. In this article, we have arrayed some of the excellent ways that will enhance your warehouse efficiency and productivity.

Examine your Existing Warehouse Plan

To add improvements in your warehouse operation, you will first have to examine the existing plan and find the flaws. You can create an outline of your warehouse and see how the current functionality is working. Are there any blockages in a specific area or shelves that can be moved to another location? You can try various combinations to create an excellent plan for your warehouse system.

Other than that, you can ask the staff members to add their ideas as they are aware of which things are working and which ones are adding discrepancies in their work. If you document all the things such as equipment, floor-plan, storage-plan, and the working process, you will be able to enhance them by modifying the existing plan.

Look at the Storage Organization

Once you have analyzed the flaws and created a new plan, start looking at the storage organization. You can adapt the lean inventory for your warehouse to eliminate the waste of materials, time, and efforts of workers. You can increase the space by opting for a steady exchange of Gaylord boxes by connecting with The Gaylord Box Exchange.

This way, you can buy the used boxes only when you need them or sell the used ones to create space in the warehouse. You can also plan the amount of stock you require as per seasonal needs and organize the inventories accordingly. It will help the workers to easily access the products that are in demand at that specific time.

Utilize the Space

Many warehouse owners think about expanding their floor plans once the orders start rising. Instead, you can utilize the existing space, such as the vertical area, by adding taller storage units. It will become easier to stack the products according to their weight and remove them with the help of a forklift or any other equipment. There are various options for warehouse storage management, which you can choose to enhance your warehouse efficiency. By doing such things, you will be able to save a lot of money and make the best out of available space rather than adding the expansion costs.

Use Technology

The advancements in technology have helped many industries to enhance their working style. You can also make effective use of technology for improving your warehouse efficiency and productivity. There are many devices that suggest best routes for quick pick-up of inventories. You can also get the voice-enabled systems and apply them to every department, right from shipping to return for tracking and controlling the orders. 

Effective inventory control will improve the productivity of every process by eliminating mistakes and reducing time wastage. Moreover, you won’t need any paperwork which will benefit the environment and keep your warehouse cleaner. The technological features used in warehouse management systems are suitable for different-sized businesses, have quick install times, don’t require much training, and help in generating a faster ROI.

Implement an Incentive Program for the Staff

In order to improve productivity, you can implement a performance-based incentive pay program. It is apparent that the workers are already doing their best, but you can enhance their productivity by creating such programs and boosting their energy. You have to examine their tasks and work efficiency and then determine the percentage for their incentive.

Reduce Human Errors

The productivity of any warehouse depends on how many human errors are happening in the system. Hence, you have to find ways to automate repetitive tasks. For example, use the automatic labeling system for marking the products in the warehouse rather than asking someone to do it manually because no matter how much you train someone, there are chances of human errors. Moreover, the labeling system is essential for improving the efficiency of any warehouse as you can easily locate specific products from any distance.

Improve Labour Efficiency

The best way to enhance labor efficiency is by creating an efficient picking plan. You already know which items are heavy, light, and medium-weighted. Thus, you can analyze them and organize the heavier ones close to the warehouse entrance to eliminate extra travel time. Additionally, you can arrange the frequently sold products on one shelf so that the laborers can pick them up without searching anywhere else. This will help to reduce the travel time for your laborers inside the warehouse.

Organize your Warehouse

Improving efficiency and productivity in your warehouse can be also achieved through the introduction of ergonomically designed workstations. It provides greater safety, comfort, and productivity for employees, while also reducing the chance of injury. By creating packing and shipping stations that are designed around the needs of the workers, you can reduce the time it takes to complete tasks and make sure that each station is optimized for the job it needs to perform.

If you organize your warehouse, it will help the staff to work efficiently, which will also create a great impact on their productivity. Make an arrangement for keeping all the tools, equipment, and boxes at desired locations so that the staff doesn’t have to spend extra time searching for them. Also, set some standard rules that are compulsory for everyone to keep the system working efficiently. Implementing all these things will save more time, reduce errors and efforts, and improve worker’s safety and productivity.

Keep Working Continuously on Improvements

Regardless of how much you try, there will always be room for improvement. When you change some systems, there will be either positive or negative outputs of it. Thus, you can look at what is working and what should be changed. You can ask the staff about the reviews and their experiences after you have changed the system.


We hope that you are now mindful of the steps that you need to take to improve your warehouse’s efficiency and productivity.

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