Instagram: New Features Enables Hiding Likes

Instagram New Features Enables Hiding Likes

Instagram is starting to roll out new options to hide likes on the site. Your own and those of others.

The tests have given way to certainty. Instagram announced this Wednesday, May 26 the arrival of two options designed to, he says, “reduce the pressure” when you walk on the site. Internet users will be able to hide the “likes” on their publications, but also hide those received by other members of the social network, in order to avoid having to compare themselves with others.

In this regard, Instagram has chosen not to decide between the two paths: leave the situation as it is or hide everything. The platform opts for a middle way, which leaves the user to choose what seems best to him. Obviously, you can switch from one option to the other at any time if you change your mind, in order to “reduce the pressure” if you feel overwhelmed.


The option is being rolled out and will take a few weeks to become available to everyone. On our side, we do not yet have it on the mobile application; as soon as this is the case, we will update the paper accordingly. According to the visuals provided by Instagram, the first set will be in the future “publications” section. The other will be in the settings for each photo you post.

In 2016, an article in the Washington Post showed that the likes counter placed significant social pressure on the shoulders of a section of the youth. A young woman mentioned in the subject explained that she regularly deletes her photos on Instagram and only keeps the shots that generate enough engagement. The others were bazaar after a while.

The like counter can be annoying, even hurtful, if it stays low or blank, as it can make it seem like everyone doesn’t care. These digital obsessions can make it difficult to thrive and reduce the authenticity of what is posted on the site. Because of the race for likes, we may no longer publish the content that we like, but those that are likely to please.

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