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How to quickly connect Wi-Fi and Bluetooth easily on Apple iPhone

How to connect Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in Apple iPhone Quickly

Apple iPhones are always considered as a sign of prestige all over the world. Most of the people nowadays desire to buy an iPhone and some of them consider this as an ultimate aim. The main difference is the uniqueness of the mobile from other brands.

If you are an Android or Windows mobile user, it will be slightly difficult for you to operate the iPhone. This is because the iOS and its User Interface is completely different from that of Android or Windows. Hence, it will take some time to understand the interface to easily operate an iPhone.

How to connect Wi-Fi and Bluetooth easily on Apple iPhone

The main problem that will be faced by most of the people after buying a new iPhone is the ease of use. Especially, all of you will have difficulties with the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity with network and other mobiles respectively. In normal devices, you can directly perform these connectivity operations with the direct options available in the Settings menu. But for an iPhone, you may need to do some additional steps. In this article, we are going to see how to connect wifi and Bluetooth easily on Apple iPhone.

What to do For Connecting Wi-Fi

The steps you have to follow in order to connect the iPhone to Wi-Fi are as follows:

  • In your iPhone, open the Control Center and long-press on the Connections menu.
  • You have to long-press until all the connections available are visible on screen.
  • After this, press the Wi-Fi icon and hold it. In a few seconds, it will show the list of all the available Wi-Fi connections.
  • Then select the required connection and enter the right password.
  • Finally, your iPhone will be connected to the desired Wi-Fi connection.
  • In case of Wi-Fi hotspot to other mobiles, switch on the Personal Hotspot from the settings in your device.
  • Then follow the same steps mentioned above in the other device which you need to connect with your iPhone.

What to do for Connecting Bluetooth

The Bluetooth connecting process is very similar to the Wi-Fi connecting process mentioned above. The steps to be followed are as follows:

  • Open the Control Center on your iPhone.
  • Make a long press on the connections until all the connectivity options become visible.
  • Then, tap and select the Bluetooth option to open the Bluetooth menu box.
  • Select Search Devices Option.
  • Wait until it displays all the available Bluetooth connections near you.
  • Finally, tap on the required device name to get connected to it.
  • After connecting, share the required details between your iPhone and the other device.

It is always a great feeling to have a special gadget with you among the others. But, at the same time, you have to follow the above-mentioned steps properly in your Apple iPhone for the proper Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

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