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Best VPS Service Providers

If you are an eCommerce Retailer and your website needs extra power and performance as it is becoming difficult to handle all the extra traffic you are getting, then getting a VPS can save your day. Let’s start with defining VPS and what it means. VPS stands for – virtual private server. For those unfamiliar with the term, a server is a sophisticated computer that holds our website’s data and files. VPS is a dedicated server hosting that lets you have an entire server.

The offer sounds interesting, but you need to know a few things before looking for top-rated VPS hostings to buy.

How to know which one’s VPS best for your Business Website?

Not all Virtual Private servers are created equally. Your VPS is essentially working on a very powerful and big system. So the performance depends on the quality of hardware your provider has. The better the quality of the hardware, the better version. Well, web hosting companies are not good with sharing the type of hardware they use for the same. So, what are the options to consider? Here’s the list of best Virtual Private Servers.

1. Hostinger

Hostinger has the lowest prices out of any web hosting provider by a huge margin – their cheapest plan starts at $1 a month. The more expensive plans, cloud or VPS hostings, are still way below industry standard prices. But other than lower prices, are there other pros to this hosting?


  • Even though Hostinger is cheap, the performance does not get compromised.
  • It offers the chance to pick locations when you buy hostings; it makes it faster than some mid or top-tier providers.
  • Instead of having the cPanel, they offer hPanel.
  • It’s easier to use for beginners and to navigate.
  • It also has multilingual customer support.


  • Well, it offers low storage on entry plans.
  • Due to availability at low prices, there are compromises on bandwidth also.
  • There have yet to be customer support options over the phone.
  • It only has one domain on all the plans it lists. No dedicated plans are available.

Pricing – $1.99 – $77.99 / month

2. A2 Hosting

A2 hosting has turbo plans, the company’s most powerful hosting option. It also holds useful features and tools. Its uptime is not its specialty, but it still covers all necessary bases to provide standard service. It provides a free SSL certificate and a cPanel control panel.  It also offers eco-friendly “green hosting” solutions and special discounts for non-profit organizations.


  • The plans offer you NVMe SSD storage space and automatic backups.
  • They are hosted on NVMe AMD EPYC Server with LiteSpeed Web Server. It is the best tech to grab the best performance.
  • It has powerhouse storage which is helpful for bigger projects.
  • The security offered by A2 hosting is also worth spending money on. It makes sure to secure your website both digitally and physically.
  • What makes it stand apart from others is the money-back guarantee it blesses.


  • The shared hosting is limited to 35 concurrent connections.
  • The uptime is not something in which it can compete with others.
  • The signup process squeezes patience more as their homepage is crowded, and the pricing info is revealed slowly.

Pricing – $4.59 – $59.99 / month

3. Bluehost

Well, it’s the name that no one is unaware of, as it is known as the best overall hosting provider. It blesses you with unlimited domains in all of its plans. Depending on the plans, it offers storage from 50GB to unlimited space. Although all plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, that doesn’t make it unaffordable. So what do you get with this?


  • Bluehost throws a good uptime guarantee.
  • It is a dependable hosting provider as it offers strong customer support.
  • As it is already known for the best WordPress hosting, it is the best choice if you’re hosting a WordPress website.
  • Depending on the plans, it offers storage from 50GB to unlimited space.
  • Also, give multi-server management, i.e., more storage space can be added to your plans.
  • Plus, it lets you learn anything about VPS hosting.


  • They only provide 1 IP address on their basic plan, and better plans also provide only 2 IP addresses.
  • RAM provided on the system is low. They provide 8 GB RAM in their topmost plan.
  • Unlike others, it gives low storage space on basic plans.
  • It can host locations only in the US; readers of your site from other regions will have to face slow sites.

Pricing – $19.99 – $59.99 / month

4. HostGator

Are you looking for a VPS that gives you a beating uptime guarantee? HostGator it is. On shared plans, HostGator provides more features than its competitors. The standout feature of its basic plan is that it includes free email marketing software to your sites through constant support. Shared hosting is the easiest and most affordable option starting at $2.75, in which you share server hosts and other resources with other sites. So what are the cons?


  • The longer plan you commit to, the cheaper it will get.
  • Well, who doesn’t like heavy discounts on the first term?
  • Regarding security, in addition to the SSL certificate that comes with every plan, HostGator also protects against distributed denial of server attacks and DDoS attacks.
  • It provides unlimited Bandwidth on all of its plans.
  • Moreover, it has fast, reliable live chat and strong customer support knowledge.
  • Even the basic plans provide 2 IP addresses.


  • Slightly more expensive plans.
  • It uses a dated control panel and site design.
  • Low bandwidth of storage on all plans
  • It has low RAM specifications on all their VPS plans.

Pricing – $3.95 – $159.99 / month

5. InMotion

InMotion is a premier web hosting business with a reputation for solid solutions and around-the-clock customer service. It also provides domain registrations, web design services, managed hosting, and a website builder. It specializes in providing a WordPress VPS which is secure and well-optimized for your site. They have a developer-friendly platform allowing you to customize any project you are working on.


  • Unlimited professional emails, unlimited websites, three free IP addresses, free SSL, and a free website transfer.
  • They offer a good security system with inbuilt Spam and Malware blockers.
  • It has easy navigation on the dashboard – which is suitable for beginners.
  • Transparent with billing – Renewal prices and renewable dates are visible on the cart.
  • It has unlimited bandwidth on all its plan except its basic bandwidth, which is only 2THz.
  • Last but not least, the specials tab will let you know about running specials all the time so that you can easily check and take advantage of specials.


  • Unlike others, they do not have a Windows server.
  • It only offers three plans – Launch, Power, and Pro. You may opt for a plan for under $5/month, but only on an annual plan. After that, they only offer $7.99/month.
  • Customers from Asia and Australia can’t enjoy the fast server speed it offers.

Pricing – $3.49 – $59.99 / month


Previously known as 1&1 is a popular brand known for its performance. Unlike other hosting companies which specialize only in certain features and only in certain hosting options, IONOS has all of them. It provides decent speed and uptime. They provide free email names and accounts as per industry standards.


  • It can be counted as a cheap hosting provider available.
  • The platform is best for small white-collar businesses due to its relatively low prices and priorities of security and reliability.
  • Custom control panels help you to stick to it.
  • Wildcard SSL can be helpful for projects with multiple domains and subdomains.
  • Every plan includes DDO protection, a site scanning tool, and daily backups of content.


  • Account registration is limited to a selected number of countries.
  • Their customer support is also limited, and it goes on and off.
  • No free website transfers.
  • Promoted price is incredibly low, starting from $1/month, but on renewal, it goes up to $10 per month.

Pricing – $2 – $35 / month


It’s essential to read, evaluate and know your needs before buying any plans. When you know your needs, you’ll understand better which hosting will give you returns the most. After selecting any VPS, one should consider suggestions from someone with good knowledge.

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