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How to Increase Pageviews and How to Maintain Bounce Rate

How to Reduce Bounce Rate

When you’re starting, most bloggers think that getting people to your blog is incredibly difficult. While most professional bloggers think it’s easy to draw traffic to your blog. It is more difficult to get users to stay on your site. Most users visit your site and go to the second page without going anywhere further. When the user leaves the bounce rate without even going to the second page. It also lowers your landing page views. On a broader scene, your ad revenue decreases. In this article, we will provide strategies and tactics that help to improve page views and lower the Bounce Rate.

Things to know more about Bounce Rate

  • Bounce rate reflects a percentage of users entering your site and bouncing (leaving the site) instead of continuing to view further pages on the same site. A page view is an application on an internet site for the loading of a single page. To track our data, we utilize Google Analytics.
  •  The user spends a few minutes viewing your page. Commonly high bounce rate reasons Then you hit the back button and go back to the SERP pages to analyze the possibilities. This is a normal element of the buying cycle of the user.
  • The consumer opens many pages in new tabs for your product. Google Analytics detects that as a session timeout and a bounce when 30 minutes pass without any interactions. However, they can return later to this tab to browse more to begin a new session.
  • A user who only wants information such as your address or contact details on your homepage.
  • The user wishing to ensure that an item is available for pick-up at the nearest square. Or, the user who just bought the product and eager to show what they bought to a friend.
  • The newsletter labor who thinks that it’s interesting to read your latest blog post so they adore it before moving on. This user is not now in “shopping mode,” and at this precise moment, they do not need your product. However, their continued satisfaction with your material reinforces their brand loyalty.
  • The bounce has nothing to do with your website usability in all these circumstances.

However, the rate of bounce is a superb gauge if the objectives of your website are linked to client commitment. At the very least you should monitor and actively lower the rebound rate measure as much as feasible. As such, your content, conversions and brand appeal will be strengthened. In addition, after clicking the SERPs, Google’s algorithm can factor. This means that keeping your organic rankings healthy may aid you.

Why Bounce Rate is Important to Increasing Traffic and Website Data

The amount of page views is important if your primary goal is to monetize banner adverts. The bounce rate matters when you strive to establish an audience base. The decreased rate of rebound results in higher CPC or CPM (cost per millennium) adverts (cost per click). If the same person proceeds to your next page, your ad supplier will probably have a more effective ad to offer you with a higher CPM or CPC. So here are the Best ways to Increase Pageviews and Reduce the Bounce Rate.

Internal Link in the Posts

Whenever you link your other posts to the content of the post, page visits are increased. Interconnection in WordPress was even easier because you can just search for the post that you want to link when you add links. Interconnection approaches work excellent when you have a site that has a lot of items. You will be a little constrained if you are just starting. So, when you have something fresh, how can you get back and connect past articles? You can accomplish that manually, but it will take a while. Some plugins allow the WordPress keywords to be automatically linked. It helps you to boost page visits.

Show Related Posts after any Post on the Website

One of the primary reasons why your user leaves your blog is because you don’t show them what to do next. You can entice the user to go to another post on your site, by displaying them with the list of “similar posts” or other popular posts. You should incorporate similar posts to blog in a lot of ways. Several WordPress themes now provide the plugins that have powerful algorithms that select the corresponding post and present it in your position.

Show Excerpts on Front/ Archive Pages

Displaying front/archive excerpts has two advantages. First, it reduces the loading time of the page. Secondly, the pageviews are improved. On your top page or archive page, you should virtually never show full posts. Imagine having about 25 pictures in one post, but then 5 on one page. It would be a horrendous user experience because it would make users quit your site (slow loading time and overly long page). This functionality is already included in most excellent theme frameworks like Thesis, Genesis, Headway etc.

Long Post Dividing in Many Parts of the Post

Do you have long posts written? Well, with the WordPress <!–next page–> tag in your post, you may split it into several pages. Just add it anywhere you wish, and your post will be divided into several pages. If you don’t have enough content on every page, you may get pissed out. You have to be extremely careful. This strategy is used by numerous major websites such as Forbes, NY Times, Wall Street Journal and others.

Interactive Sidebar

Increased page views and reduction of the bounce rate in your sidebar can play a key role. In the sidebar, you can display your popular posts. Even by week, month and any time you may personalise it to show popular content. Only on single post pages may you can show your latest posts. We saw sites that make customised pictures to navigate to particular blogs.

Trying to Avoid too Many Ads in the Website

Consider the last time that you searched and arrived at an advertising site. How long have you been staying?

There are many reasons why an ad-heavy site can reduce confidence. Announcements can slow downloading speed and lead to a horrible user experience. They are causing much visual turmoil and making the site look like it was intended for advertising, not readers. When it comes to adverts, blogs and publications advertising for other websites have to be more aware of. However, websites for e-commerce are not immune. The folks of Popups and Ads about their own sales and promotions are as overwhelming as possible.

Is this a lucky thing to mean blogs and other ad-driven sites? No, until the commercials are out of their way and the substance is overwhelmed. If you wonder how it works, simply visit your favourite article and see where the adverts are.

And if you’re a site, watch out for splash pages, ad bars, pop-ups or even live chat. Give people the opportunity to close the pop-up as soon as they desire – and keep it shut once it is shut. If clients have already chosen to hide the chat window, do not follow live chat offers around the site.

Use behavioral intelligence software to view, click and ignore what people are looking at. Afterwards, the A/B testing of the page with a pop-up version of the same page, and so on. Does the bounce rate differ? Finally, grasp how to merchandise each page effectively, so that it is not your own promotions that confuse your content and purpose.

Improve the Readability and Write Unique Grammar Mistake Free Article

How can your material be readable? How obvious and accessible is it? This is all the difference in this important detail. Factors of readability can be broken down into two major categories: the copy itself and the aesthetic of the material.

In the copy itself, limit your vocabulary from technical and useless jargon. Say it all in English, with the clearest and most straightforward phrases you can. Maintain both the shortest phrases and paragraphs and utilise acceptable grammar.

Mobile Optimization Posts

Try to segment by the device when analyzing the bounce rate to see if the high bounces are biased to desktop or Mobile devices. Your consumers may be interested in buying on a desktop therefore high rates can be a natural by-product of browsing. So, each audience is increasingly being written.

User Friendly Posts

We need to use user friendly Post such as we need to put related images on blogging articles. it means some time we are putting some “How-to” kind of articles and there we need to put the images to understand the steps so user understand every step and we can also put the Videos in the mid of the article. it gets time and engage the user to our website.

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