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When Can Kids Start to Ride an Electric Bike?

electric bike for kids

If you love your electric bike, you may be eager to spread the joy and purchase one for your child. Worries about age restrictions for e-bikes? Learn about local laws and safety tips before ordering an electric bike for short person or kid.

Type of Electric Bike

The age limit for electric bikes varies considerably. In some cases, any child can use one just like a bicycle. In other cases, individuals must wear a helmet and be 16 years or older to ride.

One factor in determining whether your child can ride an e-bike is the type of bike.

Electric bicycles can have pedal assist modes or full electric modes. Some states classify these two options as different levels of bicycle, with different laws for each type. Other states create classes of bike depending on the top speed or wattage of the motor.

Local Laws and Regulations

Check your local laws and regulations to see who can ride an electric bike legally. At least 25 states have helmet laws for e-bikes. Many states require riders to be at least 13-16 years old before hopping on an electric ride.

While you’re reviewing these laws, it’s helpful to look for yourself as well. You may not realize that your state has a helmet law for older e-bike riders as well. Brush up on these regulations before you hit the streets with your own powered ride.

Safety Tips for Riding an Electric Bike

Safety is a primary reason states choose to have laws that prevent kids from riding electric bikes. Flying down the street on a women’s electric bike 500w is very different from a calm ride on a classic bike. Even if your child can legally ride one of these modern bicycles in your area, consider these safety tips to avoid accidents or injuries.

Wearing a helmet is a good idea even if your state doesn’t require it. This is particularly true if using the full power mode or if the rider is under 18 years old. Consider having your child wear protective headgear to avoid an accident at high bicycle speeds.

Check the power level before heading out on your e-bike or sending your child off on a journey. A dead battery could make the trip take considerably longer if you or your child isn’t used to manually pedalling the entire time.

Inspect the battery and wiring periodically. While the electric system is safe and durably protected from impacts, extreme damage could affect the battery or wiring. Just like you check the tires for a flat, spend a minute inspecting the electrical components in your bike.

Use extreme caution when riding around busy streets. An e-bike on pedal assist mode can travel considerably faster than a standard bicycle, which requires extra attention to avoid a collision.

Find a Reliable Electric Bike Online

Once your child is ready for an e-bike, head to a reliable online store to place an order. Match a high-quality bicycle with your child’s body type to create a comfortable, fun-filled riding experience. Foster a love of the outdoors and low-impact exercise with a highly rated e-bike for your child.

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