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Top 6 Android Apps to Watch Free Movies Online

Watch Best Free Online HD Movies Android Apps in Google Play Store

The world of today is all about smart apps and streaming. It is the digital era that allows us to make our lives better and easier. One such thing that these apps allow is movie streaming and downloading on Android. There are some popular paid apps for this purpose, like Netflix and Hulu. But not everyone can afford them, and you probably want some apps that would allow you movie streaming for free, right? Also, you might want to assure that these apps do not inject malware into your system. Don’t worry, we have got you covered.

Best 6 Free Online Movies and TV Android app in the Google Play Store

Vudu: Watch Free Online Movies Android App

People have different habits for streaming films, depending on the type of content they view, or the frequency of watching them. If you do not binge-watch as other people do, paid apps may seem like a non-feasible option. As your monthly usage may vary.

Plus, your budget may also get in the way of a paid subscription. For people like that, we have Vudu. It is a popular app used for HD movie streaming and offers them in full-length and audible sound that you can hear clearly. The interface of the app is easy and quick, with movies categorized according to their genres. The best part is the free registration allowed on the app. With Vudu, you can watch over 1000 movies for free. 

The best features of Vudu Free Online Movies App are:

  • Shorter ads
  • Free registration
  • Over 1000 free movies 
  • 4K support

Sony Crackle: Watch Online Free Movies in Full HD

Sony Pictures is a great name, and the greatness follows when you want to watch free online movies on Sony Crackle. Among the other apps, it is one of the best ones and hence made it to our top 6 picks. As mentioned, it is Android compatible. The collection of movies on Sony Crackle comprises mainly of classics and hits. An easy to use and smooth app with a quick movie player which ensures the best experience to you while streaming. A few ads may bother you, but they are not too long and interfering and seems fair in exchange for the free service it provides.

Moreover, it allows you free TV shows if you are interested. One thing that can be improved is the stream quality. Otherwise, it would have been the best choice. Here are the Best Android Apps available on the Google Play store to Watch and Download Free Online Full HD Movies.

The Best Features of Crackle Free HD Movies App are:

  • Quick stream
  • Free account 
  • Nice user-interface
  • A vast library

Tubi TV: Best Free Online HD Movies App

With a list of categorized free movies to offer, Tubi TV has made it to the guide. The high-quality streaming movies have subtitles here, which is a plus. It has movies and shows that you are not likely to find on other apps with a smooth running player. The content here ranges with a variety to offer to the people of every age.

Some people might doubt Tubi for malware as it is free and allows a range of movies. But to be honest, it is free from malware as well. You can add films in the queue by logging in to the app. Lastly, it works quite well on Android. You can access those queues across devices and even has a web version.

Best Free Movies Online Tubi TV App features

  • No malware worries
  • Xbox and smart TV support
  • Free high-quality streaming
  • Vast library
  • Continue where you left feature

The assurance of malware-free content makes Tubi TV among the best ones. 

Popcornflix: Watch Free Full HD Movies Online

Another free app with a whole collection of movies neatly sorted into different categories. Plus, the new arrivals. With the exclusive content to offer the users, Popcornflix guarantees a smooth streaming experience. The player has a lot of features that lets you stream movies for free. It is ad-supported but offers full-length streaming in a stable flow. The best perk of using Popcornflix is that it does not demand an account. Imagine all of without even paying a single penny. Download the Popcornflix app from Google play store and enjoy a smooth streaming experience on your Android.

You will have the following features to enjoy with your Popcornflix app:

  • Vast movie collection
  • Kids section
  • Secure and legal
  • Simple to use design
  • No account needed

Snagfilms: Free Online HD Movies Download App

Among the film watching apps, Snagfilms is sure to appear with more than 5000 movies in the inventory to offer. The catalog consists of Bollywood, Spanish, and African films with a wide range of genres on the list. Snagfilms has successfully taken our expectations from a free streaming app to a higher level. It not only has movies but also features popular documentaries. The ads will not be frequent here, and you are likely to find some LGBT based films as it mostly features classics.

Features of Snagfilms Free Movies online App :

  • Best featured documentaries
  • High-quality streaming
  • 5000+ movies

Get the app downloaded now and stream many films and documentaries to satisfy your movie fanaticism.

Kodi: Free Online Full HD Movies App

Kodi is a media player mainly, but it is not just another app because it allows you to watch various movies on the go. An Android app with no disregard to pirated content, it can be your best buddy if you are a movie enthusiast. It allows you to install other apps in it to access the files stored in a container called a repository. Once you install the add-ons, you will gain unlimited access to movies, music, videos, TV shows and even more. In short, Kodi is an open-source entertainment powerhouse. Furthermore, you can check out some tutorials if you have a query while playing it.

The Package and Features include in Kodi App:

  • Multiple apps in one
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Easy customization
  • Enormous movie collection

You can access the Kodi App from the Google Play Store and stream as many movies as you want with a simple user interface to manage it.

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