16 Best Speed Optimization WordPress Plugin for Business Websites or Blogs

Best Speed Optimization WordPress Plugin

A point sometimes overlooked; the loading speed of a site is a fundamental parameter for two reasons. On the one hand, a too slow site contributes to degrading – sometimes in a big way – the user experience. No one likes to navigate a slow site. The low speed expands the bounce rate, diminishing the number of site visits and eventually a debasement of execution pointers. Then again, the loading time of a website affects its SEO performance. Google, specifically, doesn’t care for websites that are excessively baggy and doesn’t spare a moment to authorize them by punishing. Here are 14 Best Speed Optimization WordPress Plugins to Improve your site’s page loading speed.

Best WordPress Plugin to Speed up your Page Loading Speed


There are pretty general settings here. The plugin positions itself as simple, capable of working in automatic mode.

Autoptimize plugin is relatively easy to use. Therefore it is prevalent. But simplicity has another side. Since the options and settings can be minimally influenced, in case of conflicts with other plugins or other problems, such as site failures, you will most likely have to disable Autoptimize altogether.

Unfortunately, not suitable for all sites. But you can try. If it doesn’t work and you have to delete it, then one deactivation is not enough. You will have to clear the cache manually in the wp-content / cache folder.

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is the best premium WordPress plugin for powerful caching. All WordPress Experts advise everyone about WP Rocket is the best Speed up plug-in for WordPress Websites and Blogs. It is improving your Page Speed Load time and increasing the page speed of your Pages with Heavy Images etc. Wp Rocket helps to improve your SEO Page Ranking. Wp Rocket is the best option for Mobile site speed optimization.


NirtoPack is the Google Page Speed optimization Tool kit. You can set up it easily and then you can see that your pages speed increasing very fast and smoothly. NitroPack is a CDN for Speed Booster of web pages and it also comes with the support of Amazon Cloud front CDN. NitroPack is the best Page speed optimization CDN plugin for WordPress Users.


This great plugin with tons of customization options; therefore, it deserves a separate review. Not for a beginner, because it is pretty challenging to understand this “zoo” without specific knowledge. Click on the title for details. On most sites, I use it.

Unfortunately, it has not been updated for a long time, but the developer says that a new version will be released soon. In any case, testing in production is not worth it; so far, the current version 0.9.40, the current version, is updated when the next one is released.

Fast Velocity Minify

It also allows you to speed up the site significantly, but it will crumble it entirely with a high probability. The first thing you should do is turn off the function shown in the screenshot below. It is responsible for keeping the settings even if the plugin is uninstalled, which leads to severe problems.

The plugin has the same problems as the previous one but much more customization options.

Webcraftic Clearfy

The main thing is not to confuse this plugin with the usual Clearfy, the name of which Webcraftic has safely used in its creation. With this plugin, you get an integrated approach. First, you can optimize your images.

Secondly, it is possible to disable unnecessary functionality here. It is necessary to approach this task very carefully. For example, if you disable the Rest API, plugins such as Contact Form 7 or JetPack will malfunction; if you disable Gravatars, users will not use them. In general, use caution.

In addition to the above, the plugin has many other valuable features, like managing comments, hiding the admin page, using SEO tools, etc.

WP Super Cache

An advanced caching plugin that has flexible settings and allows you to cache pages as static content. If the site rarely changes, you can even create a preliminary static cache issued to users.

May conflict with other caching plugins does not always give a noticeable increase in speed. So, at your discretion.

WP Fastest Cache

Similar in properties to the previous one, it has almost the same settings. Sometimes it works better, sometimes the previous one. Try to say in advance what works best; it’s pretty time-consuming.

In the premium version of the plugin, the option to enable image optimization is available, but free analogs can do the same. it is one of the Best Speed Optimization WordPress Plugins for the speedup of web pages.

WP Super Minify

WP Super Minify is the best WordPress Speed Booster Plug for blogs and Websites. It is a minification plugin that can minify, cache, and combine your website’s all javascript and CSS files in the database. Not a lot, right? On all the sites where I installed it, the plugin caused several severe problems, and I can’t influence this in any way. That is, you can use it, but at your peril and risk.


There are a couple of useful features here. Even, to be honest, very useful. You were first cleaning up the database. You can delete all unnecessary revisions of records, accumulate a lot, optimize tables and explicit comment metadata from the database.

I do not recommend clearing post metadata and removing backlinks, if any. The rest is at your discretion. But before using it, I recommend making a database backup. There were no problems, but just in case. And yet, many plugins leave behind garbage in the database, such as partitions and records. For example, WooComerce, such, unfortunately, will have to be removed manually.


Image optimization plugin. Allows you to massively optimize images without losing quality, reducing weight by minifying, cleaning image metadata, and reducing the size of full-size photos. You can activate compression when downloading a media file.


The WordPress One-Click plugin is one touch more exceptional than the other modules we’ve referenced. It just utilizes lossy pressure techniques, which makes the records a lot lighter.

This WordPress plugin doesn’t offer numerous choices on its settings page since you can’t change the techniques it employs.

Lana Image Optimizer for WordPress

One of the best plugins out there, this automatically starts optimizing your images you download. It doesn’t matter what file type it is; this plugin supports all and is a perfect compression method for them.

This plugin allows its user to optimize the media catalog if your website already has a pile of images saved in the database. The main advantage of this helpful plugin is that the process of optimization carried by it takes place within the service without contacting any third-party service.

PageSpeed ​​Module

This WordPress plugin enables additional page settings to get the site more speed if the site is on an open-source Apache or Nginx web server.

Seo Image Optimizer for WordPress & WooCommerce

SEO Image Optimizer is a WordPress plugin that can end up helping you gain more traffic and eCommerce sales from significant search engines. This plugin can help you to increase the traffic of any blog and website and increase the speed alongside its performance.

This plugin can optimize image size and add effective alt tags for the SEO of the image. If you are someone whose website has previously stored many photos, this plugin automatically grants them effective alt and title tags within 30 seconds.

Faux Load

Faux Load WordPress plugin is the Best Speed Optimization WordPress Plugin and it helps you optimize the content of images or pages present on your website, resulting in better loading time and increased speed of a website. Written in JavaScript with any JavaScrip library dependency, this plugin is light, fast, and works on the basic principle of Lazy Load. It also offers SEO optimization for your images.

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