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5 Self-Driving Car Companies You Need to Know

Best Self-Driving Car Companies

Cars today are far more advanced and high-tech than ever, and this isn’t stopping anytime soon. There are many features that are revolutionizing the way people are driving. At the forefront of these new features is self-driving. 

How Do Cars Drive Themselves? 

A “self-driving” car is a vehicle that is able to sensor its nearby environment and move safely with little to no human input. Self-driving cars sound more sci-fi than practical but they are real and becoming more and more common. Here are five self-driving car companies that you need to know. 

Self-driving cars use a combination of high-tech features and engineering that enables them to operate with little to no help from the driver. This combination of technology includes sensors, complex algorithms, strong processors, machine learning systems, and more.

Despite this technology passengers and the driver of a self-driving vehicle need to be aware. While the vehicle can operate on its own a driver is needed to be present and able to take control.

Best Self-Driving Car Companies


In every industry and sector old and new there is always a leader. Without a doubt the leader when it comes to self-driving cars in terms of knowledge by the public and tech is Tesla. Tesla has some of the most advanced and precise self-driving technology within their cars. This company has been selling self-driving cars since 2015 and has a wide lead in terms of the market share for self-driving and autonomous vehicles. 

Nicknamed “Autopilot” this feature is updated via software regularly to help drivers stay updated and stay safe when using the self-driving features. 


Waymo is a self-driving car company that is based on a Google self-driving car project. This company offers a self-driving taxi service that transports people around using vehicles outfitted with their self-driving technology. 

Unlike Tesla and other self-driving car companies that offer their own software and hardware, Waymo is primarily software. Waymo does not have its own cars, but outfits existing vehicle models with specialized tech that enable them to self-drive. This system uses highly detailed maps aligned with sensors and scans objects around to determine the best way to move around objects and travel.  


A combined partnership between Hyundai and Irish automotive maker Aptiv, Motional is a self-driving service that is fairly new. This company operates in select big cities including, Singapore, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Pittsburgh. 

Motional like Waymo uses a specialized software system that can be added to cars to enable them to move autonomously. The autonomous system developed by Motional is designed to compute large amounts of data in real-time to make the best-informed decisions along with a large sensor suite that allows their vehicles to detect and react at every moment. This sensor suite includes over 30 sensors made up of cameras, radar, and LiDAR (light detection and ranging) that allow each vehicle to have long-range detection of objects. 


Combining both ride-share technology with self-driving technology, this company seeks to provide self-driving transportation on request. These cars are built and designed with advanced robotics and artificial intelligence technology. One thing that Cruise takes very seriously is safety. All cruise vehicles and self-driving units will go through intensive simulation testing before they launch to the public to ensure the utmost safety. 

In addition to their self-driving systems, Cruise seeks to offer and produce cars with environment-friendly engineering to help reduce fuel emissions. 

Aurora Autonomous

This self-driving car company is known for its highly developed computer system that can be integrated into cars for self-driving. Aurora’s self-driving system is made up of sensors, hardware, and software that like most anonymous systems continually scan, read information, and react. 

The Aurora Driver system can be integrated into commercial or passenger vehicles and converted to self-driving vehicles. Unlike traditional LiDAR (light detection and ranging) systems that use pulses of light to receive information, the Aurora system uses a lowered power beam of light that enables it to receive faster information on distance, speed, acceleration, and scans of nearby objects. 

Self-Driving Car Extended Warranty

No matter if your vehicle is operated by you or moves by itself, you want to make sure you have the proper coverage to keep your car cared for. An extended warranty serves as an extension to your manufacturer warranty and can provide additional coverage to your vehicle. This coverage serves as protection against unforeseen damages and expenses to a car after the original manufacturer warranty expires. 

If you have or are seeking a self-driving car, a great option to keep your car protected in the future is an extended warranty. There are a plethora of resources and guides on extended warranties that are useful and can help you claim the best one.

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