Best Responsive Bootstrap Website Templates in 2019

Best bootstrap website themes

A website acts as a front-face of any business. If you want to create an immediate impact and impress visitors, you should have a website with a catchy and responsive design. Just focusing on the design is not enough; you should make sure that the speed of the site is also complementing the design.

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Web programming has come a long way in the recent decade. Web developers have developed plenty of web programming and scripting frameworks for ease in web development. One such framework is the Bootstrap. Bootstrap is a free web front-end development framework, originally developed and launched by the Twitter development team.

This framework has received plenty of appreciation from web developers worldwide because of the ease it has given in the process of front-end web development. This helps you in setting up and run a responsive web design instantly. The Bootstrap enables you to use predefined HTML and CSS templates for web-based content elements like buttons, tables, forms, navigation, and various other elements.

Web developers can also incorporate JavaScript plugins with Bootstrap to create a functional web design. The latest version of this really useful web design framework is Bootstrap 4. There are thousands of Bootstrap themes available for ready to use web designs. These themes are packages of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript codes that provide UI elements, styling, and page layout for web projects.

In short, these themes are pre-defined templates for websites. You can adapt and build upon the given templates to create a great web design. Developers just have to make some changes in the background, visuals, and configurations of these themes. After adding relevant data and connecting it with the back-end, the web design is ready to go.

It could be really confusing for business website owners while choosing a suitable Bootstrap theme to meet the requirements of their business and website. Sometimes developers also find themselves in difficult situations while looking for a Bootstrap design, which could be the best fit for a website. We have listed some of the best Bootstrap themes in this article to solve your problem regarding the selection of a suitable Bootstrap theme for website design.

Following are some of the Best Responsive Website Bootstrap themes in 2019


Elegance, simplicity, and versatility are the main highlights of Polaroyd Bootstrap theme. A great thing about this elegant theme is it is suitable for various businesses from different verticals. It will suit all types of websites regardless of the type and business.   

This theme includes plenty of useful features. Some of the important features of this theme are a unique animated head gallery, a menu that covers the full screen, and blog page templates. It also includes retina-ready visuals and cross-browser compatibility to make your website a great package. Moreover, this great theme is totally free.


Wingman is a style-packed pre-defined template for websites that are supposed to look sophisticated and pack various functionalities as well. Developed using the latest version of the popular framework, the Bootstrap 4. It is a package that includes a number of unique landing pages, coming soon sections, and suits containing photographic and illustration styles as well.

This theme could prove to be an ideal starting point for product landing pages. This amazing collection of various styled pages and UI components can be a complement to any business website. It is also a great match for stylish web-apps and complete company websites.

Minimal Dark

Minimal Dark template is the right match for the small level businesses. As its name reflects, this theme is made while emphasizing minimality. It is a quite small and simple template that could be ideal for a small one-page website.

It is quite different from typical themes you can find everywhere else. Being minimal makes it fast and efficient. It is fully responsive and easy to use, which would impress visitors. It is also customized and retina-ready, and it can shape itself accordingly with the smallest of the displays like the mobile screens.  


Boomerang is a sophisticated looking, clean, and modern theme. It is developed using Bootstrap 4, which means it is fast and efficient. In addition to Bootstrap 4, there are various other modern technologies used to develop this theme, like HTML5, CSS3, GULP, PUG, and SaaS.

It can be used in two different types of templates. One is a simple HTML and CSS package, while the other one is Gulp, PUG, and SaaS package. This is an ideal solution for companies that want to showcase their portfolio, blogs, landing pages, and other stuff in a professional and sophisticated manner.


This theme is an ideal solution for websites of restaurants and cafes. The Touche theme is fully responsive and a perfect fit for culinary businesses. This theme comes with an exquisite menu that includes countless categories. Other features of this theme are a well-presented photo gallery, functional reservation option, newsletter form by MailChimp, contact form, and various other necessary features.

It is an ideal solution for cafes, bakeries, bars, and restaurants. Touche is all you need for your food business website.


The name of this theme reflects the portfolio, but this theme is flexible and sophisticated enough to complement any website of any business. You can use it for any application. Marble Bootstrap theme features an extremely functional fixed sidebar. This makes way for an off-canvas menu for smaller screens like a screen of the smartphone.

Easy navigation, smooth scrolling, eye-catching animations, and fade-ins are some highlights of this great, which are meant to impress visitors and effective functioning.


Fitness Bootstrap theme is made as an ideal solution for gyms, health, and fitness centers. It incorporates a colorful design to complement the purpose of fitness websites. It also features a full-screen static header for improved functionality. It is built to support mobile screens for enhanced accessibility.

It is a single-page website template with really impressive features to perform supposed functions easily. It also incorporates image placement with text blocks to highlight the explanation of images. Moreover, it is totally free to use.

Wrapping Up:

Bootstrap is a great framework that requires less time for the development of responsive website designs as compared to the use of HTML and CSS for the same purpose. Bootstrap themes take this easy to the next level, these themes are predefined template packages for different websites with various businesses.

We have discussed some of the best Bootstrap themes available for different businesses. We hope this discussion would help you in choosing the right fit for your business website. Always select theme after analyzing your business requirements to get the best out of your website. Good Luck! 

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